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Some buyers believe it’s better to start a business from scratch rather than buy an existing enterprise. Enlign business brokers While this may be good advice in some cases, usually it’s not the best strategy. Houston business brokers Here are five tips to help a buyer make the right decision from from Peter Siegel, MBA (BizBen Director).

Despite challenges in the business for sale marketplace, some of the business brokers who make a living by facilitating a deal between buyer and seller are known to stand in the way of a completed transaction because of some outdated ideas. Hawaii business brokers Too bad they put greed ahead of the needs of their clients.

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Before buying a business, all serious business buyers should ask themselves some key questions about possible buying a small California business, franchise, or opportunity – from Peter Siegel, MBA (Business Purchase Financing Expert, ProBuy & ProSell Program Advisor with BizBen) at 866-270-6278.

Willard Michlin, CPA, CFE at 800-864-0420 elaborates why you can do a large portion of the due diligence yourself, depending on your background, but you should never try to do it solely on your own. City business brokers In this BizBen blog post he explores ways business business buyers get themselves into trouble.

After investing years of time and talent into a company, many small business owners want to feel like they are leaving their business in good hands and for that reason, some sellers opt to sell their business to an employee. Sunbelt business brokers chicago Peter Siegel, MBA talks about the pros and cons to taking this route.