Faq – túath housing

We at Túath Housing do not maintain a housing/waiting list and seek 100% nominations from County Council and all nominees. Is housing benefit paid weekly Should your name be nominated we will contact you for an interview.

Your rent is determined according to household income. How much can i earn to get housing benefit Rent is assessed on the principal earners income and an additional amount is levied for other earners within the household.

Housing benefit calculator glasgow A principal earner is the tenant who has signed the Tenancy Agreement. Housing benefit and working If two persons are joint tenants, both incomes will be treated as principal income.

Income is assessed based on net income (after tax and PRSI deductions). Directgov housing benefit Deductions are made for each dependent child and up to the age of 22 if a full time student with no income. Online housing benefit application form A confidential Income Statement form with accompanying proof of income, eg P60 must be completed and submitted prior to commencement of a new tenancy and thereafter on an annual basis and/or on demand.

If you are entitled to social welfare and/or any financial benefit and you choose not to claim such, the association will assume that your income is based on your social welfare and/or other state income entitlements for the purposes of calculating your weekly rent.

Failure to return a completed Confidential Income Statement(CIS) form with acceptable proof of income when requested will result in an automatic €25 per week increase on your rent until the CIS is submitted with proof of income.

Income from subsidiary earners will form part of the differential rent calculation. Apply for housing benefit form A subsidiary earner is anyone other than the principal earner(s) who has an income. Housing benefit flats to rent It is at the discretion of the association to periodically review and change if desired the minimum and maximum levels of rent and the way in which the differential rent is calculated including the treatment of subsidiary earners.

If your income increases or decreases you should immediately notify your Housing Services Co-ordinator. Housing benefit claim status This will likely lead to the weekly rent being re-assessed. How to claim housing benefit online If you fail to notify the association promptly about a rise in income this may lead to the weekly rent increase being back-dated. Housing benefit rules If you fail to notify the Association promptly about a decrease in income, the Association is under no obligation to back-date your rent from the effective period. How much housing benefit for single parent The maximum period the Association will consider back-dating rent will be 3 months.

Rent must be paid weekly in advance. How to calculate housing benefit entitlement Rent is charged on a weekly basis every Monday. Housing benefit low income threshold However, depending on your personal circumstances and by arrangement with your Housing Services Co-ordinator, it may be possible to vary this. Housing benefit northern ireland All payments must be made in advance. Housing benefit email We will give you 4 weeks notice of any rent increase.

• By standing order from your bank or building society – your Housing Services Co-ordinator can give you a form to complete. What is low income for housing benefit There are advantages to paying by standing order. How much housing benefit calculator Túath can automatically collect the rent due and it requires no action by you when the rent changes. In work housing benefit If for any reason you wish to cancel your standing order please contact your Housing Services Co-ordinator.

• By post – but please do not send cash via the post. Housing benefit number oldham Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to Túath Housing. How do i cancel housing benefit Please write your name, address and rent account number on the back of any cheques and postal orders sent.

The association will send you a rent statement that will detail charges made and any payments received. Who gets housing benefit You can also contact the office and request a statement at any time. Savings limit for housing benefit Rent statements are normally issued every three months.

You should check this statement to ensure that the amounts correspond to the payments made. How to get dss housing benefit This is why it is important for you to keep any receipts received for payments made.

You should be aware that payments made around the time the statement is produced may not appear until the next statement. Dwp housing benefit If you discover any discrepancy in the rent statement you should contact your Housing Services Co-ordinator as soon as possible so that this can be checked.

If you have any difficulties paying your rent it is vital that you contact your Housing Services Co-ordinator as soon as possible. Housing benefit calculator n i Confidential help and advice is available and staff will do all they can to assist you and prevent you getting into further debt.

• In the event of exceptional, unforeseen and genuine financial hardship you may apply to the association for a discretionary reduction in rent for a limited period

In some buildings, Communal Services may be wholly or partly provided by an outside Management Agent and their fees will also be charged. Housing benefit online application form The Service Charge is calculated by dividing the total costs to the Association by the number of units in the scheme.

Any change to the weekly Service Charge will be notified to you(normally on an annual basis) in writing giving at least 4 week’s notice. How to make a claim for housing benefit Túath Housing endeavour to discount service charges levied on tenants as much as possible and guarantee a discount on open market service charges in all instances.

Túath is not responsible for any repairs where a fault or damage has occurred due to the inappropriate use or excessive wear and tear or other avoidable damage to a fixture, fitting or interior or exterior surface(eg a blocked drain by food waste or a nappy, broken kitchen units or sanitary ware). Private housing benefit Accidental damage, such as broken windows and other things are not the responsibility of the association either.

Condensation occurs when moist air reaches a cold surface. How much housing benefit do i get This moisture is usually caused by steam from cooking, washing, bathing, drying clothes etc.

• Make sure kitchens and bathrooms are properly ventilated after cooking, washing, bathing etc. Single parent housing benefit by opening a window or using an extractor fan(if you have one)

• Use the central heating system in your home to maintain a constant temperature. Housing benefit eligibility This will reduce cold areas where steam can accumulate to cause condensation

• You should speak to a member of staff who you normally deal with. Housing benefit forms For example the Resident Supervisor or Housing Services Co-ordinator. How much housing benefit can i claim If you decide to write about the matter, we will respond within 10 working days.

• If you are unhappy about the response you can write to the member of staff’s manager and/or the Divisional Director. Housing benefit eligibility calculator A reply will be sent to you within 10 working days.

• Make sure that all of the deceased tenant’s belongings and furniture are removed from the property. Will i be entitled to housing benefit If you cannot clear everything out of the property, you must inform us in writing that any items left can be removed by the association.

If you have been living with the tenant for some time you may have a right to take over the tenancy if you were the husband or wife of the tenant, or a close relative of the tenant. Gov housing benefit Contact the association for further advice.