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UltraEdit scripts are executed usually from command line to reformat 1 or more text files completely without user interaction and without depending on parameters. Trailing stop example Or an UltraEdit script is started manually by a user from within UltraEdit without or with some minimal user interaction using getString and/or getValue. Trailing stop buy order There are many scripting languages and script interpreters for doing something depending on parameters like VBScript, PowerShell, Perl, Python, …

It is not possible to specify on command line of UltraEdit additional custom parameters for an UltraEdit macro/script. How trailing stop works The command line arguments are interpreted by uedit64.exe or uedit32.exe and UltraEdit macros and scripts don’t have access to arguments list of the executable.

I’m aware of 3 possibilities to pass strings (parameters) to an UltraEdit script from another process before starting UltraEdit and executing the script:

The first solution is easy to implement.

Trailing stop loss strategy But it has the big disadvantages that Windows clipboard content is modified on starting and no other process should copy something to clipboard before the parameters and their values are read by the script. What is trailing stop limit These disadvantages are very problematic if UltraEdit should be executed in background for executing the script.

The following two commands must be executed on command line or in a batch file: echo parameter1=value1,parameter2=value2 | %SystemRoot%System32clip.exe

clip.exe is available since Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003. What is trailing stop But there is no clip.exe on Windows XP. Trailing stop indicator However, clip.exe from Windows Server 2003 can be also used on Windows XP.

It is highly recommended to use /fni (force new instance) on starting UltraEdit for executing a script from command line when the configuration setting Allow multiple instances is not checked as by default. Trailing stop loss limit For an explanation why /fni should be used as first parameter on command line on running an UltraEdit macro/script from command line read topic Always get error message when running a macro/script via command line parameter (solved) in UltraEdit forum.

In comparison to first solution the clipboard is not modified by using this solution. Best trailing stop However, it must be made sure that the following command lines are not executed at the same time by two processes. Trailing stop limit >C:TempParameterList.tmp echo parameter1=value1,parameter2=value2

The line output by command ECHO is redirected into text file C:TempParameterList.tmp, then UltraEdit is started for running the script in a separate process and batch processing is halted until UltraEdit is exited. Trailing stop forex Finally the temporary text file is deleted from command line.

An example script code for reading the parameters from file with fixed name and path: // Define the name of the file with the parameters with full path.

For usage of a dynamic file name, the file name must be specified as second parameter to open this file by UltraEdit before running the script and the script reads the parameters from first opened file. Ctrader trailing stop >”%TEMP%Any File Name.txt” echo parameter1=value1,parameter2=value2

An UltraEdit script file is an ANSI text file and therefore it is possible to modify the script before execution. Stop loss trailing echo var asParameterList = [ “value1”, “value2″ ];>”%TEMP%ParameterList.tmp”

The JavaScript code line which defines an initialized array of strings is first written into a temporary file. Forex trailing stop strategy This temporary file is copied together with the script file to a new script in folder for temporary files. Trailing stop loss beispiel UltraEdit is executed using the temporary script file with the added parameter list array. Trailing stop buy order example Finally both temporary files are deleted from command line.

An example script code which is extended dynamically with an additional line at top to define the parameter strings: // For demonstration just open a message box listing the parameter

The advantage of this approach is that instead of an array of parameter strings it is also possible to define an array of integer numbers or floating point numbers. How to use trailing stop in mt4 Or on command line multiple variables of different types are defined which are added to the temporary script file.

A last variant would be using // include parameters.js at top of the script file and the file parameters.js (with complete path or without path) is created dynamically on command line containing the lines to define the parameters in JavaScript language as JavaScript variables.