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Flanked by two great rivers, with more than 70,000 miles of interior rivers and streams, Iowa’s rivers and their valleys hold much of Iowa’s remaining wilderness. Regional rural bank exam 2016 Rivers provide many benefits and values for Iowa communities including water for everyday use, recreation, economic development and natural habitat for wildlife and quality of life opportunities.

There are many threats that impact the condition and quality of our rivers including flooding, pollution (what you can and can’t see), erosion and general apathy for conservation priorities.

Regional rural banks list Rivers are the barometer of the overall health of our ecosystem and Iowa Rivers Revival is working to ensure our rivers are safe, clean and enjoyable for future generations.

Our mission is to help Iowans protect, restore and enjoy Iowa’s rivers. Regional rural bank result 2015 Our vision is to see clean, free-flowing Iowa rivers teaming with life, surrounded by diverse landscapes and connecting vibrant communities.

Our nonprofit river advocacy group is a statewide leader in river education, committed to protecting some of our most precious and impaired natural resources. Bank rural We work to engage individuals, organizations, communities and government leaders in river awareness, responsibility and enjoyment to ultimately enjoy and improve the condition of Iowa’s waterways.

Rivers can’t speak for themselves. Philippine rural bank We help Iowans speak up for our rivers and streams. Regional rural bank notification Our team of lobbyists distribute legislative updates to grass roots advocates, collaborate with other organizations and hold an annual legislative reception.

In 2010, 64 percent of Iowans voted to establish the Trust Fund to enhance Iowa’s natural resources and outdoor recreation opportunities. Regional rural bank recruitment 2014 Now we need the 3/8-cent sales tax increase to fill the Trust Fund.

Currently, there are no restrictions on harvesting snapping, smooth and spiny soft-shell and painted turtles in Iowa and all four are commercially harvested year-round. Nwabiagya rural bank A protective season and catch limits will allow populations to stabilize and hopefully achieve long-term sustainability.

Modeled after the successful Iowa Lake Restoration Program, this program would provide funds, criteria, guidelines, training and expertise to begin watershed and priority-based natural river restoration in Iowa.

Many sections of our rivers and streams have been degraded to the point where their natural functions are severely threatened. Regional rural bank recruitment 2016 Many miles have been officially identified as impaired, with unstable, eroding banks and dwindling fish populations. Imus rural bank Excessive amounts of sediment and nutrients cause algae blooms. Manipur rural bank The worst river segments are unhealthy, even dangerous, places for people, fish and wildlife.

Stable, healthy streams, connected to adjacent vegetated (riparian) areas, can filter and remove nitrate and phosphorus (nutrients) in the river through natural processes. Rural bank branches Unstable streams make the problem worse by releasing phosphorus and nitrogen locked up in riverbanks.

• Help the state and counties address damage to bridges and roads. Amenfiman rural bank Excessive erosion undercuts bridge abutments and road surfaces and deposits silt on road beds.

Streams with stable, rounded banks, stable streambeds, two-stage channels and established native vegetation hold more water and slow down water.

A healthy stream increases fish population and diversity and provides more habitat for aquatic life. Rural bank online A healthy greenbelt and river also provide essential habitat for a variety of native wildlife important to Iowans.

Rivers and streams are an integral factor in boosting local economies- they generate new business and jobs and create recreational opportunities to attract tourists. Regional rural bank merger latest news Spending on river recreation alone totals about $500 million per year in Iowa and supports almost 5,000 jobs. Elders rural bank Hunting and fishing add many millions more.

*River Restoration is required by US Federal law through the Clean Water Act, to compensate for road construction damage to rivers and streams. Rural bank limited Iowa needs a restoration plan to set priorities for the best use of these funds and to provide guidance to road construction authorities. Ahantaman rural bank Currently, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is working on a River Restoration Toolbox to accumulate, describe and advise on best practices.

River restoration is complex and begins with analyzing the root causes of river disturbances. Regional rural bank officer scale 1 salary It is not “one size fits all.” The most successful projects draw on expertise from the fields of engineering, hydrology, landscape ecology, fisheries and plant science. Kumawuman rural bank To be successful, projects must engage communities, policymakers and landowners.

• Stabilizing stream banks includes rebuilding and strengthening the stream bank using natural and native vegetation to help retain soil, reduce nitrate and phosphorus loss and slow the velocity of water.

• Re-meandering streams that have been straightened to a more natural winding course across the flood plain. Mizoram rural bank Restoring natural curves in the river reduces the power of the river, increases storage capacity and slows the water to reduce flooding and sediment loss.

• Improving habitat by reintroducing native vegetation to help slow stream flow, reduce erosion and improve water quality, providing a healthy, diverse environment for people, fish and wildlife.

• Reshaping stream banks to establish a gradual slope or widen the channel base to improve drainage, provide greater storage capacity for water after heavy rains and enhance ecological functions such as nutrient filtration.

A watershed is the landscape from which water flows into a stream or river. Arunachal pradesh rural bank Watershed improvements are intended to provide cleaner water to streams and lakes and sometimes can also reduce the speed of water moving to streams. Ga rural bank Watershed improvement projects are very important to reducing nutrients, sediment and bacteria going into rivers, but they do not adequately address existing in-stream problems of habitat loss and unstable stream banks and beds.

• Incorporate up-to-date science to establish river and stream restoration priorities and statewide design standards for implementing practices.

• Provide education and training to assist landowners, engineers, contractors, communities and government agencies conducting river-related projects throughout Iowa.