Gold and silver performance in the market this year

The performances of gold and silver in the future market are largely influenced by some common factors such as international and domestic demand and their future growth. Why not to invest in gold However, due to certain events in the previous year such as demonetization, the US elections and other international matters are also expected to have major roles in the performance of these commodities in the year 2017.

The production of gold has been on the rise but consumption has been on a decline. Why invest in gold now The demand in traditional markets such as India and China has been on a downswing, and a strong dollar has proved more profitable.

How to invest in gold bees etf india Also, in a case of India, the people look at gold more as an item of jewellery rather than as an investment. How to invest in gold coins Some factors that will influence price are listed below:

· Demonetization may have reduced the gold demand in the country for a couple of quarters but experts believe that it will be back on track sooner than later. How much should i invest in gold Another major reason for the long-term strength of gold lies in its convenience. Is it good to invest in gold now No currency has the long-term stability and security as compared to this precious metal. Why you should not invest in gold It will grow regardless of the industrial and economic environment.

· The industry has seen a lot of ups and downs in the past year. How to invest in gold jewelry The 41-day jewellers’ strike over excise duty resulted in huge loss of demand and revenue. Reasons to invest in gold Further, restrictions such as PAN card requirements for purchases of more than Rs. Invest in gold pakistan 2 lakhs had their repercussions as well.

· Experts believe that with the stock market likely to move up in 2017, gold can lose its short-term appeal. How to buy gold in india online They opine that the market was driven by fear in 2016 that caused gold prices to rally rapidly but the situation has changed over the past few months and gold is likely to find lesser takers this year.

· Some global cues that may affect gold prices and see them perform better than expected in 2017 are the diverging interest rates among developed markets. Invest in gold uae The Case for Silver:

Experts believe that silver is going to be the new gold in 2017. Invest in gold coast gta 5 This is because of certain positive economic and industrial aspects that will push demand and prices upwards. Is it a good idea to invest in gold Some of these factors are listed below.

· The demand for silver is going to rise because of the emerging solar panels and electronics sectors. Invest in gold uk Also, as the material is used in more industries than gold, experts believe a resurgence in industrial growth will increase silver demand and prices will move northwards.

· Experts say that investors should look at a medium to long-term investment horizon when they opt for silver. Why do people invest in gold The demand for silver is supposed to continue rising in 2017. Invest in gold 401k Since it has already outperformed gold in 2016, this growth streak means that investors can take advantage of it to get better returns.

· One of the reasons for the expected upswing in the performance of silver is the fact that both gold and silver prices move in cycles. Gta 5 invest in gold As silver has been moving in a lower price range since its highs in 2011, there are high chances that the commodity will perform much better in 2017.

· Silver registered a growth of 16% in the domestic market last year. Invest in gold through sip MCX silver futures moved from Rs. Can i invest in gold through my 401k 33,335/kg at the beginning of the year to Rs. Is it good idea to invest in gold right now 38,949/kg after touching a high of Rs. Can i buy gold for wow 48,611/kg. Why should we invest in gold It is expected to move up strongly in the coming months.

No one can predict the international and domestic financial markets but experts believe that investors looking at a 3-year time frame should certainly invest in silver whereas individuals with a longer window should choose gold. Should i buy xbox live gold Comments