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If you’ve just decided to buy your first home, SA Home Loans is here to assist you through every step of this exciting venture! Purchasing a new house is one of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever make, and no doubt you’ll have many questions regarding the process.

If you’ve just decided to buy your first home, SA Home Loans is here to assist you through every step of this exciting venture! Purchasing a new house is one of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever make, and no doubt you’ll have many questions regarding the process.

We’re here to fill in the gaps by providing all the answers and valuable advice you’re looking for. How often does housing benefit get paid Read on to discover important home buying tips for first-timers, and to learn more about the first-time mortgages and new home loan solutions offered by SA Home Loans – South Africa’s first and largest specialist mortgage provider.

Before you set your sights on buying the home of your dreams, it is important to establish whether you are ready to make such a big, ongoing financial commitment – in other words, is your income stable and sufficient to support a first-time bond?

If you are secure in your job and earn a regular monthly salary, you’ll have a fairly good idea of whether or not you can afford to buy a home. Claiming housing benefit on low income However, if you are self-employed, your income may be unpredictable, making it more difficult to know for certain whether you are in a position to purchase. Housing benefit advice SA Home Loans’ experienced bond consultants will help you to verify your financial standing, and calculate how big a home loan you can afford and qualify for.

Also important to bear in mind are the costs and fees associated with purchasing your new home. What does housing benefit cover You’ll need to have money saved to place a deposit on the home, and you’ll also have to consider moving costs, home-owners’ insurance and rates on your property. Housing benefit single person To ensure that you can afford the purchase, it’s essential to calculate all your monthly expenses AND those involved in buying your first home. My housing benefit As a general rule, your bond repayments, together with taxes and property insurance, shouldn’t exceed 25% to 30% of your gross income. Savings threshold for housing benefit In fact, at SA Home Loans, as a responsible lender, we will not approve a loan that exceeds 30% of your joint gross monthly income. Housing benefit and council tax benefit claim form online It’s also a good idea to try to pay off other debt you may have (such as personal loans or credit card debt) before applying for a home buyer mortgage. Changes to housing benefit Important factors to consider when buying your home

One of the most crucial factors you’ll need to consider when buying your first home is the type of house you need. Rent with housing benefit While your first home may not be the mansion of your dreams, it is important to ensure that it meets all your current and medium-term needs. Housing benefit claim contact number For example, a seaside bachelor flat may be an idyllic pad for a newlywed couple, but will it be a practical place in which to raise a family?

When purchasing a property, it is vital to consider your individual housing needs, as well as those of your family – or future family! Is the home centrally located, or at least within manageable distance of work, grocery stores, doctors, schools and pharmacies? Most importantly, is the area relatively safe and secure? Although you may get “more home” for your money in a less desirable part of your city or town, these may not be suitable areas for children to live and play in. Documents for housing benefit The value may also not appreciate as it will in more sought-after areas.

Once you’ve decided which area you’d like to live in and have a rough idea of the type of home you want to buy, you’re ready to begin house-hunting. How to cancel housing benefit claim Although the process of finding a home is reputed to be a lengthy one, don’t be surprised if your ideal home takes only weeks to find.

Once you discover the home that’s right for you, it’s a good idea to snap it up and resist the urge to “shop around” for a bargain. Housing benefit cap When you find the property that’s priced right and perfect for you, buy it. Housing benefit number southampton Useful tips for first-time homebuyers

• Take a digital camera with you when house-hunting. Working and claiming housing benefit Having photographs in front of you will help you recall specific details of each home you see – which is particularly useful if you’re viewing up to six homes in a single day.

• Write down key points about each home you see as you’re inspecting it. How to get housing benefit In particular, record its size, special features, design and other factors which may influence your decision.

• Take note of the area and its surrounds. How to stop housing benefit Is the house close to all amenities, or is it in a remote location? Would you be happy to live in that particular neighbourhood?

• When you’ve narrowed down your options, ask to view the homes you like best a second time. Www housing benefit gov uk This will help you to narrow down your options further.

• Now that you’ve found your ideal home, all that remains is to close the deal – you’ll need a mortgage. Housing benefit application In most cases the Seller’s estate agent will urge you to let them find a mortgage provider for you. Housing benefit claim number Why – because they earn a handsome commission from the bank! But why not shop around then deal direct? Remember, this will be a long term relationship.

You can also make use of our mortgage calculators to discover how big a loan you could qualify for. Housing benefit contact Home loan solutions for new or first-time house buyers

SA Home Loans offers new and first-time property buyers a range of mortgage options tailored to their specific needs. Housing benefit helpline And we offer you the facility to change your initial option in the future. Housing benefit england Find out whether you qualify for a bond – right now!

Want to know whether you could qualify for a bond with SA Home Loans? Simply make use of our home loan calculator to find out. Housing benefit uk Once you’ve established that you could potentially be eligible for a bond, getting it approved is easy. Housing benefit number coventry Simply apply online via our website or call our Sales team on 0860 2 4 6 8 10.

Alternatively, you could contact your nearest SA Home Loans branch to begin the bond application process. How do i cancel my housing benefit claim All you’ll need is your South African Identity Document and proof of your income. How much housing benefit can a single person claim Once SA Home Loans has all the necessary documentation, we will be able to complete the approval process within 48 hours.

If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to consult one of our professional home loan consultants. Housing benefit address change You could also visit our Glossary page to gain further insight into first time home buyer bonds and new home loan products.