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Yes. Housing benefit reduction If a private labeler wishes to extend the private label to a third organization, there are two options. Eligibility criteria for housing benefit One, the private label request letter can be signed by the original manufacturer and the final private labeler. Application for housing benefit For example, if company B private labels a product from company A, and then company C wishes to private label that product from company B, the private label request letter would be signed by company A and company C.

Alternatively, the original manufacturer can provide a blanket letter that grants the first private labeler permission to private label any product they manufacture to a third organization. Housing benefit savings Requests for private labeling from the initial private labeler and the third organization would then need a letter signed only by those two parties, along with the letter from the original manufacturer.

Can i receive housing benefit In the scenario above, this would mean company A provides a blanket letter for company B to private label their products; then applications for products from company C would need to include both that letter and the signed letter between company B and company C.

The intent of the Private Label application policy is to allow products that are exactly the same as ones already listed on the QPL to be listed. Claiming housing benefit and council tax Because of this relatability, products do not need to go through redundant testing, and application fees are reduced due to a simplified application review process. Entitled to housing benefit calculator However, because this process is enabled for products that are identical, the DLC lists private labeled versions of products with exactly the same performance information as their OEM versions. Would i be entitled to housing benefit The reasoning behind this is that identical products should have identical performance ratings, even if brand, manufacturer, model number, date qualified, and similar descriptive fields are necessarily different.

As additional clarification, during transitions to new versions of Technical Requirements, if a previously-qualified OEM product is listed at a certain classification (i.e. Housing benefit agency as a Premium product) due to the requirements in place at the time of its qualification, and a private label is sought during a time when products are only being evaluated against a new set of requirements, the private label will only be listed with respect to how that product performs relative to the requirements in place at the time of its qualification.

For example, if an OEM product was qualified under the V3.1 requirements as meeting the Premium classification, but does not meet the V4.0 Premium requirements, then applications seeking to Private Label that product received after the 8/31 cutoff will be listed as meeting the V4.0 Standard requirements, not as V3.1 Premium (see details of the V4.0 transition and the 8/31 cutoff in the Cover Letter and Guidance that was distributed with the announcement, as well as in the explanatory webinar and Transition Guidance session from the DLC Stakeholder Meeting).

The “Technical Requirements Version Number” field indicates the version of the Technical Requirements Table to which a listed product was evaluated when qualified. How much is housing benefit The Technical Requirements Version Number does not indicate whether or not a product meets a the most recent set of requirements, nor does it indicate if a product will be delisted during a specification transition process. When to apply for housing benefit Whether or not a product is delisted during the specification transition process is dependent on the performance data associated with the listing, as it compares to the current Technical Requirements, not the Technical Requirements Version Number. Housing benefit rent For example, if a product is initially listed with a previous Version Number of the Technical Requirements Table on the QPL, but meets all the Technical Requirements of next Version Number, the product will not be delisted at the end of the grace period established during the announcement of the new version of Technical Requirements. Working and housing benefit Similarly, if a product was initially listed with a previous Version Number and remains listed when a new Version Number is released, that indicates that the product is considered listed under the new version.

The DLC team will first notify you that the application has been received via email. Calculator for housing benefit A DLC reviewer will review your application(s). It takes about two weeks to complete the review of your application from the time payment of the application fee is confirmed.

Upon completion of the initial review, a DLC reviewer will contact you to let you know if your product passes, fails, or requires additional clarification or application materials to determine qualification.

• If additional application materials are required, you must provide the DLC reviewer with an estimate of when the additional information will be available and abide by the timeline established. Online application for housing benefit Review of the application will commence when the additional materials are received and the application is considered complete.

• If all documentation is provided and the product meets the Technical Requirements, the DLC reviewer will let you know that the product qualifies and the product will be listed on the QPL. If all documentation provided demonstrates the product does not meet the Technical Requirements, the product fails. Who pays housing benefit The DLC reviewer will provide detailed information regarding which metrics did not meet the Technical Requirements. How much housing benefit Any design changes made to the product after the initial review will require a new application and application fee.

