Meet the deplorables

Once an assumption of benevolent leadership is made the tendency has been to interpret subsequent acts in benevolent terms. Regional rural bank notification 2015 When George W. Regional rural bank exam Bush was president this took the form of his supporters believing that Saddam Hussein brought down the Twin Towers, that Iraq had an ongoing WMD program and that the role of America was to ‘free’ the world of tyrants. R r b regional rural bank All evidence to the contrary was taken as either fraudulent or partisan bickering.

The theory amongst bourgeois liberals in the early-mid 2000s was that this trait was peculiar to the more evangelically inclined supporters of national Republicans who had been swayed by the culture wars. Regional rural bank merger The arrogance of the conceit is likely due in part to class difference, in part to conflation of education with intelligence (class difference) and in part to identitarian politics that well serve the powers that be. Regional rural bank act 1976 A question to ask then is: who benefits from political divisions?

The assumption precludes legitimate critique. Regional rural bank wiki Those doing the criticizing have to be in some sense enemies of benevolence (goes the logic). Regional rural bank previous year question papers But what if the critiques derive from differences in circumstances and lived experience? This is most certainly the case when national policies like trade agreements benefit one group to the detriment of another. What is regional rural bank Who, besides economists, would give credence to an abstract benefit when their own life is being destroyed?

Whether Democrats like the idea or not, Donald Trump’s election is a result of Barack Obama’s eight years in office. Regional rural banks in india Mr. Regional rural bank in india Obama’s policies benefited the rich a lot, the liberal class a bit and the other 90% of the population not that much. Regional rural bank history His benevolence was not very evenly distributed. Regional rural bank india In fact, his neoliberal tendencies hurt a lot of people. Regional rural banks act 1976 And all it takes is one visit to the doctor to learn the difference between health insurance and health care.

By the fall of 2011 the streets of Manhattan were filled once again with twenty-somethings carrying shopping bags holding as much bounty as they could carry. Regional rural bank The cranes used to build luxury condos that had been stopped in mid-motion in 2009 were back to work. Rural bank jobs Stock and house prices were rebounding and conspicuous consumption amongst the newly revived banker and executive classes was back in the news. Rural regional bank Pockets of economic recovery could be found around the country.

Barack Obama had saved the economy from a second Great Depression went the storyline. Rural bank of india Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was featured as a savior in glowing posters on the New York subway. First regional rural bank in india The economic statistics were of economic recovery at rates of change not seen in recent history, if from levels of economic catastrophe. Fiaseman rural bank There was some ‘clean-up’ to be done around the edges, but America had been pulled back from the abyss.

The liberal class gave wide berth to the newly homeless who were beginning to fill certain blocks and streets. Rural development bank The poverty rate kept rising, even in New York, but that was because people didn’t have the skills employers were demanding assured the economists. Amanano rural bank Foreclosures continued to drive millions of families from their homes, but the Obama administration was doing what it could with ‘foreclosure relief’ programs that ‘ foamed the runway’ with the lives of ordinary citizens for the benefit of Wall Street.

By 2012 bourgeois chatter had it that anyone who wanted a job could find one. Capital rural bank Amongst the liberal elite in New York, this was largely true. Rural bank recruitment But in the suburbs the distance between those hanging on and those who weren’t was growing. Reginal rural bank Foreclosure maps told a story of ongoing crisis. Tiaong rural bank The clean and safe mini-estates that had been the call of the suburbs turned into prisons for the newly unemployed whose houses were worth so little that they could no longer sell them to search for employment.

But the suburbs were still relatively wealthy, if on a case-by-case basis, compared to the urban and rural neighborhoods targeted by the banks with predatory loans. Asokore rural bank Large and demographically concentrated neighborhoods, mostly poor neighborhoods of color, were partially or wholly abandoned by people who couldn’t pay their mortgages. Regional rural bank vacancy 2015 16 And the banks were fine with ‘zombie’ foreclosures because they were off the hook for maintaining them and paying taxes.

If you’re poor in America you are on their own when the shit hits the fan. Definition of rural bank Kids, children, who were eight years old in 2008 are sixteen or seventeen years old now. Regional rural bank 2016 notification Some I know have been able to pull their lives together after being homeless for a few years. Regional rural bank news Lots more are still sleeping in cars and trying to piece together enough work to eat. Regional rural bank question paper In 2017. Pension for regional rural bank employees Necessity has made them resourceful. Juaben rural bank Otherwise, they’re a lot like the rest of us.

