Top 368 complaints and reviews about american express gift cards

Ok, so I just got a $250 Amex gift card (2 days ago) and I made 2 online purchases this morning, one of which is still pending on confirmation for a (1) business day. Invest in gold dubai Fast forward to later in the evening, and now I’m @ home trying to order supplements online from a naturalist Canadian health store and for some reason my card isn’t being accepted, no matter how much I re-enter the card info.

By now my thumbs are sore from re-entering all my card info so damn much so I decide to give the merchant a call. Invest in gold public bank Their customer service rep that I contacted was able to find the fault and judging from all the previous comments on this issue. Can i buy gold coins from the us mint I’m sure you can surmise what the problem was: faulty Amex.

Can i buy gold with bajaj emi card But it wasn’t the actual card itself, my card had been put on hold because the bank is thinking the card is fraudulent and I would need to contact them to approve my transaction; this is what the Canadian customer rep told me. Invest in gold now 2015 There was more than sufficient funds on the card ($196.40).

This led me to the Amex gift card customer service trying to get the issue resolved, but to no avail. Should i invest in gold 2015 I talked to the Automated voice machine (Mrs. How to invest in gold using cpf terminator) and got no help. Where can i invest in gold By now I’m @ my wit’s end, so I google what I can about who else had these problems like me. Should i invest in gold ira Lo and behold I find you guys and all your much needed honesty. Is it better to invest in gold or silver My case may not be the worst, but reading all the other entries doesn’t necessarily make me feel any more optimistic about my situation not going to the crapper like everyone else’s. How to invest in gold etf funds in india I will try to order from the health store again In a day or two but it just may already be too late for me to get anything out of this gift card. Is it safe to invest in gold etf #Amexgiftcardsux.

So I bought a $250 gift card to pay for my house rents because apparently I had issues with my credit card at the time. Invest in gold bars or coins And I turned out paying to the bad guys who started by debiting $20 when I discovered and called customer service to have my card blocked to prevent access to my card which I was assured. Is it good to invest in gold today Only then did I seat back to relax when I checked 3 days later and discovered more money had been taken out to the point of a negative balance as the lady (with a horrible accent) I spoke to didn’t do anything to prevent access to card which I was totally shocked and dismayed at such a lack in work ethics and record irresponsibility of AMEX.

Called in immediately and was given the usual response to fax in front and back of card, drivers license, purchase receipt and brief description and that I will be contacted within a few days or call back to check in. Invest in gold now I did all these and wasn’t even given a case number and when I called back, first thing was asking for a case number which I wasn’t given to begin with. Is it a good time to invest in gold 2015 I had to start explaining from scratch to all the support guys I called which I find absoeffinglutely outrageous!

Up to a month now, still nothing done and ironically the responses I get each time I called indirectly accusing me as though I didn’t call to initially report the case and keep getting different responses each time, typical of their customer service – “unfortunately your card has no balance”, “re-fax your documents”, “the resolution team will examine your case…” all of which never makes sense and worst of all why do you keep saying, “Your call is being recorded for quality purposes” when you never and can’t access the information or refer to previous conversation to go through the validity of the caller’s claims. Is it good to buy gold in india or usa Never am I going to be using such a crappy company with sketchy service. Invest in gold online BE ADVISED AND TELL YOUR LOVED ONES TO STAY CLEAR!!

I would not even rate them with one star. Why invest in gold stocks They are pretty bad at helping customers. How to invest in gold and silver book They don’t have a standard answer, kept giving me different answers each time. Should i buy xbox gold Hold times were long but I am pretty sure they don’t know what they are doing over there. Ways to invest in gold I lost my gift card without even opening the package and they kept insisting that I need to have the package in order for them to look up the card number. How to invest in gold etf funds Then they said the receipt with which the card was purchased would suffice. Can i buy gold in dubai airport I gave them all the numbers on the receipt but they couldn’t find any information. How to invest in gold south africa They apparently don’t know what number to look for exactly. How to invest in gold 401k They did not even provide any case number but asked for it when I called in for update.

Now they asked me to fax the receipt and identification information along with the proof of residence to the resolution department and boom they denied after the fax was received. Can i buy gold from the us mint When I asked to talk to the resolution department the answer I got was “they will not talk to you.” What kind company doesn’t want to talk to their customer. Invest in gold etf online Maybe it was a gift card so they did not feel liable but the cardholder car rental insurance department is worse than that. Should i invest in gold now It feels like they are all about business and no customer care.

