Working with the csa on support payments

The financial circumstances of a separated father can change. Dss housing benefit rates Sometimes they’re for the better, if you get a new job or you get a good pay rise. When will my housing benefit be paid At other times they’re for the worse, for example, you get laid off or the company closes. How much housing benefit can i get Sadly, in the current recession, the bad instances are likely to outpace the good.

Whatever happens, if you Pay Child Support and things change, the Child Support Agency (CSA) will need to recalculate the amount you pay, if everything is done through them. Dss housing benefit It’s not as daunting as it sounds, and they really do work with you to adjust to your new circumstances.

What if You Lose Your JobLosing your job and going on benefits obviously means a drastic reduction in your income, which will affect the amount you can pay in child support. How much savings can i have on housing benefit The CSA will look at your case again if you lose your job and you’re getting Income Support or income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, with no other income.

Where the new circumstances mean the amount of support will alter by £10 a week or more, then they’ll also re-open the case. Gov housing benefit calculator Contacting them is easy, either through one of their offices or on the phone (08457 133 133 during office hours, including Saturday). Housing benefit calculater Obviously, they can’t help you find a new job, but they can remove one area of stress from your life.

In some cases, your maintenance payments might have been taken off at source by your employer, so you’ll need to contact CSA about a new way of paying.

If You Become Self-EmployedIf you no longer have a regular job, you might be inclined to try working for yourself to make money, and if you have a skill, it could work out – certainly it might be better than trying to survive on benefits. Is housing benefit paid in advance Obviously, however, it’s going to affect your income, and once again, CSA will work with you on calculating the amount you should be paying in child maintenance.

Normally, they’d look at the average weekly earnings you’d made as a self-employed person over the previous year. What documents do i need for housing benefit But when you’re starting out, that’s obviously impossible. Housing benefit number sheffield Instead, they’ll see how much the business has grossed since it began, then take out all reasonable expenses and VAT in order to come up with an average weekly income, from which they can evaluate a new child support figure.

Again, it’s important that you contact CSA when you start working for yourself in order for them to make the new calculations. Housing benefit overpayment number It’s in your own interests, as money is likely to be tight in the early days, and you’ll need to watch every penny. Housing benefit appeal form Remember, too, that they can obtain information from HMRC.

Getting Back to WorkIf you’ve been unemployed and you’ve found a new job, you’ll be feeling relief. Housing benefit office But it’s going to affect how much you pay each week in maintenance. Apply for housing benefit and council tax online The CSA website has an easy-to-use calculator that can let you see how much you’ll have to pay.

No matter what happens, it’s vital that you contact CSA as soon as possible. Work out housing benefit You’ll find that they really are there to help you – after all, you’ve been paying child support, not one of the deadbeat dads they have to chase down – and they’ll gladly work with you. Housing benefit questions Yes, they’re a bureaucracy and a government agency, but don’t let that put you off. How much rent does housing benefit pay Apart from anything else, you need them, and you should find that the process will go smoothly.

Of course, where you and your ex have come to a private agreement on child support and your income, or a large part of it, vanishes, then you’ll need to undertake negotiations through your lawyers to re-calculate the amount. How much housing benefit should i get Want to know how many fathers don’t pay child support? read on…

Changes to the CSAIn November 2013 the CSA was replaced with the Child Maintenance Service, although the CSA is still in operation it is no longer taking on any new cases. How do you qualify for housing benefit New cases will be dealt with by the Child Maintance Service while exsiting cases will remain the responsibility of the CSA.

The Separated Dads Forum is a place where you can discuss relevant issues and concerns including Child Access, Maintenance, CAFCASS, Fathers Rights, Court, Behaviour or just have a general chat with other dads.

Hi, my partner pays £200 per month to his ex for his two kids. How much rent will housing benefit pay This is deducted straight from his wages. Housing benefit self employed We’ve just had a baby and in October I will be going back to work full time and he will drop to part time hours and stay at home with our children Monday – Thursday. Are students entitled to housing benefit He called CSA and told them this and they said they won’t actually alter the payment amount until they can see two wage slips at the new amount.

Is this correct? If so this means he will be bringing home half the wages but still paying the full amount of money to his ex – which means we won’t be able to pay other bills for those 2-3 months. Cancel housing benefit online How can this be fair? He will be working set hours and is paid hourly so we could easily work out his new earnings in advance so that they can recalculate his payments in time to take effect from his first part time wage slip. Housing benefit number leicester Any idea why they won’t do this?

Money for Christmas gifts this year for our two kids because he has to pay his ex an unfair amount for two months while they sort things out. How housing benefit is paid He doesn’t even get chance to see the children in question and isn’t on the birth certificate which means the whole thing is even more frustrating as he essentially as no rights it seems!