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Buying branded hay fever tablets is almost always more expensive than getting the generic equivalent. What currency does england use Yet if the active ingredient is the same, you’re still buying the same product. Great britain currency code When a company develops a drug, it is given unique rights to sell it for a number of years. Great britain money currency Once the term ends, any company can make it, providing it meets the regulations.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) says: “Regardless of cost, and whether they are branded or generic, all medicines are made to the same standards, so you can be reassured your medicine is safe. Currency exchange great britain Branded and generic products are the same if the dose of the drug and the formulation (eg, tablet or a liquid) are the same.”

Once you’ve got the correct active ingredient, you’re ready to sniff out a bargain. Currency gbp chf However, before taking any replacement tablets there are some important points to check…

Since 1 July last year, all online pharmacies selling medicines in the UK must by law display the European common logo on every page of their website. What currency does britain use The logo will link to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s register of authorised online pharmacies.

We also only include pharmacies registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), the independent regulator responsible for setting standards of practice. Currency in great britain It routinely inspects pharmacies and can take disciplinary action against pharmacists.

All pharmacies, including online pharmacies, must be registered with the GPhC. Great britain currency to usd It has a voluntary logo scheme to help to identify registered online pharmacies based in Britain. Currency system introduced in britain in 1971 However, because it is a voluntary scheme not all online pharmacies use the logo. Currency of great britain The GPhC website contains information on a number of further checks you can make to see whether an online pharmacy is registered.

We do as many checks as we can but we’re not medical experts. What is the currency of great britain We’ve had no serious issues as yet, but you need to make your own decision when buying pharmaceuticals online, and we can’t take responsibility for that.

As well as cutting the cost of medication, there are a number of other ways to keep your summer sneezes to a minimum. Great britain currency symbol How to reduce hay fever symptoms

Antihistamines can help reduce the symptoms of hay fever, but there are a few practical measures to try when the pollen count is high (thanks to Asthma UK for some of these).

Check the pollen forecast. What currency does uk use Be aware of when the pollen count is likely to be high. Currency of london england The Met Office has a searchable pollen forecast online map.

Bring washing in early. Currency of england in pakistan Avoid drying clothes outside if you can. What currency is used in britain Air cools and pollen descends in the evening, so bring in washing from outside before this to save it getting covered. Currency for britain Give it a good shake before bringing it in.

If you’re buying for kids, are pregnant, or simply find that antihistamine tablets don’t work well for you, here are some options. What is the currency of britain Prices can fluctuate, so always double-check: Hay fever remedies for under-12s

Kids’ versions of products can cost more than the adult versions. What currency does england use 2013 Similarly, branded syrups can share the same active ingredient, only featuring different flavourings, and generic versions can be available.

Look at the ingredients and the dosage guidelines, rather than the spiel and fancy packaging, but remember you can always ask your pharmacist if you’re unsure.

Children and pregnant women, who don’t pay for prescriptions, could also get free hay fever medicine at some pharmacies. The currency of britain See the 20+ Medicine Savings guide for more help

While antihistamines should be enough to reduce hay fever symptoms for most, they’re unlikely to totally relieve nasal congestion or streaming eyes. Great britain currency name So it may be worth investing in a separate nasal spray, and/or eye drops.

Again, there are various types to watch out for and look out for generic equivalents. Currency used in britain If you’re unsure what to try first, consult your pharmacist.

Beclometasone (Beconase). What does england use for currency This is £7.29 at Lloyds (200 sprays). Great britain currency exchange rate Alternatively, an unbranded version is £2.49 (+£1.99 delivery) at Chemist-4-U*.

Sodium Cromoglicate Eye Drops (Opticrom). Best uk currency exchange You can find an unbranded version at Chemist-4-U* for £2.99 (+£1.99 delivery) whereas the branded version is £5.49 at Boots.

For some sufferers, a couple of pieces of technology have been claimed to alleviate hay fever symptoms without using any drugs. The currency of great britain Anecdotal feedback has generally been positive, though as ever with alternative therapies, usefulness is in the eye (or nose) of the beholder.

Light therapy. Currency gbp vs euro This is based on the idea of using red light to desensitise nasal passages in a bid to defend you from allergic reactions and reduce inflammation.

There’s a range of different models available. Great britain currency to us dollar They can be pretty expensive at full price, retailing for as much as £30 or more, but it’s possible to get them for about £20 on Amazon* or during sales or offer periods.

These generally cost upwards of £30, but again, it’s sometimes possible to get them for about £15 via Amazon*. Currency rate of great britain pound For more on air purifiers, see Wikipedia’s air purifier entry.

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