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Each year as spring approaches I claim with good intention that I’m going to play more golf and even take some lessons. Bosomtwe rural bank Well, it’s nearly June. Mumuadu rural bank I’ve played once. Regional rural bank ppt No lessons.

Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 Maybe I should take up fishing. Abokobi rural bank Or, possibly just admit that I actually prefer doing yard work and playing hobby farmer. Meaning of rural bank Anyway, I hope you’re doing a better job sticking to your spring resolutions!

Contrary to my golf game, activity at ICBND has been robust since our last newsletter. Rural bank notification In late April, ICBND member bankers converged on Washington DC along with community bankers from across the nation for the 2016 ICBA Washington Policy Summit. Regional rural bank pdf This annual trek is to directly lobby our Congressional delegation and regulators addressing the major issues affecting community banking in our state. Regional rural bank notification 2015 Our message focused on regulatory relief, system-wide data security standards, a level playing field with tax advantaged credit unions and Farm Credit, and certainty within the farm and rural safety net, particularly in this challenging ag market. Regional rural bank exam Election year dynamics however, will prove challenging for any significant regulatory relief before November.

Last week, the CFPB released its interim final rule easing mortgage restrictions on many small creditors by expanding the number of community banks eligible for escrow and balloon loan exemptions. R r b regional rural bank This resulted from community banking relief provisions in the recently passed Highway Bill.

So, effective March 31, 2016, any small creditor (in our case, community banks having $2 billion or less in assets who originate fewer than 2,000 loans per year including portfolio loans) that makes a SINGLE loan in a rural or underserved area in the previous year can receive; (1) the portfolio balloon loan exception (including Qualified Mortgage safe harbor status) and (2) the higher priced loan escrow exemption for rural lenders. Regional rural bank merger This is a big deal for ICBND members as community banks were only eligible for these exemptions previously if they operated “PREDOMINANTLY” (meaning more than 50% of mortgage loans) in rural or underserved areas.

The 2015 ICBA Washington Policy Summit was held the last week of April in DC, and it was my first time attending the event. Regional rural bank act 1976 With our North Dakota contingent of 21, it was a great opportunity to network with nearly 1,000 other community bankers and industry advocates from around the country. Regional rural bank wiki Congressional leaders, including Senator Richard Shelby, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and regulatory agency heads provided informative and timely presentations as well. Regional rural bank previous year question papers As always, the ICBA did a fabulous job hosting the event and ensuring that attendees were prepared with the appropriate messaging and materials. What is regional rural bank I felt a sense of cautious optimism during the event that maybe, just maybe, independent community bankers might get some regulatory relief in this 114 th Congress. Regional rural banks in india I want to thank those of you who attended this year and I’m already looking forward to next year’s summit. Regional rural bank in india I hope you as bank members consider attending or having someone from your bank attend to once again advocate exclusively for independent community banks.