With only superficial irony, many of the really poor kids have cell phones— a luxury, right? Did you ever try to find a job without an address or a phone number? How about apply for SNAP (food stamps)? Many of the vagrancy laws that supported Jim Crow are still on the books. Regional rural bank hall ticket download If the cops want to put you in jail, they can. Regional rural bank of india In America most of the ways of contending outside of corporate life are illegal. Rrb regional rural bank To end the suspense, this isn’t an accident.

I’ve had long conversations with people who voted for Donald Trump— displaced manufacturing workers mostly who are in various stages of rebuilding their lives or watching them fall apart. Regional rural bank notification 2016 Unlike the ‘deplorables’ of liberal infamy, they are basically decent people who want their lives back. Regional rural bank exam 2016 For those displaced before the onset of the Great Recession, the stories have been of slow decline from well-paying jobs to hourly work or quasi-professional jobs that are still, in 2017, being diminished.

Those cut loose after 2008 saw rapid spirals down. Regional rural banks list One career mechanical engineer saw the company he had worked for for fifteen years bought out by a private equity firm in 2009. Regional rural bank result 2015 He was fired along with everyone he worked with when production was moved overseas. Bank rural The workers filed a class action lawsuit to recover their pensions taken in the buyout. Philippine rural bank His wife left him the same week his house was foreclosed on. Regional rural bank notification Right now he’s pumping gas at a highway rest stop to make ends meet.

Democrat ‘trade’ agreements combined with consequence-free bailouts for Wall Street place national Democrats and displaced workers and the poor on opposite sides of a vicious class war. Regional rural bank recruitment 2014 The dominant refrain I’ve heard from the displaced across racial lines is ‘we need a fucking revolution.’ Before the DNC settled the issue in Hillary Clinton’s favor, I made my pitch for Bernie Sanders. Nwabiagya rural bank The overwhelming pushback was: the Democrats are the Party of Wall Street and free trade agreements. Regional rural bank recruitment 2016 The mechanical engineer knew that Bernie was toast months before I did.

Democrat support for the rich and connected creates an odd dynamic for the bourgeois liberals pushing the ‘resist Trump’ movement. Imus rural bank Whatever Democrats might say about Republican ‘obstruction,’ Barack Obama had eight years in which to enact the national Democrats’ agenda. Manipur rural bank From the perspective of those left behind— and a lot of people were, do you give four or eight more years to the people who left you behind or do you try something else?

The displaced workers I’ve met tended to know more about the Democrats’ actual policies than Democrats do, possibly because they’ve lived them. Rural bank branches Even after Hillary Clinton lost the election Barack Obama was still pushing the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) to ‘secure his legacy.’ And lest you be unaware, the TPP isn’t a trade deal per se— even Democrat loyalist and erstwhile economist Paul Krugman agrees that it isn’t. Amenfiman rural bank Its purpose is to give multi-national corporations more control over our lives.

For example, it would give coal extraction companies the right to sue for lost profits from the EPA’s rule that American utilities must switch from burning coal to less polluting fuels— one of Barack Obama’s ‘signature’ environmental achievements. Rural bank online This would require utility customers, taxpayers or both to pay for the coal not burned and the replacement fuel, a state of affairs that would quickly force a reversal of the EPA policy. Regional rural bank merger latest news So, is Mr. Elders rural bank Obama an environmentalist or not?

The mechanism for doing this, the ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement) provision, is a key part of the TPP. Rural bank limited It works by allowing corporations to sue civil governments to recover lost profits when they enact laws to regulate environmental destruction or public health. Ahantaman rural bank And a big difference is that Donald Trump’s cabinet can be removed from office whereas the TPP is a civil doomsday device that is nearly impossible to undo once passed. Regional rural bank officer scale 1 salary Mr. Kumawuman rural bank Obama’s supporters know this, right?

Economists love the phrase ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions.’ Their neo-Victorian point is that nature chooses the winners and losers in a market economy. Mizoram rural bank As with the premise of benevolent leadership (above), the premise of benevolent system (capitalism) requires a kind of backward induction where all outcomes are interpreted and explained in terms of the benevolence of the system.

By continuing and extending the George W. Arunachal pradesh rural bank Bush administration’s bailouts of Wall Street and the auto industry Barack Obama is credited by his supporters with staving-off a ‘second Great Depression.’ Dean Baker has done yeomen’s work debunking this nonsense. Ga rural bank On the auto industry front, Mr. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 notification Obama maintained the tiered wage structure that left new auto workers earning near-poverty wages while auto executives were back to multi-million dollar bonuses in short order. Meghalaya rural bank Thanks Barack.