I received a $250 Amex Gift Card from my work. Why invest in gold and silver robert kiyosaki I let it sit for about 5 months in the packaging along with the gift receipt. Why invest in gold When the holidays came up I decided it was time to use it. To invest in gold or not I go to use it at a local store and it shows the balance is only $52. Why invest in gold mining companies I immediately call Amex Gift Card customer service and am connected to someone in another country whom I can barely understand. Should i invest in gold now 2015 It’s obvious the customer service representatives (I have spoken to several during my still ongoing ordeal), read from some sort of script and are only allowed to say about 10 different responses. Should i invest in gold sovereigns Completely useless. How to invest in gold online sbi Anyhow, during my conversation it was revealed my card was used by a known fraudulent merchant that they have had issues with in the past.

It took some digging for me to finally get “Victor” to admit that. Should i invest in gold funds He at first told me the merchant’s name, and then the address. Invest in gold or platinum He told me the address was in the US and when I tried to look up the merchant and address, they did not exist. How to invest in gold shares I knew it was not a valid address immediately. Best way to invest in gold in india He was unable to even give me a city or state. Is it good time to invest in gold in india He then admitted it was a known fraudulent merchant whom they have had issues with in the past. Invest in gold india In my opinion this should have been sufficient evidence to refund the gift card, but it was not. How to invest in gold malaysia I had to fax in my ID, front and back of gift card itself, front and back of packaging, and the gift receipt. How to invest in gold etf In about 10 days they mail me a response, which basically says the receipt would not suffice because it is not the original purchase receipt. How to invest in gold on the stock market Why would they require the original receipt when it is a GIFT CARD, which is usually given as a GIFT and I had the GIFT receipt. Can i buy gold in dubai and bring to india I don’t think people usually buy GIFT cards for themselves?

I had to call for the third time and the customer representative kept having to put me on hold so he could go talk to “the people that handle the issue”. How to invest in gold shares in india I was not allowed to talk directly to these people which was absolutely ridiculous. Should i buy gold or silver 2014 I had to stay on hold while he played messenger. How to invest in gold through sip Unacceptable. Should i invest in gold mining companies Basically I was given the same response. How to invest in gold mutual funds india Without the original purchase receipt they could not do anything, regardless if they knew there had been fraudulent activity/security breach. Is it safe to invest in gold So in a nutshell, American Express will do nothing even if they acknowledge there is fraud. Gta v invest in gold They put sole responsibility on the consumer.

GIFT CARDS tend to be given as GIFTS, so it is highly unlikely that the recipient would have access to an original purchase receipt, AND a GIFT receipt will not suffice. Should i invest in gold or silver 2015 Completely illogical. How to invest in gold india Furthermore, how many gift givers really keep the receipts for months on end? American Express is one of the richest companies in the world and somehow still manages to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. Should i buy gold or platinum Ultimately they still got paid and have proven they don’t care if the consumer takes the hit.

I was gifted two $500 American Express Gift Cards for a house warming present to help with some home improvement. Best ways to invest in gold I opened one of the cards and used it. How to invest in gold market No problem to purchase some painting supplies from Lowes for $115. How to buy gold from india The card didn’t get used for a while and sat in my room with the other gift card still in the package. How to invest in gold futures 2 months later, I tried to used the gift card today and found that it had a balance of $0. How to invest in gold bonds Looked into it and saw there was a transaction from “BARNES BROTHERS PRODUCT 28 FAIRMONT S CAMBRIDGE 840 – Partial Purchase”, which I did not make.

I called the 800 number and it turns out that they have had issues with this specific account. Invest in gold etrade To get the money back on that card I need to send them the original gift card receipt (who keeps these), an ID, the scanned gift card, and a letter stating why I’m sending this information to some fax number. Invest in gold is good or bad I am going to try this but definitely not holding my breath. Why to invest in gold and silver Luckily my family kept the original receipts. Invest in gold bullion uk The card was purchased from Walgreens BTW. Invest in gold market So I figured maybe the info got stolen when I used it from Lowes, who knows…

Then I opened the other card, brand new from the sealed envelope, trying to make the purchase and come to find out it has $5 left on it!!! Brand new right out of the box. Why is it good to invest in gold Three transactions totaling $455 were made with it online, before I even opened it up. Should i invest in gold I called the 800 number again and was told by the foreigners that there was nothing I could do… Should i buy gold from a pawn shop Not giving up I spoke with their supervisor with the same response… Why should i buy gold and silver Not giving up again I spoke with their supervisor who informed me to fax the same info for the other card and they will get back to me within 10 business days. Why invest in gold bullion I’m perturbed to say the least that AMEX has such a janky gift card program, but reluctantly I am going to fax them all the info they want and hope for the best. Can i buy gold bars But honestly I probably lost $900. Should i buy gold bars or coins NEVER BUY AMEX GIFT CARDS!!!

