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Game Story. Buy trailing stop This contest was nothing, if not a game of runs. Trailing stop loss order Dallas started the game in an 0-7 hole, but gained an 18-17 lead off a Seth Curry steal and over-the-shoulder assist to Mejri for a bucket. How does trailing stop work The Bulls quickly answered, and Chicago ended the frame with a 28-24 lead over Dallas.

What is trailing stop on quote The Mavs would regain the lead and stretch their advantage to as much as 9 in the second quarter, but saw that edge whittled to 2 with 50 seconds left in the half. Trailing stop loss mt4 A Matthews three and a Williams 6-foot jumper with 1 second on the clock sent Dallas into the locker room with a 54-47 lead. Mt4 trailing stop The Mavs reached a game-high lead of 13 at 8:37 in the third period, drawing a Bulls timeout. Trailing stop investopedia The Mavs led by 11 at the 3:29 mark, but the Bulls locked in defensively, and closed the quarter on a 14-5 run. Trailing stop mt5 Things got chippy around the 2:15 mark, when Matthews was T’d up for gesturing at the ref for calling a foul on him after an egregious Butler flop. What is a trailing stop loss order The teams settled down a bit, and the Mavs clung to a 76-74 edge going into the fourth.

The score stayed within two possessions the entire fourth quarter. What is trailing stop in forex With 3:17 remaining, a long two from Wade gave the Bulls a 4-point cushion. Trailing stop loss A Barnes three followed by a Williams 9-footer put the Mavs up 1 with 2:20 to play. Trailing stop loss richtig setzen The next score was on a split pair of free throws by Dirk, pulling the Mavs ahead by 2, with 1:23 on the clock. Trailing stop definition McDermott tied the game with 59 seconds left. How to set trailing stop Carlisle called for time. Trailing stop limit example Barnes missed a three ATO, and a long two by Jimmy Butler gave the Bulls a 2-point edge with 22 seconds left. Trailing stop beispiel The Bulls were congratulating each other, and probably expecting the Mavs to take their last timeout, but Dallas elected to play on, getting a bit of a head start down the court.

The Mavericks ran a heck of a play, especially considering there was no timeout, and Rick wasn’t calling plays. Trailing stop percentage Williams ran his defender past a double screen set by Dirk and Barnes near the three-point line. Trailing stop mq4 Mirotic was switched on to Williams, and Deron had no trouble blowing by the bigger, slower Bull. Trailing stop loss metatrader 4 Meanwhile, Wes and Curry had gone to the wings. Forex trailing stop Matthews faked a back-door cut, leaving his defender, Dwyane Wade, with a choice to stay with his man Matthews or help on Williams, who had a clear path to the basket. Stop trailing order Wade elected to help, and Wes backed up to the three-point line. Trailing stop limit order Williams found him wide open and kicked out. What is a trailing stop Matthews hit the basket from 25 feet, leaving the Bulls with their last timeout, plus 12 seconds, to conjure up 2 points to win, or 1 to tie. Trailing stop loss afl I’m not sure if this is the play Fred Hoiberg intended to run out of the timeout, but Jimmy Butler isolated on Wesley Matthews, who played 9 seconds of the most tenacious defense the City of Chicago has ever seen. Trailing stop pips Butler was forced to unload the ball to Wade next to him in the corner, almost turning it over in the process, and Wade missed an awkward jumper over the outstretched arm of Deron Williams. Trailing stop mql4 Game over.

How They Won. Trailing stop loss example By the skin of their teeth. Trailing stop loss vs trailing stop limit fidelity Taking a more analytical approach, the Bulls shot 46% (31-68) inside the arc, 43% from distance (6-14), and 82% from the line (18-22). Trailing stop loss fidelity Comparable numbers for the Mavs were 52% (26-50), 39% (11-28), and 78% (14-18). Trailing stop loss percentage At the end of the game, the Mavs were -10 on points from twos, +15 on points from threes, and -4 on made free throws. Mql4 trailing stop The Bulls outpaced the Mavs in FGAs (82-78), FTAs (22-18), offensive rebounds (11-6), defensive rebounds (32-30), and PIP (34-30). Trailing stop loss order example The Mavs had the advantage in assists (27-23), 3PTAs (28-14), and made threes (11-6). Sell trailing stop Made threes — there’s nothing like ’em.