The bailouts of Wall Street had more moving parts. Regional rural bank vacancy 2016 For those with an interest, Milton Friedman (bear with me) and Charles Kindleberger provide histories of the Great Depression from differing perspectives. Agribusiness rural bank Long story short, many of the structural problems that exacerbated the impact of bank failures in the Great Depression were resolved by FDR with bank reforms. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 16 Government sponsored deposit insurance alone provided a back-stop in 2008 that didn’t exist when FDR entered office.

Sweden undertook a smaller and less complicated nationalization of its banking system in the rolling Scandinavian banking crises of the late 1980s – early 1990s. Regional rural bank syllabus It led to full recovery of the Swedish economy in quick order. Nagaland rural bank In 2009 the idea of nationalization was put forward and quickly disposed of on ideological grounds by the Obama administration. Rural bank definition FDR had proved that banks do just fine as heavily regulated quasi-utilities. Regional rural bank meaning But as Timothy Geithner put it: ‘America doesn’t do nationalization.’

As Matt Taibbi reported at the time, the ‘bailouts’ were a feeding frenzy amongst connected insiders where relatives of bankers (link above); hedge fund and private equity managers were given hundreds of millions of dollars in low interest loans that only had to be repaid if those that received them felt like it (non-recourse). Regional rural bank definition As I explained here and the Bank of England explains here, global central banks acted to revive the prices of assets held by Wall Street and the global rich under the manufactured delusion that ‘we all benefit’ when the rich are made richer.

Had Wall Street been nationalized when Barack Obama had the chance the driving force of global environmental catastrophe, militarism, the concentration of wealth and recurrent economic crises could have been put toward serving the public interest. Regional rural bank official website But Mr. Rural bank foreclosed properties Obama was ideologically opposed to doing so. Rural bank internet This is something Mr. Rural bank australia Obama’s supporters still don’t get— Mr. Sugbuanon rural bank Obama is ideologically committed to neoliberalism. Sekyere rural bank By late 2016 he was still pushing the neoliberal program with the TPP.

The argument that the Obama administration saved the U.S. Rural bank interest rates from a second Great Depression is complete and utter bullshit. Regional rural bank headquarters Moreover, Mr. Akuapem rural bank Obama oversaw the most corrupt redistribution of national wealth in human history with the bailouts. Adansi rural bank Lest this seem hyperbolic, go back a reread Matt Taibbi’s reporting from 2009 and 2010 (link above). Rural bank internet banking For people who were paying attention in the early years of the Obama administration, the contention that Donald Trump and his incoming administration are corrupt by comparison confuses method with substance.

A good way to put the charge of a ‘deplorable’ class to the test would be to resolve the economic issues that are the basis for legitimate criticism and then see where this leaves us. Rural bank functions Barack Obama had eight years to do so. Functions of regional rural bank He spent the first four arguing for austerity while he gave hundreds of millions of dollars in free money to connected insiders. Regional rural bank salary He spent the second four arguing that the economy was healed and that what we need is more trade agreements.

Anyone with an interest can travel outside of the bourgeois ghettoes of Manhattan, Washington and Silicon Valley to see how the rest of the country is living. What is a rural bank Fifty years of neoliberalism have left much of the country an economic wasteland. Regional rural bank vacancies Across the Northeast banks and private equity firms are selling houses that were emptied eight years ago and have been hidden from sight since then. Regional rural bank recruitment Their displaced occupants are paying rent they can’t afford and are but one paycheck away from ruin. Regional rural bank latest news Don’t take my word for it, see for yourselves.

The U.S. Regional rural bank exam pattern is currently nearing a full-blown political crisis. Regional rural bank result Liberals are being played by Democrat Party insiders and deep-state operatives. Regional rural bank recruitment 2016 17 The ignorance of history required to believe that the CIA, FBI and NSA are benevolent entities that speak the truth is breathtaking. Regional rural bank exam date 2015 Furthermore, if Democrats want to contend that Wall Street’s and Exxon-Mobil’s interests are benign but Russia’s aren’t (where is the evidence?), what possible problem could they have with Donald Trump’s Cabinet?

The half of the electorate that voted for Donald Trump can rightly ask Democrats where they’ve been for the last eight years. Arunachal rural bank (I voted Green but would have preferred a radical Left Party to vote for). Binan rural bank Russia didn’t force Barack Obama to be an austerity loving, neoliberal tool. Rural bank login When millions of people are tossed onto an economic garbage heap, it’s politics 101 to expect a response. Features of regional rural bank And before you call the response ugly, take a look at what was done to those who were tossed away. Elders rural bank login How ugly was that? How ugly would it be if it was done to you?