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The average Nigerian student entering tertiary institution whether University or College, is most likely going to be between 15 and 19 years old.

Their self-esteem will most likely be shaky. Kumawuman rural bank Their world views and philosophies unshaped. Mizoram rural bank They want to feel valued and accepted.

Arunachal pradesh rural bank It is also at this age that sexual curiosity spikes.

Tola is a smart young lady. Ga rural bank Settling into University life wasn’t as difficult as she thought, classes are coming and going. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 notification She’s making new friends, interesting friends. Meghalaya rural bank There’s one she likes. Regional rural bank vacancy 2016 Like really really likes. Agribusiness rural bank He wears really nice shirts, and speaks really well. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 16 Most of all, he listens. Regional rural bank syllabus He listens to all her stories. Nagaland rural bank Wonder who made it easy for Tola to navigate the Jambite registration process? Him.

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He shows her where he kept some painkillers. Sugbuanon rural bank It’s at the bottom of a shelf. Sekyere rural bank When she turns around, Steve is no longer on the bed. Rural bank interest rates He’s now standing in front of her, at just a breath away. Regional rural bank headquarters Bare chested.

The numbers are probably higher, considering that many victims themselves don’t have a clear understanding of what is rape and what isn’t. Akuapem rural bank This begs the question; What is rape?

Rape is a form of sexual sexual assault where a person has forced sexual intercourse with a victim without their consent. Adansi rural bank But what about sexual assault?

While rape is a form of sexual assault, it is much broader. Rural bank internet banking Sexual assault in the simplest terms, is touching anyone sexually without their permission.

So whether it is Yaba Market boys pulling the hands of passing girls, and touching them, in the name of getting them to buy whatever cloth it is they are selling. Rural bank functions Whether it is a lecturer groping a girl in his office. Functions of regional rural bank Whether it is fondling her without her consent. Regional rural bank salary Whether it is a guy pressing groping a girl in a concert. What is a rural bank This is sexual assault. Regional rural bank vacancies Why is rape is common in tertiary schools?

Let’s go back to Steve. Regional rural bank recruitment Steve is a regular guy. Regional rural bank latest news But the guys tease Steve for being soft. Regional rural bank exam pattern The other day, one of his guys teased that he liked boys. Regional rural bank result Why? Because Steve has no body count?—?number of girls he’s slept with.

The guys also know about Tola. Regional rural bank recruitment 2016 17 They believe he’s slacking because he hasn’t even kissed her. Regional rural bank exam date 2015 He likes her, they know this, and they assume she has to like him too.

So when they ask him how far, and he says he’s finally slept with her, he’s the man. Arunachal rural bank When he even says she wasn’t interested at first, and that he finally got her to have sex anyway, they say he’s the chairman.

Perhaps, the biggest cause of rape in Nigerian schools stems from the attitude of men towards rape and the disregard for consent. Binan rural bank It is the sense of entitlement that makes a man feel he deserves it, and he’ll get what he deserves by any means necessary.

Another major contributing factor to rape is the tendency for society to blame the victim, instead of seeking justice, and punishing the rapist.

A society that blames a rape victim, for any reason at all, gives the next rapist an excuse and even motivation to commit the irreversible crime. Rural bank login How can we change this?

She blames herself for ending up in that situation. Features of regional rural bank She hates that she can’t tell anyone about it. Elders rural bank login She tells her friend about what happened, and her friend is not only surprised, she’s confused. Rural bank careers The first thing she asks throws Tola off balance completely;

We need to understand that this is a matter of control. Rural bank of the philippines There’s a stark difference between giving, and being taken from without consent. What is rural bank This is what rape is a about, taking without consent.

Now, Tola hates that she told her friend. Rural bank adelaide She fears telling her parents even worse. Tanay rural bank They’d probably call her a disgrace or a disappointment. Role of regional rural bank So she swallows all the pain, and drowns in her own grief.

Rape is a crime, like armed robbery and murder. Rural bank vacancy And until we treat it like a crime where the criminal is held responsible without putting the victim on trial, it’s not going anywhere.

Until we create a society where victims won’t feel ashamed to speak up, we shall have people living in fear for their safety, paranoia and hate.