You may include additional family members in the Single Product Application, but certain conditions apply. Gov uk housing benefit DLC can accept ONLY the following types of variations for inclusion in the Single Product Application: 1) variations in housing that DO NOT affect photometric performance, 2) variations in CCT, and 3) dimming variations. Housing benefit form birmingham If applying for multiple CCT variations, note that the testing must be conducted on the worst case variation (likely the lowest CCT); colorimetry data for the highest CCT variation (LM-79 section 12 measurements) from an accredited lab must also be included.

Colorimetry data is required to verify that all additional CCT variations included in a Single Product Application meet the CCT requirement. Child housing benefit If the manufacturer cannot provide the reviewer this information, the reviewer can qualify only the model number for which test data has been provided until test data is available for the additional CCT variations.

If your product family includes variations in performance other than CCT (including wattage, light output, light distribution, etc.), you must submit in accordance with the family grouping policy.

In most circumstances, aimable mounting options are eligible for qualification provided that the products meet the zonal lumen requirements, and the aimability is reasonable to understand by customers installing the product and users of the DLC QPL list. Housing benefit for students However, aimable products, if qualified, will be listed with a note that indicates the qualified mounting orientation. How long does it take to get housing benefit This is applicable to all product primary uses where the zonal lumen requirements are not respective to the luminaire itself. Where to send housing benefit form For example, for a primary use with a full cut-off zonal lumen requirement, the product, if qualified, would be listed with a note indicating the orientation in which the product is qualified (i.e. Housing benefit calculator 2016 mounted straight down). Housing benefit online account Additionally, it must be clear in any marketing of the product that claims DLC qualification that only certain mounting orientations are DLC qualified. Are we entitled to housing benefit Currently, the only time aimable products do not need clarification is if they are listed in flood/spot or track/monopoint primary uses, as these primary uses are intended for aimable products.

No, products that are designed and marketed to be field adjustable are not currently eligible for qualification by the DLC. Housing benefit calculator birmingham In this context, “field adjustable” refers to products where the performance of the product (i.e. Contact housing benefit wattage, optical design, drive current) is marketed as being adjustable or settable during or after installation, other than products that are dimmable with traditional dimmer controls. Housing benefit overpayment This includes, for example, products where the marketing highlights that the wattage is “set” via a dipswitch on the driver, or that the product comes with optics that can be rearranged to create a different pattern, at the point of installation. Housing benefit calculator manchester Whether or not a product is considered field adjustable will be reviewed on a case by case basis by DLC program management. Housing benefit number wirral Please note that policies surrounding field adjustable products are on the Policy Development wish list for consideration. Housing benefit home visit If you have a suggestion for how to address field adjustable products, please send it to Track housing benefit claim Testing

In all cases, DLC must evaluate the worst-case performance of a product’s different operating modes, as the Technical Requirements for each category are minimum performance requirements. How do you apply for housing benefit Due to design complexities of SSL luminaires and the many variables that could affect each performance metric with a minimum requirement, it is difficult to prescribe what worst case will be for all product variations. Housing benefit jobs It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to identify the worst-case operating mode of the product for each performance metric requirement and provide the appropriate test data.

Our understanding of the technology has led us to expect certain operating modes and design choices to be the worst cases. Apply for housing benefit online Power factor and THD are commonly seen to be worst case at 277V, while photometrics (specifically efficacy) are commonly worst case at 120V. Housing benefit check This is not necessarily true for all luminaire designs, so a manufacturer may submit independent test data for a different operating mode if it is accompanied by a technical rationale and supporting data (independent or in-house) demonstrating that what was tested is in fact the worst case.

When submitting applications for products using universal drivers, be sure to test at the appropriate operating mode for both photometric and electrical measurements. Housing benefit payment dates Please note that the DLC requires the current THD performance.

DLC lists these products, when qualified, by unit with unit-level performance data for light output characteristics. Housing benefit number DLC understands that most refrigerator case lighting products are sold as systems with multiple units attached to a power supply. How to work out housing benefit entitlement Individual units connected alone on the same power supply used in the system will not perform the same as they would when the total system is connected to the power supply because of efficiency variance based on the load on the power supply.

