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hello, i just had to make this note about “why the hell em i playing this game” i bought the game when it came out same day it came out in my country i bought it i played also diablo 2 aloooooot , and for a while i stoped playing and when i came back paragon leveling was out and some player had allready reached level 100 so i did some reading about it and i was like i will give it a chance my magic find is going to increase and gold find and i started playing, and i asked lot of people when do i see some changes about legendary drops and good rare drops people said to me at lvl 40 then you will begin to see some changes and everything was going fine untill i reached lvl 60 (paragon) i did not get any good item or should i say not 1 legendary fro lvl 55-69 i can count how many i got it just a wizzard hats at lvl 58 and still i kept playing in hope of getting some items that i can sell, get gold, buy better gear , i did alkaizer run about thousnd times leg = 0 , i tried many route to find some good items nothing works so when i look now im just leveling up !! its no point to it if im only getting levels and nothing else im at 72 now and some of you are allready in 100 some of you have 5 caracters in lvl 100 but thats not the issue , and its not easy to get level when you reach 70-80 speaking of 90 and i dont get any reward , many of my friends stoped playing because of they did get anything and i have done many keyruns i have 3 infernal machines and i have made like 10 so its many keyruns in mp10 and many elite kills none legendarys ! IN MP10 so i have to have 1m in magic find to get legendarys im not getting anything in lvl 72 just spending time leveling up i know myself that i dont have to get everysingle drop legendary that would be just boring but noting in 30 levels noting good at all i have same gear that i had in paragon lvl 10 ……. Is it good to invest in gold today and im at 72 now .. Invest in gold now by the way i have tried everything i spend some time on youtube to find some route to work with to do so i can get better nothing works i spending like 7 hours a day playing everysingle day since i came from break its just waste of time if im not seeing any good item drops its just boring just playing and not getting anything just leveling up some of you may like it but its boring for many people just killing monsters and leveling up i cant imagine that is fun . Is it a good time to invest in gold 2015 many people told me that after patch 07 that blizzard caped the leg find but please fix this i like this game a lot its all i do i work go to gym then home playing diablo so plz fix this…..