Top 4,970 complaints and reviews about dish network

I have had dish for over two years, due to signing a two year contract, otherwise I would’ve cancelled service much sooner. Mumuadu rural bank Their customer service is terrible and they scam with refer a friend coupons. Regional rural bank ppt I was referred to them and never received my discount nor did the people who referred us. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 More than half of our channels didn’t work and after several phone calls and countless time spent attempting to fix the situation, it only worsened. Abokobi rural bank They wanted to charge me $95 to have someone come fix the problem which was we couldn’t acquire signal.

Meaning of rural bank Now mind you we don’t live in a rural area. Rural bank notification After refusing and telling them they could just come get their equipment they agreed to send someone out at no cost.

Basically, just telling me what I wanted to hear because when I got our bill we were in fact charged the $95. Regional rural bank pdf The tech who came out only got 7% signal. Regional rural bank notification 2015 He was very apologetic and understood our frustration seeing how we were paying for services not rendered. Regional rural bank exam I called and fought with them some more and they finally removed the $95 but refused to credit our account and said we would not be credited due to them only receiving one phone call. R r b regional rural bank That was when I lost it because they had apparently ‘lost’ every ‘recorded’ conversation I’ve had about this problem and refused to make the situation right. Regional rural bank merger Why should I, the consumer, be responsible to pay for services I couldn’t watch. Regional rural bank act 1976 No way, so I said, ‘fine, cancel our service. Regional rural bank wiki I am done giving you all another dime.’ They were completely happy to do so and thought they were going to charge me to have someone come out and remove their equipment from my home.

Over my dead body would I consent to giving Dish Network another dime ever. Regional rural bank previous year question papers When I asked the manager for his work ID as well as the gentleman I’d spoken with prior, he refused and said he wasn’t allowed, which is untrue. What is regional rural bank I immediately hung up and called DirecTV, saved $40/mo, received more channels, and NFL Sunday ticket through 2017 at no additional cost as well as a $100 visa gift card. Regional rural banks in india Good riddance Dish, HELLO DirecTV! Save your time, money and efforts and go with DirecTV. Regional rural bank in india You’ll be thankful you did!!

Today I logged into my account to view my contract and was unable to find it anywhere. Regional rural bank history I called the customer service number to request my company and the guy said he would email it to me right now. Regional rural bank india I waited and still did not receive a copy of my contract so I called them again. Regional rural banks act 1976 I got a new person on the phone and explained to him that I requested a copy of my contract from the previous representative that I had not yet received yet. Regional rural bank He told me, “that’s the thing each customer is different because some can get it right away and other 24-48 hrs later”. Rural bank jobs I told him that this should be something a customer could view right now on their profile but does not exists anywhere under my profile.

His reply, “well I’m sorry but that’s that way it is with Dish and I will just have to wait to receive it and it will be there at some point”. Rural regional bank This is not how customers’ contracts should work for at any point a contract is needed to be viewed it should be done at any given point under the profile; not the case!! I requested to be transferred to a manager and got a floor supervisor (customer retention supervisor), and explained to her what I need. Rural bank of india She said that contracts are not viewable online and I would just need to wait until I receive it. First regional rural bank in india Not to mention she was unable to provide me with my contract.

I have been with Dish for 6yrs or more and maybe I should have looked at this many years ago. Fiaseman rural bank If Dish Network wants to hold me to a contract then this contract needs to be provided upon request or viewable at any point needed!! Not to mention I was told that they will need to request my contract but yet told me they were able to email it to me; still have not received it.

5 years ago a sales rep contacted me and talked to me for over 40 minutes trying to buy me an offer for a cheap price. Rural development bank Finally I got the deal. Amanano rural bank When the technician came to install it he showed me a screen with the signing place so I signed. Capital rural bank I received my first bill with almost double the price. Rural bank recruitment I contacted the same number and the whole number (did not exist)!!! I contacted the customer service and they told me the price is on the tablet with the technician (which he did not show me). Reginal rural bank I continued paying for almost 2 years. Tiaong rural bank At this point I had to leave the country. Asokore rural bank I contacted them and DISCONNECTED the services and PAID the termination fee. Regional rural bank vacancy 2015 16 I returned the device and left the country.

