Feasibility study for agricultural finance for finca malawi and zambia _ microfinance gateway – cgap

FINCA is a leading microfinance network with a mission to alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living. Agribusiness rural bank Operating in 22 countries, FINCA currently reaches over 1.8 million clients with a loan portfolio exceeding USD 888 million and voluntary savings deposits of approximately USD 150 million. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 16 Established in 1985, FINCA pioneered Village Banking, a methodology which brings together groups of people in a community, mostly women, who mutually guarantee small loans for one another. Regional rural bank syllabus This approach provides economic opportunities for clients to grow small businesses, empowering them through increased earnings and improved livelihoods, all with high repayment rates on loans. Nagaland rural bank Today, FINCA’s financial service offerings go beyond credit to include a suite of products and services designed to meet the needs of small-scale entrepreneurs and rural, unbanked populations in developing countries, including savings deposits, micro-insurance, and remittances.

In Africa, FINCA operates in six countries [Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, DRC, Nigeria and Uganda]. Rural bank definition This market assessment will focus on Malawi and Zambia. Regional rural bank meaning F/Zambia is regulated by Bank of Zambia and currently has 14 branches spread across the country serving over 85,000 clients.

Regional rural bank definition The subsidiary launched a proprietary agency network in 2015 and currently has over 60 agents processing 67.5% of total transactions and growing. Regional rural bank official website F/Malawi received its deposit taking authorization late last year and has 24 branches across the country with 7 of them approved to collect deposits by the Reserve Bank of Malawi. Rural bank foreclosed properties The subsidiary is also pilot testing its agency banking channel. Rural bank internet Both Zambia and Malawi would like to explore the opportunities and expand their operations into the Agricultural sector.

• Regions, districts with the highest potential for commercial agriculture across the country with supporting statistics demonstrating the market potential;

• A competition analysis highlighting other FSPs that are supplying financing to the Agricultural sector, their approach, strategy, pricing and targeted clientele;

• A team leader with an advanced degree in either Agriculture, Rural Finance, Economics or Business with more than 10 years of experience in developing Agricultural financing operations that target small-holder farmers in Africa. Rural bank australia Project management and working experience in Southern Africa preferred;

• An Agricultural value chain specialist with an advanced degree in Agriculture, Rural Finance, Economics or Business with seven+ years of experience in analyzing Agricultural value chains, designing products and developing strategic partnerships that support MFIs/Banks to expand into the Agricultural sector;

• A Digital financial services specialist with an advanced degree in Agriculture, Economics, Microfinance or Business with over five years of experience in digital channels especially mobile and agency banking and designing products that target smallholder farmers and delivered through digital platforms.

• Experience under-taking detailed market assessment in Sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on Southern and/or Eastern Africa region with MFIs and/or Banks;

• Knowledge of the current approaches in Agricultural finance such digital finance, insurance, credit scoring, process automation etc. Sugbuanon rural bank and how these can be leveraged to increase scale and reduce risk;