It would be hard to decide whom to give the game ball to, but Matthews would have to be a leading candidate, hitting the game-winning three, and preventing Butler from taking the Bulls’ last shot. Difference between trailing stop loss and trailing stop limit Wes didn’t have a great shooting night, scoring 11 points on 4-10 shots, but he did hit 3-5 from downtown, including both the game winner, and a very difficult shot over Wade from the corner. How to use a trailing stop He also led the Mavs in minutes (40), and recorded 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 turnover, 3 personal fouls, and one technical foul. Trailing stop loss comdirect What none of that reflects is the incredible defense he played on the Bulls’ star, Jimmy Butler, all night. Trailing stop loss forex Butler got to the line for 16 free-throw attempts, but was only 5-12 from the field, and was totally smothered by Wes on the Bulls’ last possession. What is trailing stop loss Addressing the last 20 seconds, Wes modestly gave Deron Williams credit for the heavy lifting on the offensive end, and said he was determined not to let Butler get to his sweet spot on the last play. Trailing stop limit vs loss Carlisle called Matthews a great warrior, a great defender, and a big-time clutch player. How does a trailing stop work It would be hard to argue with any of that, based on this game. What is a trailing stop limit order Coach also referred to Wes’ defense on the last play as “breathtaking,” and it surely was. Trailing stop mt4 Having said all that, Wesley’s lineups were a team-worst -10. Trailing stop limit buy order example Good illustration of what a noisy stat single-game +/- is.

Barnes led the team in scoring with 20 points (6-14 2PTA, 2-3 3PTA, 2-2 FTA), and also claimed 4 rebounds and 1 assist in 38 minutes. Trailing stop buy beispiel Two turnovers and two personal fouls didn’t do much to subtract from his effectiveness, as he showed his versatility and strength on both ends of the court. Trailing stop order As always.

Williams put up a modest (by his standards) 11 points on 4-6 2PTAs and 1-5 3PTAs, but had an overall excellent game. Trailing stop strategy He led the team with 9 assists, grabbed 6 rebounds, and had one steal in 30 minutes on the floor. Trailing stop buy He also committed a team-high 4 turnovers, along with 3 fouls, but the box score doesn’t do him justice. Trailing stop loss software After the Mavs lost their lead early in the fourth, the team stopped running plays, and operated out of the flow offense. Trailing stop limit fidelity Deron was a great floor general — the last offensive possession alone was a work of art. Trailing stop sell Carlisle complimented DWill’s game, and made a point to note that he guarded Wade on the Bulls’ last shot of the game.

The Bulls may be regretting not having scouted Seth Curry a little better, as they left him open multiple times, and he took advantage to the tune of 18 points on 7-10 shots, including 3-5 from beyond the arc, along with 1-2 FTAs. What is a trailing stop order Not that all of those shots were easy; in the second quarter, he was forced to hoist a late-clock mid-range jumper off the wrong foot, and in it went. How to set a trailing stop Seth also had 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, and 1 turnover in 30 minutes of action. What does trailing stop mean This Bogut-less starting lineup of Williams-Curry-Matthews-Barnes-Dirk has proved to be a nightmare on the offensive end for its (relatively weak) opponents, as every Mav out there is a threat to score in a variety of ways. Trailing stop limit buy I don’t know how sustainable it is, but it’s fun while it lasts. How to use trailing stop loss I digress. Trailing stop on quote Back to Seth. Buy trailing stop limit Buck pointed out that having another excellent ball handler on the floor gives Williams the freedom to play some off the ball, which is one of his best skills, and a knockdown three-point shooter like Seth is a treasured asset for any team needing a basket. What is a trailing stop limit The Moment of the Game Award went to the play where Seth came off a steal and breakaway to toss a no-look pass over his shoulder to a trailing Mejri. Mt4 trailing stop loss Seth made some difficult passes in this contest, and it has been fun to see him coming along. Trailing stop in mt4 Buck noted that Seth has surprised a lot of people this season, being able to make plays off the bounce for himself and others.

Dirk didn’t have a great shooting night (3-9 FGA, 0-3 3PTA, 4-6 FTA), but he was the Mavs’ double-double man, adding 10 rebounds to his 10 points. Mql5 trailing stop He also chipped in 2 assists and a steal, never turned the ball over, and had only 2 fouls in 27 minutes on the court. Stock trailing stop He also took his eight-thousandth NBA FTA in this one, being, I believe, the fifth 7-footer to accomplish the feat. Define trailing stop It seems that Dirk is passing milestones with almost every game.

