The articles of confederation. 13 independent states issues o won independence, but hard to get respect from britain o british ignored terms of the treaty. – ppt download

13 Independent States Issues O Won independence, but hard to get respect from Britain O British ignored terms of the Treaty of Paris, Britain kept troops at frontier posts O British believe American government was weak and ineffective

State Constitutions/Limiting Powers O May 1777 the Continental Congress asked the states to organize their governments O Experience with British rule made Americans cautious about placing too much power in the hands of a single ruler. United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland currency O States divided power into 2 houses or bicameral (governor/legislature) O Goal: to keep power in the hands of the people!

Who can vote? O Elections were frequent O White males, over the age of 21 O Had to own certain amount of property or pay a certain amount of taxes O Some states allowed free African Americans to vote (6 states)

Describe forming a new government O Agreed country should be a republic O Originally wanted states to hold most power, and a weak central government O nd Continental Congress appointed a committee to draw up a plan for new government O Realized they needed a central government coordinate war effort against Britain. Currency of great britain pound O Committees plan, Articles of Confederation

Explain the Articles of Confederation O Americas 1 st Constitution O States gave up little of their power O “a firm league of friendship” O Congress had authority to: conduct foreign affairs, maintain armed forces, borrow money, issue currency O Could not: regulate trade, force citizens to join the army, or impose taxes O Lacked chief executive O Each state had one vote in congress, regardless of population (Issue) O March 1, 1781 government US was finally formed

Issues in the New Confederation Government O Critical Years for US O Did not provide strong government O Congress limited authority O Laws could not be passes without 9 states in favor of it O To changed any articles all 13 states had to agree

New Land Policies O Ordinance of 1785: set forth how the government of the United States would measure, divide and distribute the land it had acquired O Northwest Ordinance: provided a method for admitting new states to the Union from the territory, and listed a bill of rights guaranteed in the territory

Evaluate the Problems on 2 Fronts O Financial Problems O Money printed during AR, lost value O Unable to collect taxes, states printed their own money, with no gold or silver to back up these bills, bills lost value, while food & other goods soared O High prices led to food riots O Continental congress in large debt from war O Revolutionary soldiers still owed their pay for military service continued….

Problems with Britain O Troops continued to occupy several strategic forts in the Great Lakes region O (Trade) Americans complained British were keeping them out of the West Indies and other profitable British Markets Problems with Spain O Foreign Affairs were bad! O Spain was anxious to halt American expansion claimed around the Mississippi O Spain closed lower Mississippi River for commerce