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I had been using XE Trade since 2013 prior to their recent merge… Currency used in britain with no problems. What does england use for currency I’m a Canadian doing business abroad with suppliers in the States. Great britain currency exchange rate After a lengthly process or revision following the merge, because I’m in Québec, everything went through additional paperwork and so on… Best uk currency exchange then, for no apparent reason my account was closed.

The currency of great britain I had to contact their office repeatedly and finally found out after logging in my account online it was closed! No one had contacted me and contacted them repeatedly to re-activate my account after all the paperwork had been submitted… Currency gbp vs euro apparently, someone from the compliance committee didn’t like the way we do business which in fact was misunderstood and misinterpreted… Great britain currency to us dollar They didn’t try to clarify and just assumed the way we do business didn’t comply… Currency rate of great britain pound without further explanations or confirmation on our part… Currency great britain they just closed the account… What currency does the uk use Thank you so much for your loyal services and to treat customers in such unprofessional approach… Currency in london england We did many transactions with them prior to the merge… Great britain currency I don’t know who is in charged of the compliance committee but she or he was not available on friday, and no one could give us an answer for a few more days… Great britain currency news Very disappointed and now looking for a reliable money xchange company to do business with… What currency is used in great britain perhaps I’ll use TransferWise in the meantime!

We’ve used XE Trade for several years to transfer funds from Canada to France and were quite satisfied until yesterday, when the quote given us was about 300 euros less than we had expected it to be. Currency of england pound Unfortunately, trusting XE, we transferred $15,000 CAD to our French account without looking at other sites and only today realized that we had lost money. Currency britain Unless XE reimburses us for the lost funds, we will never again use them to transfer money.

2 days later: By phoning the company on Sunday, we were able to cancel the transaction and told to call back during office hours. Currency gbp pln it’s now Monday, I’ve just spoken to two company reps and have been given a much better quote and decided to accept it. Great britain currency rate Our advice would be to check comparison sites as well as to speak directly with someone at the fx company. Great britain currency converter When I mentioned that the rate shown on our online account site was much lower than the quote we had just been given, I was told that our profile would be updated. Currency gbp usd Sure enough, when I got off the phone, I logged into XE and saw that the new quote was 100 euros higher than it had been 15 minutes earlier though, interestingly, not as high as the quote I had been given on the phone.

August 2015, I sold a house in Southern California and as I am a Canadian, I was preparing to transfer the funds via a Bank transfer from the US to Canada. What is the official currency of great britain I did not realize that there is a significant discrepancy in the cost of transferring funds between US and Canada. Currency great britain pound I assumed that other than the transfer fee from bank to bank, the currency exchange rate was the same. What currency does england use 2012 A contact explained that he had saved thousands of dollars over the years using XE.com to transfer money from US to Canada as part of his business accounts. What does england use as currency I was skeptical and concerned about having a third party handle the bank to bank transfer. What is the currency in britain However, I went ahead and applied to XE.com and began the currency converter process. Currency in liverpool england As XE’s currency rate was better than the bank’s, I waited eagerly for the funds to be deposited in my Canadian bank account in CAD. What currency does england use now After my application was approved, the US funds were withdrawn from my US bank account and about 10 days later CAD were deposited in my Canadian bank account. Currency for great britain The banks were unable to charge any fees, as the conversion and transfer was all done by XE.com. Great britain military currency I am pleased to say that I saved several thousand Canadian dollars by using XE.com rather than the banks doing the transfer. Currency converter great britain pound There is some processing time involved but it is worth the savings!

We are a small US book company who started using XEtrade nearly 10 years ago to make payments for used books to sellers in other countries. What currency does great britain use At that time their customer service was in Canada, and they were just wonderful. What is the currency of great britain called Excellent assistance, no hassles, easy to use. What is the currency in great britain Seems the last few years that they have outsourced their customer service to Eastern Europe (Slovenia?)and the whole company has gone downhill. Official currency of great britain Not only can you NOT get anyone in Canada by phone or email. Best uk currency rates – they are constantly making work for themselves by hassling us for additional company information – to PROVE who we are and why we are doing business. What is great britain’s currency When they are asked to explain on the phone what laws they are basing their requests upon they can’t tell you and they can’t give you to anyone who can. Great britain currency coins We have gotten no less than 3 separate requests in the past 6 months for private company documents including tax documents, sales information etc. What currency does london england use Each time they threaten to shut down our account. Great britain currency euro Well – go for it. United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland currency We have signed up with USForex and are VERY happy with them. Currency of great britain pound XEtrade stinks!!