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It is a pleasure to be addressing my first message to the shareholders of ICICI Bank asthe Chairman of the Board of Directors. How to invest in gold in indian banks I have had a long prior association with the Bankas an independent Director on the Board and I am honoured by the confidence the Board andshareholders have reposed in me in appointing me as the Chairman. Should i invest in gold 2016 On behalf of the BoardI would like to express our appreciation of Mr. How should i invest in gold K. How to buy paper gold in india V Kamath who made an invaluablecontribution to the ICICI Group first as the CEO from 1996 to 2009 and then as theChairman of the Board for six years.

The ICICI Group is a financial conglomerate with a long and rich history of leadershipof service to the nation and of partnership in its growth.

Is it good idea to invest in gold Founded as a developmentfinance institution in 1955 the Group has been on a continuous journey of transformationdiversification and expansion to become a truly universal bank. Is it good to buy gold from bank The Group seeks to addressevery aspect of the financial services needs – savings investments credit protectionand payments – of each and every customer segment – large corporations small & mediumenterprises urban customers farming and non-farming rural communities and theunder-privileged who have thus far been excluded from access to financial services. Why you should invest in gold ICICIBank has helped millions of individuals and families achieve their aspirations as well asplayed a key role in the creation of infrastructure and industrial capacity in thecountry.

The Indian banking sector is passing through a phase that is both challenging andexciting. Invest in gold gta 5 The growth slowdown that the economy experienced from 2012 onwards has led tostress on the corporate sector resulting in both pressure on asset quality as well aslimited new growth opportunities in the corporate segment for the banking sector. Can i buy gold bullion At thesame time there are robust growth opportunities in the retail segment and in rural areas;and in the continuing opportunities for transformation led by technology. Why invest in gold and silver The policymeasures put in place over the last two years have also led to a substantial improvementin macro-economic parameters and are laying the foundation for new opportunities for thecorporate sector.

Over the last few years ICICI Bank has substantially strengthened its retail and ruralbusiness as evidenced both by its strong deposit franchise and funding profile therobust growth in its retail loan portfolio and healthy and stable asset quality in thissegment. How to invest in gold bullion It has continued to innovate using technology to enhance the customerproposition. Invest in gold bonds The Bank has calibrated growth and reoriented the strategy of itsinternational operations in line with the new global environment. Invest in gold krugerrands The corporate segmentwhere the Bank had in earlier years supported industrial and infrastructure investmentcritical to India’s growth has experienced challenges. Should i buy yamana gold stock The Bank has calibrated growth inits corporate loan portfolio as the economic pressures emerged. Is it still good to buy gold It is addressing the risksin this segment in a focused manner by working closely with clients to ensuredeleveraging by ensuring that the Bank’s interests are protected and by reformulating itsrisk appetite and risk management framework to rebalance the portfolio mix towards a lowerrisk profile. Should i invest in sbi gold fund Underpinning the Bank’s strategy and approach are its operating earnings andvery strong capital base which enable it to absorb risks while capitalising on growthopportunities. Should i invest in gold and silver During fiscal 2016 given the elevated risks in certain sectors the Bankon a prudent basis made a collective contingency and related reserve towards its exposureto these sectors thereby further strengthening the balance sheet.

The ICICI Group franchise is unique in that it extends beyond banking to outstandingfranchises in every segment of financial services. Should i invest in gold 2014 It is a matter of great satisfactionthat the value created by the insurance businesses of the Group was demonstrated duringthe year through investments in each of the subsidiaries. Is it good to invest in gold right now This further adds to the Group’sfinancial strength and its platform for capitalising on the vast growth potential forfinancial services in India.

The Board of Directors is fully committed to maintaining the highest standards ofcorporate governance with a view to ensuring that the Bank is well-placed to addressrisks as well as capitalise on growth opportunities within a framework of regulatorycompliance and adherence to the highest ethical standards. How to invest in gold bees etf The executive management teamled by the Managing Director & CEO has set out a growth path based on the defined riskappetite and risk management and capital allocation framework while focusing onaddressing stress in the portfolio and maintaining a strong balance sheet. How to invest in gold mining companies The ICICI Grouphas substantial depth of leadership talent and is well-placed to execute its strategy. How to invest money in gold in india Iam confident that the coming years will see the Group maintain and enhance its strengthand capitalise on the diverse growth opportunities that our country presents.