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The World Bank Group is a institution that provides funding to countries that are in need of post-war reconstruction and poverty alleviation. Amenfiman rural bank The World Bank Group looked for a system to effectively facilitate various development projects. Rural bank online Solution:

We developed Argo- a MIS (management information system) designed to manage and track the progress of issues.

Regional rural bank merger latest news For each country the goal is similar in the sense that they all need to have a certain degree of transparency and provide two-way communication between the government and citizen while track projects and sub-projects with reports and records. Elders rural bank But on the other hand, each countries’ requirement varies in terms of procedure and the nature of data. Rural bank limited The challenge was to design a easy-to-grasp user experience and interface with comprehensive function that allows both the public and the government official to benefit from the platform. Ahantaman rural bank Result:

The back bone of Argo is designed to be versatile for customization depending on the requirement of different countries. Regional rural bank officer scale 1 salary Currently the system is being used for Solomon Island Rural Development Program, Papua New Guinea Local Governance Project, Ghana School Mapping, Liberia Infrastructure Implementation Unit, and Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India. Kumawuman rural bank Work done at Tiger Party as Lead Designer

As one of the largest bank in the U.S., Bank of America is always aiming to better connect with their customer and provide the most updated and relevant information. Mizoram rural bank Banking customer today not only interact with their bank out of necessity, but also assess on how the bank helps improve and integrate financial matters with other aspects of everyday life. Arunachal pradesh rural bank Solutions:

I worked on numerous digital display advertising spots for the retail branches across the country. Ga rural bank All spots involved auto-updating dynamic content with CSS animation. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 notification Key considerations for these spots included responsiveness to various display screen sizes, physical location of the branches which determined what data should be displayed, optimization for performance, and fail-safe plan with notification system. Meghalaya rural bank Most of these spots involved fetching content from social media feeds, therefore the design execution had to accommodate unknown content and foresee any possible issues.

I designed a browser-based platform to manage and control the messages to be displayed on the digital billboard in Times Square. Regional rural bank vacancy 2016 The requirements were to allowed administrative user to customize messages with a set of templates and animation presets, create a playlist, and to schedule broadcasting time. Agribusiness rural bank The resulted website was designed based on a fluid grid and allows users to create message display in simple steps.

The landing screen project involved a two-step confirmation screen that is responsive to all devices and screen sizes, yet complied to the strict brand guideline.

The dynamic content spots in the retail branches provided walk-in customers finance-related information such as current mortgage rate and near-by traffic info. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 16 It also invites customers to interact with the bank such as submitting Instagram photos and tweets. Regional rural bank syllabus In addition, It acknowledges customers on non-financial related social event that the bank supports such as the Chicago Marathon and (RED) Donation. Nagaland rural bank Work done at Tiger Party as Lead Designer

Care+Wear is an innovative health-wear company specializing in PICC line covers. Rural bank definition Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) is a form of intravenous access that can be used for a prolonged period of time. Regional rural bank meaning PICC line is used commonly in the case of chemotherapy. Regional rural bank definition Although PICC line provided convenience for receiving treatment, it also effect the patients’ quality of life due to the exposed end. Regional rural bank official website Care+Wear designed a cover that protects the PICC line and needed a online shop that aligns with their branding. Rural bank foreclosed properties Solution:

The goal for this e-commerce website was to provide a simple way for patients and friends to shop for the PICC line cover, at the same time allow customers to feel more comfortable and fashionable while receiving treatment. Rural bank internet This e-commerce site was designed with the idea that patients want to be treated like normal people, not with an obvious ‘patient’ name tag on them. Rural bank australia The aesthetic goal was to achieve a website that invite and welcome people going through medical treatment as well as their friends and families. Sugbuanon rural bank Result:

The innovative health-wear emphasize on the everyday use of the covers and because of the ease of accessing the PICC line, therefore reduces the stress and burden it would have otherwise came with the treatment. Sekyere rural bank We ensured the site was easy to navigate, and focused on selling and educating people about the product. Rural bank interest rates The site makes it easy to buy a cover for yourself or a friend, or even to gift a cover to someone in need. Regional rural bank headquarters Work done at Tiger Party as Lead Designer