I am a new Sprint customer. How to invest in gold bonds india I made the switch from AT&T on September 26, 2015 based on the promotion. Is it good to invest in gold coins The promotion was “payoff” of any termination fee to be incurred. How to invest in gold uk During October, I relocated BUT I made the change in Sprint system. How to invest in gold online However, American Express maintained the old address (which have new people in the home) but I notified them on November 11 of the address change. Invest in gold royalties The card was to be received between the dates of November 10-13. Invest in gold online india Anyhow, I spoke with a supervisor at American Express on November 11 who promised to REISSUE the card and send it via UPS. Why should i buy gold I called AE on November 24 for a status.

Their inexperienced, ignorant “I’m going to get paid whether you get your card or not” Customer Service Representative confirmed that it was mailed out on November 17. Should you invest in gold I would have to wait for UPS to deliver it. Why should i buy gold now No tracking information available. How good is it to invest in gold I called again on November 28 and another AE Supervisor informed me that the card was not reissued. How to buy e gold in india It now leaves Sprint, their customer, in an awkward position. How to invest in gold ira As far as I am concerned, AE are not fulfilling their contractual obligation to Sprint, leaving Sprint not fulfilling their obligation to me, their customer. How to invest in gold stocks in india American Express fails to be the quality business that is so represented by their many marketing tools.

I’ve always liked the idea of a gift card over cash and so I tried to order a generous gift card for a star employee for her wedding, paying a little extra for next-day delivery in time for the wedding and honeymoon. Can i buy gold in venezuela After I ordered it (and charged it to my business platinum card) I read some pretty bad reviews here and was concerned that my employee might 1) lose it and not be able to replace it; or 2) be charged some kind of monthly fee. Can i buy gold using credit card I had also not realized that the card cannot be used outside of the US and because this was a wedding gift where it might logically be used on the honeymoon (outside of US), I had second thoughts.

When I called to cancel it, the person on the other end of the phone tried very strenuously to talk me out of it. Can i buy gold coins from my bank She told me it had already gone out. Why invest in gold 2016 When I insisted she said I could void it, but that the couple would still get the card in the mail. When is the right time to invest in gold I ultimately decided to go ahead and let the order stand, so that it would be received before the honeymoon trip, and I would explain and apologize about restrictions. Why not to invest in gold shares But it would still be a nice and timely gift.

Two days went by. How to buy pure gold in india Then I received a message about a fraud alert. Is it good to invest in gold now in india When I returned the call, I got voicemail. Why invest in silver over gold I called again later (not sure if I would have ever received a call back), I was told that AmEx suspected fraud. Time to invest in gold 2015 So I answered all the questions and they told me it had been reinstated and that the gift card would go out in two days. Can i buy gold coins at the bank Not only was that too late, but of course I felt angry because I’d been told it had gone out. Guide to invest in gold and silver pdf I completely understand about the prevalence of fraud, but the experience should have been handled better. How to buy etf gold in india I wasn’t treated with respect, and I honestly think the customer service outsourcing has gone a bit too far. Why invest in gold 2013 The people I spoke to sounded like robots and the entire stupid experience undermined my confidence in the American Express brand. How to invest in gold etf sbi If this is how they treat cardholders looking to spend thousands of dollars, then I can take my business elsewhere.

First off, this is a gift card from American Express… How to invest in gold and silver coins a company that is known for their customer service which is the reason I choose them. Should i invest in gold or silver Secondly, their customer service for gift cards is overseas and their representatives read from a script and are incompetent. Should i buy gold plated jewelry They can barely handle simple questions on their own. Invest in gold monthly I use the word “they” because it was not the first time I encountered this with American Express and secondary services. Why invest in gold coins Also, they have “American” in their name and they outsource to India? Just a thought..

The story started like this. How to invest in gold etf in india Several weeks ago, my fiancee ordered a gift card for $100. How to invest in gold in india sbi We waited a week or two for delivery and then never received a response from the deliverer. When to invest in gold coast That is when I started to get worried so I we called and asked them to confirm delivery address. Should i invest my money in gold We were put on hold 3 times for simple questions like to confirm the order number. How to invest in gold with little money By this point it sounded like the representative was reading from a script. Invest in gold hdfc We were basically told it was used and there was nothing they can do.

We asked to speak to a supervisor and asked questions like what was the tracking number, when it was delivered, and where was it used. When to invest in gold They did not have a tracking number which is strange because they charged $6 for delivery fee. Should i buy gold or silver Personally, I know for a fact that for $6 at USPS you get a tracking number using priority mail when you send a flat envelope. Is it good to invest in gold in 2015 In conclusion, we will never use Amex gift cards again and as a almost 13 years Amex credit card holder, I have begun to question their quality.