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A limit on economic migrants from outside the EU, changes to the rules on family and student visas and a crackdown on bogus colleges have helped bring down net migration by nearly a third from its peak.

However, Mr Duncan Smith and Mrs May admit there is ‘much more to do’ to meet a Tory target of getting annual net migration down to the tens of thousands.

Ministers have set out a series of measures to limit migrant access to public services and benefits to try to reduce further so-called ‘pull factors’ to the UK.

Landlords will be fined up to £3,000 if they rent a property to an illegal immigrant, while non-EU migrants will be expected to pay a levy of £200 a year to access the NHS if they do not have private healthcare.

The changes to the housing benefit rules will not affect UK and Irish Republic nationals, or European migrants genuinely self-employed or in a job.

Historically, EU migrants have been able to lodge a claim for the benefit as soon as they arrive in Britain and pass a ‘habitual residence test’ under EU rules.

Employment minister Esther McVey said the Government’s long-term economic plan had helped create 1.6million private sector jobs. Application for housing benefit This shameful betrayal

It was a shameful betrayal of thousands of British workers. Housing benefit savings For years Labour presided over a labour market where the number of foreign people in jobs rocketed to record levels – while thousands of British workers were left on the sidelines, facing the prospect of long-term unemployment.

Today – as Work and Pensions Secretary and Home Secretary – we publish a devastating analysis which lays bare the shocking scale of Labour’s failure.

Welfare reform and controlling immigration are at the very core of this plan – and if we are to strike the right balance for a strong, sustainable economy, we cannot look at these issues in isolation.

Take the benefit cap: already 33,000 households have had their benefits cut so they receive no more than average earnings, and 19,000 potentially capped claimants have returned to work.

As a result, as our economy picks up, we have reversed the damaging trend under Labour. Can i receive housing benefit The latest data shows that of the rise in employment over the past year, over 90 per cent went to UK nationals.

We’re also putting right the mess Labour left on immigration. Claiming housing benefit and council tax Of course immigration, over the generations, has made a tremendously rich contribution to our country, both culturally and in terms of the talent it brings – but it must be controlled.

We know that the idea there’s a set number of jobs to be divided up and handed around is wrong, and things are far more complicated than the simplistic notion that all immigrants come and ‘take British jobs’.

But evidence from the Migration Advisory Committee and other academic studies has demonstrated that immigration can displace some British workers in the labour market. Entitled to housing benefit calculator So we have tightened up the system… Would i be entitled to housing benefit and the latest figures show our reforms are working.

For those migrants who do come here, we’re ensuring they are unable to take unfair advantage of our system by accessing benefits as soon as they arrive.

For example, we introduced rules so that from January 1 this year we are banning individuals from receiving out-of-work benefits until they have been living in the UK for three months. Housing benefit agency And we will go still further: from the beginning of April we will be removing entitlement to housing benefit altogether for this group.

In addition, EU migrants can only claim jobseeker’s allowance for six months unless they have genuine prospects of finding work. How much is housing benefit No longer can people come here from abroad and expect to get something for nothing.

Together, these new immigration and benefit checks will clamp down on those trying to exploit the system. When to apply for housing benefit We can ensure that Britain’s growing economy and dynamic jobs market deliver for those who work hard and play by the rules.