Teemo build guide _ (patch 6.24) (season 7) teemo – the swift scout __ league of legends strategy builds

This ability will make or break most of your games. What is a trailing stop loss Your usage of these tools can either save a game by themselves or let your team down entirely. Dynamic trailing stop It’s an ability your team relies on to gain ELO. Trailing stop metatrader 4 So let’s get to know it better, starting with the stats, and then progressing into usage.

Teemo places a trap which stealths and arms in 1 second. Trailing stop vs trailing stop limit It detonates if an enemy steps on it, dealing 200 / 325 / 450 (+50% of ability power) magic damage by poisoning nearby enemies, applying a 30 / 40 / 50% slow and revealing them for 4 seconds. Trailing stop order example The traps last 5 minutes. Trailing stop example Teemo will store one every 30 / 25 / 20 seconds, and can have a maximum of three stocked up. Trailing stop buy order Each cast requires and uses a trap. How trailing stop works After death, Teemo respawns with 2 mushrooms

Basically your ult should be treated like a landmine. Trailing stop loss strategy If an enemy steps on it, it will nuke them for a lot of damage, assuming you follow the burstmo build. What is trailing stop limit You have the potential to deal 517 damage from a single level 3 shroom to a 60 magic resist target, and that’s ignoring masteries and runes. What is trailing stop After a while, the damage adds up.

An important thing to note is that you should never, under any circumstances, stack a bunch of shrooms in the same place. Trailing stop indicator It won’t do more damage. Trailing stop loss limit Stepping on two shrooms just resets the shrooms poison, it doesn’t do any initial damage whatsoever. Best trailing stop You’re better off leaving them in a trail for enemy champions to walk right along through, and die.

You may have noticed in my matchups section I use a lot of terms and phrases such as “shroom defensively” and “shroom aggressively”. Trailing stop limit I’m here to explain what those terms are, and how to shroom.

Shrooming Aggressively: When you shroom aggressively, you place your shrooms in a pattern that is aimed to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy champion. Trailing stop forex Your intent is to kill your laner when doing so. Ctrader trailing stop Certain champions take more damage from shrooms then others due to items and kits, and you should take this into account when shrooming aggressively. Stop loss trailing To shroom aggressively, place your shrooms at the sides in the middle of your lane, even extending into their side. Forex trailing stop strategy You can use these shrooms as trampolines, allowing you to throw a shroom on the pre-existing ones to bounce and gain further distance, preferably targeted towards the enemy champion. Trailing stop loss beispiel Basically block of your enemy laner from last hitting minions, and engaging on you. Trailing stop buy order example If performed successfully, you should have the enemy laner pushed up against their own tower, unable to extend without taking damage. How to use trailing stop in mt4 Keep in mind your shrooms do have a slow, allowing you to Move Quick and slap them with a few autos, enabling your Thunderlords Decree.

Shrooming Defensively: When you shroom defensively, you shroom in pattern intended to keep your enemy laner away from you. How to use trailing stop Your intent is to disengage and discourage any all-ins they may be planning. Trailing stop loss vs trailing stop limit To shroom defensively, you can do a couple of things, one, creating gates with your shrooms. Bitfinex trailing stop You can place 3 shrooms in a horizontal line blocking off the lane. Buy trailing stop These will give you a heads up when they do try to walk towards you, allowing you to back up while they are slowed. Trailing stop loss order You can also shroom in a trail-like pattern when shrooming defensively. How does trailing stop work This kind of pattern is used to bait your opponent into chasing you for harass but instead receiving a bunch of damage. What is trailing stop on quote This pattern is good for champs who can kill you very easily but have a hard time reaching you to do so. Trailing stop loss mt4 Try a combination of these patterns, and test out which pattern works best for your playstyle.

Remember, this build maximizes the damage that your shrooms do. Mt4 trailing stop Treat them like a nuke, because they can win teamfights very easily. Trailing stop investopedia And be sure to make a shroom trail down mid lane late game, because if things go bad and your team is aced from a teamfight, these shrooms will take down the oncoming minion waves, buying your towers and inhibitors times.