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For 70 years, UNICEF has been working on the ground in 190 countries and territories to promote children’s survival, protection and development. Imus rural bank The world’s largest provider of vaccines for developing countries, UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, good water and sanitation, quality basic education for all boys and girls, and the protection of children from violence, exploitation, and AIDS. Manipur rural bank UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments.

U-Report is a global UNICEF initiative. Rural bank branches It is based on innovative, user-centred opinion monitoring tool, used to strengthen community-led development, youth engagement and positive change. Amenfiman rural bank It is designed to foster youth participation in order to address issues which matter to young people and adolescents.

The U-Report monitoring tool is a system of polling through free SMS, Facebook and Twitter, enhancing real-time backend system RapidPro. Rural bank online The messages contain simple questions, useful information, results of polls, links, and real-time response from subscribers – U-reporters – is collected. Regional rural bank merger latest news Data received are disaggregated by age, gender, regions, etc. Elders rural bank in real time.

The subscribers – U-reporters – register in real-time polling voluntarily, via sending keyword ‘START’ to short code 4224 free of charge, or U-Report Ukraine Facebook page. Rural bank limited They have a possibility to opt-out any time. Ahantaman rural bank U-reporters receive messages with polls on weekly basis. Regional rural bank officer scale 1 salary The data is shared back to them in social media, on the website and through messages. Kumawuman rural bank There are no age limitations in joining U-Report, but communication strategy was built particularly to engage mostly adolescents and youth aged 20-23 y.o.

The initiative is overseen by a Steering Committee which includes key stakeholders from government, youth organizations, UN agencies and young people. Mizoram rural bank In order to ensure that young people own the project and take part in inner U-Report decision as well, Youth Committee was established. Arunachal pradesh rural bank Day-to-day functions of U-Report are performed by the collaborated team from UNICEF Ukraine and its contractor Ukrainian Institute of Social Research (UISR).

Achieve change – ensure that U-Report data is included into agenda and taken into account in decision-making, policies, programmes and interventions.

Thus, U-Report tool enhances the dialogue between youth and key stakeholders and decision-makers, where UNICEF takes the lead in implementing youth’s opinion into social change.

Since U-Report Ukraine official Launch in April 2016, the initiative outperformed the target the annual scaling target and reached over 25,000 by the end of 2016. Ga rural bank The gender structure is 38% boys / 62% girls. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 notification Adolescents aged below 20 y.o. Meghalaya rural bank constitute 53% of all U-reporters. Regional rural bank vacancy 2016 During 2016, 42 polls were made. Agribusiness rural bank The average response rate is around 30%, which is in line with global practice.

In 2016 communication plan included such activities to engage youth: online digital campaign with educational component; ongoing presentations in educational institutions and presence at key youth development events all over Ukraine; U-Report focused events focused on youth empowerment; strong social media undertake; distribution of youth-like materials; cross-promotion with other UNICEF projects and wide range of partners.

U-reporters shared their opinions to promote social change in such areas as youth policy, bullying and violence, Sustainable Development Goals, HIV, healthcare etc.

Ukraine is going to pilot global M&E strategy in 2017. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 16 It begins with a rapid appraisal of work done in 2016 planned for January. Regional rural bank syllabus These indicators will help to set ambitious and realistic goals, and build communication and partnership strategies around them.

U-Report is planned to be used in Emergency context. Nagaland rural bank In particular, the tool gives an opportunity to reach those adolescents who are not accessible traditional surveys, and hold two-way communication with them in Child protection and mediation programme. Rural bank definition It is also supposed to be used for educational and WASH supplies monitoring.

In 2017 U-Report is going to launch a new feature in Ukraine, called uPartners. Regional rural bank meaning It is a dashboard which allows a particular partner to operate incoming messages of the related topic. Regional rural bank definition This instrument is likely to be used for counselling and case management in such areas as: HIV and reproductive health, safe migration and psychosocial issues.