They contacted my family and asked for payment (ANOTHER PAYMENT). Definition of rural bank My 75 year old mom did pay them AGAIN. Regional rural bank 2016 notification Now 5 years later they continue contacting my family and referred me to a COLLECTION AGENCY which is calling my mom with threats on a daily basis. Regional rural bank news I contacted their customer services and she kept on repeating the same thing over and over (your account shows no payment) no matter what I try to explain!!! Never ever sign up for their services.

So I have had Dish service for 3 years. Regional rural bank question paper I moved to Alabama and had my services transferred down with the move. Pension for regional rural bank employees I added a box to my bedroom. Juaben rural bank When I wanted to cancel my account with them because my bill was constantly different they told me I had early termination fees. Regional rural bank hall ticket download Wasn’t sure how that was possible since I had been with them for 3 years. Regional rural bank of india They told me that by adding a box it automatically renewed my contract for two years and my total balance to turn off my services was about 800$. Rrb regional rural bank I told them I never signed a new contract with them. Regional rural bank notification 2016 They said it was over the phone. Regional rural bank exam 2016 I requested my contract be sent to me via email. Regional rural banks list They did so. Regional rural bank result 2015 My signature was indeed NOT on it. Bank rural They had no choice but to refund the termination fee. Philippine rural bank They told me that contract was just for tv. Regional rural bank notification So I requested a copy of the Internet one as well. Regional rural bank recruitment 2014 And my signature was NOT on that one either.

Both early termination fees were reversed and all I owe now is about 240$ which is 2 months worth of bills I refused to pay. Nwabiagya rural bank When I receive the statement I will be contacting them again to make more adjustments because they refused to let me terminate my account and their contracts were not valid. Regional rural bank recruitment 2016 In hindsight take the time and stress to request your contract. Imus rural bank Go over it and make sure your signature is on it. Manipur rural bank If it is you have to pay it. Rural bank branches But their contract via paper requires a signature. Amenfiman rural bank The phone terms you agree to are not enough to hold you. Rural bank online It saved me roughly 600$ and possibly more. Regional rural bank merger latest news Feel free to contact me if you want to be walked through it more. Elders rural bank Screw this company and never go with them.

When I originally contacted a Dish Network salesperson via telephone, I was told that I would have a 12 month contract with a 24 month price guarantee. Rural bank limited The installer instead of simply following the wiring from previous DirecTV installation, ran an enormous amount of cable across an entire side of my brick home which looks like crap, but threw the DirecTV satellite dish in my backyard where it was left damaged until I cleaned it up, then using a small smartphone where it was impossible to read the contract they had me sign, only to find out I was locked into a 24 month contract and our service is terrible, the HD is terrible, every time a cloud passes over we lose the signal and if it actually rains it goes out for lengthy amount of time.

The price goes up after a year and if you try to get out of the contract they charge you $20 a month for the remainder of the time left. Ahantaman rural bank I will never use Dish again. Regional rural bank officer scale 1 salary We received multiple harassing phone calls from them for several months until I basically had to threaten them to have the calls stopped. Kumawuman rural bank They are LIARS, CHEATS, and THIEVES. Mizoram rural bank Never use Dish. Arunachal pradesh rural bank Worst company out there.

This company is a joke, I should have remembered that my husband had a horrible experience with this company, consisting of endless time on the telephone addressing over charges, false and incorrect information provided by this company. Ga rural bank This company locks individuals in with a 2 year contract, meaning that they can lie and do whatever they want and you can’t leave. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 notification If you choose to disconnect service they charge you a $400.00 cancellation fee. Meghalaya rural bank I feel like I am being held hostage by my cable company, this is completely unbelievable.

Here is my experience. Regional rural bank vacancy 2016 I called today to get a payment extension, my bill is due today. Agribusiness rural bank I only needed an 8 day extension. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 16 I have never been late on this service. Regional rural bank syllabus I was informed I was not eligible for a payment arrangement due to the fact that I am on a pre-pay account. Nagaland rural bank I didn’t even know what that was, I was never informed of this program nor would I have agreed with it. Rural bank definition I paid a $300.00 deposit as a normal customer would pay a deposit. Regional rural bank meaning It is important for you to understand that I had previous service with sudden link and disconnected to come to this company for 2 channels that sudden link did not offer.

I was on the phone with 3 supervisors this morning for an hour, taking time away from my employer. Regional rural bank definition These supervisor absolutely did not care of the incorrect information I was provided and they all stated they did not have to legally tell me they were putting me on this plan. Regional rural bank official website I am now writing this review and holding on the line with corporate office, again taking time away from my employer.

