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I have jumped in a little too quickly but I am comfortable in my decision. Guide to invest in gold and silver pdf My leaning towards precious metal stocks and ETF’s has been punished in the last week. How to buy etf gold in india I cannot help but feel that this has presented a good buying opportunity.

Why invest in gold 2013 Mr Trump’s election victory seems to be worrying the EU. How to invest in gold etf sbi The EU has plenty to worry about imo. How to invest in gold and silver coins Italy has a referendum in December over changes to their Parliament .If the government loses, Mr Renzi will resign (he says) and that will leave the way open to populists that want Italy to ditch the Euro. Should i invest in gold or silver If that happens or the Italian banks default, Brexit will be a sideshow.

I am expecting inflation to rise in the UK due to the fall in the gbp and if Mr Trump turns to fiscal policy and invests heavily in new infrastructure as promised, look out for inflation in the US too. Should i buy gold plated jewelry The bond market looks at serious risk next year. Invest in gold monthly This will no doubt knock on to equities so every chance precious metals will surge.

I am not a fan of shorting stocks but sometimes I become aware of individual stocks or indices becoming expensive. Why invest in gold coins After the initial shock of Brexit, the FTSE has recovered and now reached over 6700. How to invest in gold etf in india This looks too hot to me. How to invest in gold in india sbi Previously, I have ignored this, taken the hit and carried on as that is what you do when investing long.

I have been aware for the best part of 12 months about an instrument operated by Society General, ticker code MF04. When to invest in gold coast Effectively it shorts the FTSE100 and it is a high leverage instrument. Should i invest my money in gold I have had it on a watch list for months and have witnessed how it performs. How to invest in gold with little money I was too nervous about trying this option as I have had a poor experience with CFD’s.

My curiousity was aroused again when the FTSE reached 6700 recently almost without any significant fall and found that MF04 was priced at its lowest level ever. Invest in gold hdfc It has only been around for two years. When to invest in gold I have bought in with an average of 23 and found that it provides a very effective insurance against sudden falls in the FTSE. Should i buy gold or silver Day traders should love it but I don’t think most pi’s are aware of it.

The danger is, of course, if the FTSE drives up to 7000 or more but, as you know, that would be breaking many records. Is it good to invest in gold in 2015 I know the climate is bullish due to QE, unlimited credit and loose money but the underlying financial climate is full of over priced stocks, bonds, falling profitabllity and slowing economies. Should you invest in gold now Having said that, I don’t mind if the FTSE does reach 7000 as my “normal” investments will rise. Can i buy gold in my ira I will, however, load up MF04 with more funds, expecting a correction.

Yes, sasa, many pension funds have huge debts, particularly the final salary ones. Why to invest in gold I had a conversation with my financial adviser over two years ago about the test they use when assessing the risk appetite for new clients. How to purchase paper gold in india The model will be widely used I imagine. Is it good to invest in gold etf now If the answers result in the client being only suitable for low to medium risk, a significant proportion of the investment will be put into bonds. How to invest in gold mines I pointed out that I thought bonds were much higher risk than the model was allowing for and that was at least two years ago. Why not to invest in gold I suspect they haven’t altered anything.

One or two opportunities have been thrown up by Brexit. Why invest in gold now There didn’t seem much reason for house builders to lose value like they have. How to invest in gold bees etf india I guess the reasoning was that the gbp dipped lower which makes imports more expensive which in turn could make inflation spike up. How to invest in gold coins The B of E would have to increase interest rates substantially, making mortgages and debt unaffordable. How much should i invest in gold It seems that the reasoning was making too many assumptions. Is it good to invest in gold now The gbp has fallen but that makes property, particularly in London, more attractive to foreign buyers. Why you should not invest in gold It also seems that the B of E was more likely to reduce interest rates and introduce some more QE. How to invest in gold jewelry So more easy credit rather than less.

I picked up some Barratts and Telford which are recovering strongly. Reasons to invest in gold I have been avoiding banks but the fall in LLOY was overdone I think. Invest in gold pakistan I have bought in a few and they have also recovered. How to buy gold in india online The future for house builders also looks solid. Invest in gold uae The politicians are responding to calls for more houses to be built and there may be a case for it in London and the South East. Invest in gold coast gta 5 The high prices for housing is not being caused by excessive demand though. Is it a good idea to invest in gold That is borne out by the fact that rents have not significantly increased for years. Invest in gold uk The cause for high house prices is unlimited credit and the Help to Buy scheme just adds to the bubble. Why do people invest in gold At least the buy to let demand has been severly hit by changes in taxation, making it less attractive financially.

We seem to be seeing the outlook for the world economy / the mkts in general in much the same light; the Brexit vote has widened the gap betwixt the overseas earners of the FT100 and the 250 / 350 constituents quite a bit but if the latter secs are well managed / decent stocks in their own right, they’ll return to favour before too long, I’m sure.

For me, the biggest dilemma is for the pension funds whose liabilities increase as gilt / bond yields fall and if capital values decline sharply on any sell off gathering pace, where do they go for income to be running on with, never mind the inadequate cover of liabilities engendered by it?

Gotta be good for gold that scenario and for a few choice miners like FRES, I’d have thought, where some income should help them, too – it was only a few years ago that the regulators insisted that pension fund managers should dump most of their equities in favour of ‘more predictable’ bonds. Invest in gold 401k Well, they’ve had their run so far but for how much longer and where to thereafter?

It’s truly a weird world we’re into these days and I’m relieved that I no longer have such responsibilities to contend with, having given up running money when I retired some fifteen years ago now…..sasa.

Never wrong to take a profit or part thereof, Rhigos / Velocipede, as we all know – thought about doing the same last week but with the next IMS due Wednesday week, decided to hold on until then.

I’ve been trying to work out the AISC’s of their four operating mines as they never publish them apart from stating that they’re ‘in the lower quartile of the industry’.

From earlier guesstimates I’ve seen, the overall for AG is around $10 per oz and for AU the estimate is some $800 per oz, so if these are reasonably accurate, the next figs should show a hefty improvement on last time with a likely decent uplift in the divd – at todays sp level, they need to be! We’ll soon have a decent indication…

Looking beyond the short term, I wonder where all the bond money will go when this mkt, which dwarfs that of equities, seeks a safer haven when it finally falls over? Little or no rates on cash / negative bond redemption yields today suggest that gold could be a major beneficiary with no yield loss applicable in these conditions.

Although ETFs would also be sought after, many of these today are synthetic vehicles, so you need to be careful here which leads us back to the likes of FRES where joint exposure to AU and AG is afforded with some yield advantage, too.

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