U-Report will be more widely used by other UNICEF sections, including Child protection, Education, Emergency, and C4D. Regional rural bank official website It is planned to involve more governmental stakeholders, following youth’s priorities and interests, such as Ministry of Education, State employment service etc.

From the experience of 2016, U-Report should have a clear emphasize on offline activities and empowering events for youth, to promote youth participation and keep U-reporters interested.

It is also planned to supplement the digital campaign “Tochky” (video workshops from opinion leaders). Rural bank foreclosed properties In 2017 this campaign will offer to gain practical experience, enhance creativity and a take chance to help one of 4 opinion leaders in their own special projects.

The objective of the contract is to support U-Report Ukraine in effective project communication, developing partnerships, facilitating production of communication assets; and conducting public events as per the approved communication plan.

Conduct events, including educational ones, and organise activities due to Scale plan to reach annual targets of youth engagement in U-Report;

Ensure participation of U-Report team in youth public events, such as forums, conferences, workshops, festivals, entertaining events etc. Rural bank internet to present U-Report and its opportunities to young people, and motivate them to join the initiative;

Explore opportunities beyond Scale plan to close communication gap in reaching all target audience and keep the balance of represented regions, urbanrural areas, gender and with the focus on adolescents;

Support C4D section in designing and running campaigns, including digital ones, on national and subnational level. Rural bank australia Ensure that the outputs of campaigns are delivered within deadlines and correspond to KPIs set;

Make sure the UNICEF CO advocacy goals are highlighted through the use of U-Report and that U-Report team assess specific goals for each one of these sections, once the 2017 workplan is put together.

Oversee the development of content plan for the website, and social media undertake, done by Social media manager and Copywriter, employed in UISR.

Launch partnerships with national and regional youth organisations, students councils, civil society, youth media and other youth-focused partners, and develop plans for involving them in U-Report;

The Consultant will significantly contribute to reaching the annual target of engaging 100,000 young into U-Report, holding empowering events and activities, establishing partnership network, and enhancement of U-Report supplementary features. Sugbuanon rural bank High level of engagement is a necessary precondition for evidence-based advocacy of youth opinions.

Communication with partners runs smoothly, partners are informed about U-Report activities and opportunities of cooperation are explored and seized;

Quality of work (level of event organisation, feedback from U-reporters who attended event, submission of the relevant documentsinformation to UNICEF);

In addition such indicators as work relations, responsibility and communication will be taken into account during the evaluation of the consultant’s work;

Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Public relations Advertising Communications Digital marketing, or other major with specialised non-formal education in the corresponding fields. Sekyere rural bank Master’s degree would be an asset;

Proven track record of similar type of expertise: strong organisational skills; proven presentation and public speaking skills; liaison with youth organisations and youth media; negotiation skills; creative thinking; orientation at youth trends;

Whenever the consultant will be required to travel a travel authorization (TA) will be issued to the consultant and travel expenses provided on the basis of UNICEF standards. Rural bank interest rates Travel will be authorised upon completion of the UNICEF’s ‘Basic Security in the Field’, ‘Advanced Security in the Field’ courses and ‘Mine and Explosive Remnants of War Awareness’ if travelling to ATO zone.

Cessation of the agreement. Regional rural bank headquarters In the event of unsatisfactory performance, UNICEF reserves the right to terminate the Agreement. Akuapem rural bank In case of partially satisfactory performance, such as serious delays causing the negative impact on meeting the programme objectives, low quality or insufficient depth and/or scope of the assessment completion, UNICEF is entitled to decrease the payment by the range from 30 to 50%.

Day-to-day support for the assignment will be provided by UNICEF Youth & Adolescent Development Specialist. Adansi rural bank U-Report Project Coordinator, and C4D Officer; and will include relevant information sharing via e-mail, briefing and de-briefing sessions, and facilitation of the consultant’s meetings with UNICEF counterparts when necessary.

Please indicate your ability, availability and daily/monthly rate (in US$) to undertake the terms of reference above (including travel and daily subsistence allowance, if applicable). Rural bank internet banking Applications submitted without a daily/monthly rate will not be considered.

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organisation.