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View our local plan _ tendring district council private renting on housing benefit View our Local Plan Update Tendring District Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation Current The Council has reached a milestone in reviewing its Local Plan for the District; Tendring District Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation Document has been approved for public consultation. Can i receive housing benefit The Preferred Options Consultation Document contain the vision, policies, delivery plan and monitoring framework that set out the Council’s plan for Tendring to 2033 and beyond. This consultation starts on Thursday 14 July 2016 and ends on Thursday 8 September 2016 at 5pm. The quickest and easiest way for you to respond

is through the council’s online consultation portal.

Online housing benefit application form You will need to register to comment. Eligibility housing benefit If you wish to take part in this consultation please log into our Local Plan consultation portal.

Housing benefit update Other ways to make your comments are set out in “how to comment” section below. This new Local Plan will guide future development in the Tendring area and is critical for creating new job opportunities, attracting investment in new and improved infrastructure, protecting the environment and ensuring that new homes are built in the right locations and achieve the right standards of quality and design.

This Plan covers a broad range of local policies that will guide decisions on planning applications and development in the district up to 2033 and beyond. This will replace the policies in the adopted Tendring District Local Plan (2007). Involving the local community is an essential part of the process and will help the Council to decide if there is a reasonable level of agreement on the Preferred Options document or if we need to think again about some of the policy approaches by it. Ni housing benefit calculator Various evidence and background papers have been prepared to support this emerging Local Plan. Hard copies of the Tendring District’s Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation Document are available for viewing at local libraries and at council offices during normal opening hours at the Weeley Council Office and Clacton Town Hall Reception.

The consultation documents will be available to view at the public exhibitions listed below, in libraries throughout the district and during normal opening hours at the Weeley Council Offices and Clacton Town Hall. Income for housing benefit They will also be available to download here.

The following public exhibitions will be held during the consultation period where planning officers from the Council will be on hand to listen to any concerns or suggestions or to answer any questions people might have: • Monday 18 July 2016 (3pm-7.30pm) – Clacton Essex Hall, Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton • Wednesday 20 July 2016 (3pm-8pm) – Baker Hall, Crossfield Way, Kirby Cross • Wednesday 3 August 2016 (9.30am-1.30pm) – Council Chamber, Weeley • Thursday 4 August 2016 (3pm-7.30pm) – Columbine Centre, Walton • Saturday 13 August 2016 (10.30am-2.30pm) – Tendring Enterprise Studio School, Jaywick Lane, Clacton-on-Sea, CO16 8BE • Tuesday 16 August 2016 (3pm-7.30pm) – Dovercourt Central Church, Main Road, Dovercourt • Friday 19 August 2016 (3pm-7.30pm) – Council Chamber, Council Office, Thorpe Road, Weeley, CO16 9AJ • Monday 22 August 2016 (1.30pm-6.30pm) -Venture Centre 2000, Bromley Road, Manningtree, CO11 2JE • Tuesday 30 August 2016 (2.30-6.30pm) – Elmstead Community Centre, School Road, Elmstead Market, CO7 7ET How to Comment Comments must be received through written representation and not by any other means including petitions and voice mail. Your representations can be submitted online as described above, or emailed to: planning.policy@tendringdc. (Please include ‘’Tendring District Local Plan: Preferred Options Consultation Document’’ in the subject line) but if you do not have access to a computer, paper representations can be posted to: A representation formcan be downloaded to assist people making comments, but we are happy to accept comments in the form of a letter or e-mail. • Note that following the close of the consultation and once all of the comments have been processed, all responses will be made publicly available for view. • Alternatively, copies are available to view in local libraries and at council offices during normal opening hours at the Weeley Council Office and Clacton Town Hall.

• If you have any queries or problems in relation to the Tendring District Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation, please contact the Planning Policy team using the contact details below: Telephone: 01255 686177 or 01255 686188 or 01255 686151 Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessments – Strategic Part 1 Local Plans Consultation We are also consulting on the sustainability appraisal and strategic environmental assessments between 8 August and 19 September. Housing benefit earnings threshold View more information about the sustainability consultation here.

Based on comments received the next version of the plan will be written and submitted to the Secretary of State. Housing benefit enquiries A further “pre-submission” consultation will be held at this stage. Housing benefit helpline The Local Plan will go through an examination where an Inspector will consider whether the plan has been positively prepared, and that its policies are justified, effective, pass the legal tests and conform to national policy. Adoption of the Plan following the examination the Inspector may recommend changes to the Local Plan.

Housing benefit calculator fife At this stage a further consultation will be carried out. Housing benefit scotland The council will then adopt the Tendring Local Plan which will form part of the development plan for Tendring District. The following sets out the key processes for the preparation of our new Local Plan: • 1 September – 13 October 2015 – Issues and Options consultation. Housing benefit advice Following this consultation all issues raised were considered. • July 2016 – we will publish a ‘preferred options’ draft of the revised new Local Plan for public consultation.

• 2016/17 – final consultation and submission to the Secretary of State. • 2017 – examination and final adoption of the Local Plan where it will formally replace the Council’s adopted 2007 Local Plan.

For more details about how we intend to involve our communities in the planning process please view our recently revised Statement of Community Involvement: please click here to view our revised Statement of Community Involvement. Housing benefit reading Previous Consultation We consulted on the Issues and Options setting out different issues and options for future development in the district up to 2032.

Housing benefit change address The consultation exercise took place for six weeks between 1 September to 13 October 2015. A significant number of representations were received from members of the public and key stakeholders, these representations can be found below; The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping report is also available to view. How much housing benefit does a single person get The Tendring District Adopted Local Plan We have a Local Plan that was adopted in 2007 but aspects of this are considered to be out of date and not in accordance with national planning policy.

Housing benefit for a single person Until we formally adopt a new Local Plan, the planning policy situation is complex. Single person housing benefit Elements of the 2007 adopted Local Plan will remain in force and will be used in determining planning applications, where relevant. Housing benefit and savings However, as the new Local Plan progresses it will begin to have more “weight” in the planning process in deciding planning applications and guiding new development across our District, alongside other ‘material considerations’, including national planning policy.

Dual housing benefit The level of “weight” we can attach to the adopted 2007 plan and new Local Plan will vary so if you are thinking of submitting a planning application, you are strongly advised to discuss proposals with us beforehand (see Advice Before Making an Application for more information). Maps that accompany the 2007 Adopted Local Plan Where can I get more information? For more information about our Local Plan or the plan-preparation process please contact us at planning.policy@tendringdc. or ring 01255 686177. How much housing benefit for single person For more detailed information and guidance on the national planning system and the Government’s planning policies, please visit the Communities and Local Government website and http://planningguidance. Site: