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Hi, Valiant fan here. Invest in gold online It’s interesting how this site, as much as I enjoy it and participate, has successfully attached a stigma to Valiant fans and the comics. Why invest in gold stocks To the point where you can’t bring it up without someone crying “butt hurt”. How to invest in gold and silver book This is a spec site yet regularly leaves these books out of the conversation. Should i buy xbox gold Just this past month (give or take) alone we’ve seen Savage #1 1:50 release to $600 plus sales and now #2 $100+, Divinity III #1 1:50 release to $75-100 sales, and the Britannia #2-4 1:50’s are all now $100 books.

Ways to invest in gold All of these have less than 500 copies in circulation, and none of them had to wait months for return on investment if you looked for them at your shops as I did. How to invest in gold etf funds Not to mention quality storytelling. Can i buy gold in dubai airport Yet the conversation is still mostly about larger print run books and lower dollar values. How to invest in gold south africa I’m not trying to rock the boat or start a keyboard war. How to invest in gold 401k I just think this is worth talking about. Can i buy gold from the us mint I love my Marvel, DC, and Image, but I don’t understand the almost intentional disgust toward Valiant. Invest in gold etf online Thanks for letting me speak, and Merry New Year!

What’s up Ben! Totally appreciate your points, and I absolutely agree with you about some of the Valiant fans, especially the ones that place themselves in the forefront of “representing” the publisher. Should i invest in gold now I’ll have nothing to do with the Valiant Fans Facebook page for that very reason. Why invest in gold and silver robert kiyosaki That’s why I come here, because I want you guys to see that not all Valiant fans are that way. Why invest in gold We all read Marvel and DC, myself included, but I feel like Valiant is left out of the discussion far too often and that if I don’t share some of the interesting aspects of these books, no one will. To invest in gold or not Or, as I referenced above, they’re used as the butt of a joke.

The only thing I have to gain in sharing my love for this universe is seeing it survive and being able to read these books for years to come. Why invest in gold mining companies Marvel and DC, or even Image, don’t need that kind of promotion. Should i invest in gold now 2015 They’re here to stay.

As for the the price on Savage, $350 for a book less than 2 months old isn’t too shabby. Should i invest in gold sovereigns My guess is it won’t go lower. How to invest in gold online sbi If you check out the history of the new valiant books since the relaunch in 2012 you’ll see that there are dozens of amazing high dollar variants and exclusives that only increase in value every year. Should i invest in gold funds My only care here is that I feel a lot of people are missing out due to the ‘group think’ going on. Invest in gold or platinum And as with anything in life, don’t judge things by the people claiming to represent it, judge it by the actual product, weather that’s a good story or a possible investment. How to invest in gold shares For me, nuff said. Best way to invest in gold in india I suppose you’re right about me, it is a little self serving. Is it good time to invest in gold in india I would love these characters to part of the conversation as effortlessly as any other publisher’s characters without there being a stigma. Invest in gold india I guess it’s that stigma that I’m trying to break.

What’s up Khoi! Thanks for jumping in. How to invest in gold malaysia Glad you’re reading some stuff, but as with Divinity, or any other publisher’s most popular titles, there’s always great stuff being overlooked that isn’t an event. How to invest in gold etf The first Divinity series was great, but the scarcity of that 1:40 issue is a huge part of what caught the spec world’s eye. How to invest in gold on the stock market Some of Marvel’s biggest variant issues over the past couple years spec-wise came from series’ that are arguably mediocre at best as far as the story goes.

As for Savage, the $800 sale was the first sale. Can i buy gold in dubai and bring to india But since there have been 5 other sales of $350 or higher, not including the current auction which is also at $350. How to invest in gold shares in india Along with Divinity and Savage I could give you a list of Valiant books since 2012 that are similar in value and even harder to find.

The thing I find most interesting is the verbal segregation of Valiant fans from fans of other publishers. Should i buy gold or silver 2014 Valiant fans also read Marvel and DC. How to invest in gold through sip The difference is they read some Valiant book that caused them to add the publisher to their list. Should i invest in gold mining companies Maybe a character or story, or a spec opportunity that paid off. How to invest in gold mutual funds india Who knows, but my point is that this stigma that this site has attached to the publisher is really odd. Is it safe to invest in gold I don’t say that as a jab against anyone that reads or has anything to do with this site, at all. Gta v invest in gold It’s just that this site is the only place I see that happening. Should i invest in gold or silver 2015 And because a lot of the readers here hang on every word that comes out of the site, I think it would be really interesting to see what would happen if there was a better balance. How to invest in gold india But I guess if you’ve tried it, and gave it an unbiased read and still don’t like it, then that’s life. Should i buy gold or platinum No skin off my back. Best ways to invest in gold All I’m saying is that in 20 years of reading comics, Valiant is putting out the best stories right now for my dollar, and I like sharing what I like.