Mejri had a better-than-average game, especially in the first half. What is a trailing stop loss He had 3 points (1-2 FGA, 1-2 FTA), 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 turnover, and 5 fouls in 19 minutes. Dynamic trailing stop He was the only Mav who stood a chance one-on-one guarding Robin Lopez, who had an unusually effective offensive game. Trailing stop metatrader 4 It was good to see Mejri draw a charge on Lopez, and hustle for rebounds and loose balls. Trailing stop vs trailing stop limit In a repeat of the third-quarter blues, he had back-to-back possessions in the period in which he gave Butler an and-one, and then turned the ball over with an offensive foul (although that one could be laid at least partly at the feet of Barea, who didn’t wait for Salah to get set on a screen). Trailing stop order example Rick put Mejri back in in the fourth quarter, and he was called for his fifth with 4:35 remaining. Trailing stop example Carlisle left him in for a bit, which allowed Dirk a little extra rest. Trailing stop buy order Given Lopez’ easy scoring over Dirk and co., I don’t think the Mavs would have this victory were it not for Salah.

Barea did yeoman’s duty off the bench, scoring 12 efficient points (3-4 2PTA, 2-4 3PTA) and dishing 6 dimes, with only 1 turnover, in 18 minutes. How trailing stop works It is amazing how much better Powell and Mejri look offensively when Barea is running the second unit. Trailing stop loss strategy As Dirk would say, not a bad night for a little man.

Harris didn’t shoot very well (1-7 FGA), but had a team-best 6 free throws out of 6 attempts, for a grand total of 10 points. What is trailing stop limit He also led the team with 2 blocks, and recorded 3 assists, 2 rebounds, a steal, 2 turnovers, and 2 fouls in 18 minutes off the bench. What is trailing stop His veteran defensive prowess was also called upon in this closest of contests.

Powell had 6 points (3-4 FGA), 1 assist, and 1 rebound in 12 minutes. Trailing stop indicator He had an important defensive play that saved an offensive putback by Lopez, and in a 1-point game, that mattered a great deal.

The only stats Finney-Smith registered in 8 minutes of play were 2 personal fouls and 1 rebound, but he also had a good defensive play under the basket. Trailing stop loss limit DFS had the task of guarding Dwyane Wade, which is a little unfair to judge a rookie by, since Wade knows every wily veteran’s trick in the book and quite a few outside the book as well, and Wade didn’t hesitate to take advantage of his opponent’s inexperience. Best trailing stop Lest anyone think Finney-Smith lacked effectiveness, however, his lineups led the team at +11.

Bulls. Trailing stop limit Jimmy Butler led the Bulls with 24 points, of which 14 were made free throws. Trailing stop forex Butler had 16 of the Bulls’ total 22 FTAs. Ctrader trailing stop He also had 12 assists and 9 rebounds. Stop loss trailing Robin Lopez was practically unstoppable, with 21 points on 10-15 FGA. Forex trailing stop strategy He had 5 rebounds, all offensive. Trailing stop loss beispiel Dwyane Wade had 17 points on miserable 8-21 shooting. Trailing stop buy order example His primary defender was Deron Williams. How to use trailing stop in mt4 Michael Carter-Williams chipped in 10 points. How to use trailing stop Former Mav Rajon Rondo had 5 assists, 3 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 turnover, and no points in 23 minutes off the bench. Trailing stop loss vs trailing stop limit However, Carlisle said that Rondo was a big part of the reason the Mavs lost their lead, as Rondo knows all the plays so well that the Mavs had to stop running plays and spend the fourth quarter free-lancing, with General Williams running the show.

Personally. Bitfinex trailing stop This was one of the more fun games of the season, at least in retrospect. Buy trailing stop Even though winning may not have been the most politically correct result, you’ll never see this MFFL begrudging the Mavs socking it to the likes of Wade and Rondo. Trailing stop loss order The Bulls were clearly missing Taj Gibson, but that hardly excuses them from losing to the “lowly Mavs,” as Blog-a-Bull termed the Dallas team. How does trailing stop work The lowly Mavs send 99 birthday wishes to 2006 fave Dwyane Wade, who turned 35 yesterday.