The only solution is for me to pay a $400.00 cancellation fee. Rural bank foreclosed properties This is so unbelievable, do not use this company. Rural bank internet You will be very disappointed and very saddened that companies can treat their customers like this. Rural bank australia They state this is a family owned business, the man that created and built it would be disappointed and saddened. Sugbuanon rural bank I just spoke with the highest department in the corporate office. Sekyere rural bank I was informed the same exact information. Rural bank interest rates I have tried every attempt to allow this company to correct their mistakes and make them right. Regional rural bank headquarters I will be moving forward with choices I did not want to be forced to do. Akuapem rural bank I will calling the Better Business Bureau and writing this review, something has to be done by this company. Adansi rural bank I am total confusion.

I signed up w/ Frontier about a two month ago w/ a two year contract. Rural bank internet banking In the process I have had nothing but problems after problem. Rural bank functions At one point I didn’t have no phone service for two weeks, then they charge me $365 twice, and etc. Functions of regional rural bank I called Frontier last week to have my service transfer due to I moved to a new location. Regional rural bank salary Frontier had schedule me an appointment on 12/18/2016 to have my service installed at my new home. What is a rural bank Dish Network showed up to install their service. Regional rural bank vacancies When the gentleman arrived I asked him who sent him because I had an existing contract w/ Frontier. Regional rural bank recruitment He stated Frontier sent him out. Regional rural bank latest news So he went ahead and installed all his equipment. Regional rural bank exam pattern After he installed his equipment he stated I need to sign a contract.

I informed him I am not signing no contract and he can take his equipment with him. Regional rural bank result He stated he would leave everything there and let the office know. Regional rural bank recruitment 2016 17 The next day I called Frontier and informed them of the situation. Regional rural bank exam date 2015 Frontier informed me they never sent Dish Network out and the transfer was never done. Arunachal rural bank At that point I told Frontier to cancel all my service with them and that I was not paying a cancellation fee due to I have had nothing but problems with their service since day one. Binan rural bank The rep agreed and closed the account and voided the contract. Rural bank login She gave me order # ** to verify my contract was canceled. Features of regional rural bank I then called Dish Network to inform them of the situation. Elders rural bank login I s/w Frank ID #** and was informed that I could not cancel my service.

I informed him you can not hold someone hostage. Rural bank careers I informed him of the situation and let him know I didn’t call to set this service up. Rural bank of the philippines I didn’t sign no contract. What is rural bank That I need to cancel this service. Rural bank adelaide He placed me on a brief hold then came back and stated if I cancel he would charge me $400. Tanay rural bank I asked him for what if I never signed up. Role of regional rural bank He stated because they installed the service. Rural bank vacancy I told him I could see if I didn’t call the next day of operation to report the situation. Rural bank philippines He stated it didn’t matter. Rural commercial bank So, I requested a copy of the contract I signed. Rizal rural bank They stated they didn’t have one. Regional rural bank act I said “if you don’t have one then you have to cancel.” He kept giving me the runaround. Regional rural bank pension So, I just informed him do whatever he needs to do to cancel my service without a charge.

I then call Frontier 12/20/16 and informed them of the situation. Www regional rural bank Frontier then called Dish network while I was placed on hold, informed Dish Network that they did not request the service and my contract has been voided with me. About regional rural bank The rep at Frontier then transfer me to Dish Network and informed me that they would take over the call. Dumpong rural bank I was transferred to Christian ID #**. Rural bank exam I explained the whole situation to her again after the rep from Frontier explained everything to her. Ibps rural bank Frontier then disconnected after she explained everything to rep. Regional rural bank list Miss Christian then went on to explain that I refused for them to pull the contract when I s/w Frank last night. Regional rural bank previous year question paper I then explained to her I told Frank to do whatever he needed to do to close my account without a charge.

Christian stated she would try to pull the contract but I still will be charge for this day until they locate the contract. Bosomtwe rural bank I informed her why would they charge me and I’m calling to cancel. Mumuadu rural bank They are the one’s leaving it on. Regional rural bank ppt At this point I don’t think I should be charge for anything. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 I’m trying to return the equipment and they don’t want to take. Abokobi rural bank I even suggest they suspend the account until they can come up with a resolution. Meaning of rural bank Christian advised they couldn’t do that either. Rural bank notification I truly needed some assist because I feel like I am being taken advantage of at this point.