• Each individual unit should be tested alone using the goniophotometer method according to LM-79 for light output and light distribution measurements. Housing benefit payment dates over christmas From this testing, DLC will obtain the light output and light distribution (zonal lumen density) information.

• The worst-case system configuration should be tested (using either the integrating sphere method or goniophotometer utilizing a spectroradiometer method according to LM-79) for the other necessary metrics: efficacy, color, etc. Apply for housing benefit glasgow The worst-case system will be the variation in your product line that would result in the lowest efficacy – typically at the worst (smallest) loading conditions for a given power supply – that you would sell as a new system commercially. Check housing benefit online DLC will use this efficacy measurement to determine compliance with the DLC requirements.

DLC will evaluate the individual unit efficacy as if it is equal to the system efficacy when the unit is installed in that system. What housing benefit can i get In this way, DLC will still be identifying unit-level data in the worst case scenario of a refrigerator case lighting system to evaluate against the unit-specific performance specifications. How do i claim housing benefit and council tax If the manufacturer chooses to provide another system configuration, a technical rationale of why the system exhibits the worst case efficacy must be provided. Housing benefit payments over christmas The technical rationale should be based on in-house data or other analysis.

Because refrigerator case lighting systems utilize external power supplies, manufacturers often use various power supplies or combinations of power supplies to attain the appropriate loads. Benefit calculator housing A unique application and set of test data must be supplied for each driver or driver combination.

In general, full LM-80 results are necessary for DLC qualification. Housing benefit calculator ni However, manufacturers may submit products using an LED package/module/array where limited LM-80 data is available if the following conditions are met:

• The LED package/module/array is a successor package/module/array to a previous generation package/module/array according to ENERGY STAR ® Program Guidance Regarding LED Package, LED Array and LED Module Lumen Maintenance Performance Data Supporting Qualification of Lighting Products.

• The successor package/module/array data demonstrates better performance at 3,000 hours than the previous generation LED package/module/array data at 3,000 hours.

Consistent with guidance from ENERGY STAR, while there may be several acceptable locations to measure the temperature of the LED package/module/array (collectively referred to as the TMP LED), the TMP in the ISTMT must match the TMP used during the LM-80. Change address housing benefit If the ISTMT TMP does not match the LM-80 TMP in the original submission material, DLC staff will look for the applicant to provide one of the following options:

If neither of the above is possible, and the LED TMP is not accessible, DLC staff will work with the manufacturer to obtain information that explicitly describes the relationship between the board TMP and LED TMP. Apply online housing benefit However, this information will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and may not be sufficient to appropriately verify compliance with the lumen maintenance requirements for all applications.

DLC understands that in some scenarios, products that are required to be tested may not physically fit within the testing apparatus needed to conduct testing. How to apply housing benefit uk This is often seen with 8-foot linear-type luminaires that do not fit in standard goniophotometers, though other restrictions may exist. Threshold for housing benefit In the event that a product is identified as requiring testing for a DLC application, but cannot be tested due to the constraints of the testing equipment, DLC will need to understand and collect the following information:

• A proposal from the manufacturer on how to evaluate the performance of the product. Housing benefit calculator newham Proposals must be technically sound and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the product’s construction and performance affecting variables.

Proposals, once complete with the details mentioned above, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by DLC program management. How to cancel housing benefit online Please provide this information ahead of submitting an application as proposals need to be approved prior to allowing the use of alternate data within an application. Housing and council tax benefit calculator This will help ensure application reviews are completed as efficiently as possible. Housing benefit number glasgow As always, DLC reserves the right to require additional information, and manufacturers should be prepared to provide documentation that addresses concerns that arise.

Development of standard procedures for evaluating performance of products that are too large for testing equipment is on the DLC policy development wishlist. How much is housing benefit for a single person DLC welcomes proposals for standardizing this process and should be sent to