Tender information _ bhabha atomic research centre, department of atomic energy, government of india

Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 6 TPH Capacity Steam boiler, water softening plant and condensate recovery system at TSD Boiler House, BARC, Mumbai-85.

Transportation of PHWR fuel channel and fabrication of AGMS experimental set up, as per details and specification given in the enclosed Annexure-1

Quotation for toxicity evaluation of biopesticide active ingredient and formulation as per Central Insecticide Board (CIB), Govt. Regional rural bank notification 2016 of India guidelines

Maintenance and repair of electrical work and cooling water pipe line in Copper Vapour Laser lab at Hall 6. Regional rural bank exam 2016 Details are given in Annexure – 1.

Fabrication & installation of Magnet pump along with HDPE piping system for transfer high purity Beo slurry to Nutsche filter & wash solution from Aqueous 2nd area underground tank at laundry area and installation & commissioning of Ribbon Blender at sinter production area in PMD, BARC, Vashi complex as per details in annexure

Biennial contract for cutting, clearing and disposing of wild vegetation around security fences & along the roads on Trombay Hill & Gadkari Hill, BARC, Trombay.

Manufacturing of Mirror Mount with Support Stands of Cavity Ring Down Spectrometer (CRDS) as per Technical Specification No. Regional rural banks list TSP/CDM/DBES/2016/001 Dated 18-08-16 Rev.0.

Fabrication, testing and supply of relief valves along with its test certificates conforming to technical specification no: SCM/17/01 dated: 06.01.2017

Fabrication of 1.) Re routing of 100 mm MS exhaust pipe line of old pneumatic conveying system 2.) Extra support with hydraulic bottle jack for discharging Frame

Aluminium Partition with shutter door for 90Y labeled radiopharmaceuticals and 125I labeled analytes Production Laboratory, RMC, BARC (Room No.216).

Providing drawing services and preparation of detail estimate with required structural detailing for pump house bldg. Regional rural bank result 2015 & electrical room for sea water intake system of OSCOM Desalination Plant.

Minor Fabrication work for various maintenance, fabrication, installation work and other miscellaneous works detailed in annexure-1 at ATTF, NPCIL R&D Centre, Tarapur Maharashtra Site, Tarapur, Maharashtra.

(a) Fabrication and Assembly of Ferrite Cores, (b) Design, Fabrication and Installation of Control Card and Power Supplies for IO kHz Inverter with a backup Power Supply rated at 230 V, 50 Hz, 3 kVA for 500 keV DC Accelerator and (c) Fabrication of Weldable HV pressure Feedthroughs for 1 MeV, 100 kW DC Accelerator

Abrasive jet cleaning, oil cleaning, vapour degreasing and safe handling of machine components within Hall-1, Cel-5 area, CTD store and packing

Procurement of Raw material, Machining, Heat treatment, Testing of Material, Fabrication, Assembly, Testing and Supply of Small Punch Test Set up as per this specification and attached enclosures as per attached specification, bill of materials and drawings.

Dismantling and safe disposal of existing pit type vertical salt bath furnace, Design, fabrication, installation of New furnace, Integration with existing control panel, Commissioning and demonstration of heating trials at AFD.

Rerouting and splicing of Optical fiber cables and other associated works in D and B Blocks, Mod.Labs. Bank rural and other locations in BARC, Trombay, Mumbai-85

Invitation of quotation for Inspection and Supply of 10 Nos. Philippine rural bank SmCos Unmagnetized Blocks of Size: 75 mm(Length) X 75 mm(Breadth) X 20 mm(Thickness).

Fabrication of Al-6061 V Block, SS304L body, M16 screw, thrust ball bearing, SS30L body, M16 screw, thrust ball bearing, SS304 flange, SS-304L tie rod, M16, hexagonal nut, Spring lock washer as per Annexure I.

Procurement of raw material and standard components, preparation of fabrication & general assembly drawings, manufacture, assembly, testing & supply of wheel mounted Fresh Air Unit consisting of centrifugal fan with suitable 3 phase Induction motor, pressure gauge, HEPA and HOPE filters encased with powder coated Mild steel IS 2062 enclosure of capcity-1700 CMH (Qty. Regional rural bank notification 03 nos.) for HIRUP, IRAD, BARC, Mumbai

Fabrication, Supply & installation of the following pipe lines and accessories for the Refurbishment area at PMD,BARC, Vashi complex as details mentioned in enclosed annexure

Fabrication, supply and installation of MS platforms and associated minor electrical works for proposed plasma chamber facility at RSMS, WMF, Trombay

Fabrication, Assembly, testing of cPCI based 8 channel Digital board for LLRF system conforming to technical specification no ACnD/ACSS/AA/TS02 dated 27/12/2016

Modification in instrumentation tubing, cabling and termination, As per details given in removal, reinstallation and calibration of pressure and temperature table-1 of scope of transmitters at ATTF, R&D centre, Tarapur work.

a) Segregation, cutting & disposing of all unwanted metal scrap (Stainless steel, Mild Steel, Aluminum etc) from the scrap yard to TVS Stores, Trombay

PVC Shoe Cover made from best quality virgin PVC material, having material thickness of 0.3 – 0.4mm, Elastic belt should be used for ankle tightening. Regional rural bank recruitment 2014 It should with stand temperature of 85oC

Oxalic Acid (> 95% pure) technical grade, packed in 50kg polythene double lined gunny bags, assay and manufacturer name should be mentioned along with offer.

Fabrication, installation and commissioning of access control readers, P-gate, Camera monitoring and recording system as per attached annexure-A and terms and condition of Annexure – I & II

Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for the Digital Public Address System at DF1 BARC, Mysore for 4 Years from 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2021.