Radio Peer is founded by two doctors specializing in radiology. Akuapem rural bank The idea behind this website is to provide a platform for radiologist to capture, share, and discuss medical images amongst colleagues in quick and simple way. Adansi rural bank Solution:

We designed website that uses Doximity API to verify medical personnel of their credential, therefore simplified the account set-up process without compromising security concerns. Rural bank internet banking The website allows users to record and catalog radiology cases as well as find medical cases recorded by their peer. Rural bank functions User can easily search by methodologies and body parts. Functions of regional rural bank After sharing radiology cases, users can comment on it and exchange medical insights. Regional rural bank salary Result:

The most challenging task in this project was to organize the ways medical imageries are categorized. What is a rural bank We designed a three-step case creation process that starts with ‘modality’ and ends with ‘body part’. Regional rural bank vacancies But the search filter works the other way around; starting with ‘topic’ and ending with ‘modality’ if the user chooses to. Regional rural bank recruitment This two-way search is what makes the website straightforward to use. Regional rural bank latest news This platform provide a place for radiologists to collectively study and exam medical cases for present and future reference. Regional rural bank exam pattern Work done at Tiger Party as Lead Designer

MTV Music Experiment is a summer concert program in which buzz bands perform secret shows in nontraditional venues. Regional rural bank result Each concert was performed by different artist group in different city. Regional rural bank recruitment 2016 17 The featured artist groups and locations were only revealed in a short period of time before each event. Regional rural bank exam date 2015 Fans would have to follow and interact with MTV on social media in order to find out the details of the up-coming concert. Arunachal rural bank To make the event more unique, MTV cooperate with Intel and wanted to created a customizable Windows based Photo Booth app that both enhance the event experience and demonstrate Intel’s touchscreen capabilities. Binan rural bank Solution:

With a tight production schedule, we created the Photo Booth app that ran on Ultrabook laptops and tablets at the MTV Music Experiment 2.0 events. Rural bank login The app allowed the audience to take selfies, apply filter effects, and decorate it with exclusive image stickers that were tailored to each concert. Features of regional rural bank The photos can then be printed on-site in addition to sharing them via Twitter, Facebook and Email. Elders rural bank login Because each music event features different band, we created a way for MTV to update the app with new stickers via FTP. Rural bank careers Result:

Because this is an event specific app, which means the target user would have no prior experience of using the app, and therefore the app itself would need to be intuitive and extremely easy to use as well as very forgiving on any human error. Rural bank of the philippines We created the app with a simple two-step process, all in one page, that users could begin creating whether they choose to apply filter or stickers first. What is rural bank The app itself was proposed in response to audience research. Rural bank adelaide The target demographic of adults aged 18-35 was successfully reached and user engagement surpassed Intel’s original goal by 165%.

Users were motivated to experiment with the Intel Ultrabook’s capabilities and high level of user friendliness. Tanay rural bank It successfully featured touchscreen capabilities with instinctual user interface. Role of regional rural bank Work done at Tiger Party as Lead Designer

While working as a graphic designer at Ronnette Riley Architect, my main responsibility was designing and preparing proposals. Rural bank vacancy Generally speaking most proposal follows a similar format, but also very often needs to address specific qualification in addition to the standard information. Rural bank philippines Creating a proposal can be tedious at time because it often required compiling documents from several partner consultant firms while maintain cohesiveness and complied to the required format. Rural commercial bank Solution:

In order to quickly and accurately produce proposals containing targeted content with relevant projects, I cataloged the project library systematically and designed a way for the architects to easily select which projects best represent the firm’s capability for a specific job type. Rizal rural bank This cataloging system utilizes Adobe Indesign’s comprehensive ability to create documents and books. Regional rural bank act Result:

The benefit of streamlined the process of content creation allowed for more time to be spent on creative approach on the aesthetic aspect of the proposal and its cover design. Regional rural bank pension Although the proposal content plays the major role on presenting the firm’s ability, the cover of the proposal give the first impression and is an additional way to showcase the versatility and personality of the firm. Www regional rural bank Work done at Ronnette Riley Architect as Graphic Designer