Dea investigating tape implicating keiko fujimori in alleged money laundering scheme – univision

The U.S. How to identify money laundering Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), confirmed it is conducting an investigation into a covert recording in which a senior manager in the presidential campaign of Keiko Fujimori allegedly brags of laundering $15 million for her campaign, barely three weeks before a close run-off election on June 5.

The DEA commented on the case after reporters from Univision Investiga and Cuarto Poder (Fourth Estate) of America TV Peru, asked officials to respond to allegations by a Peruvian commercial pilot who claims to have worked for the federal counter-drug agency.

The pilot Jesús F. Anti money laundering and counter terrorism Vásquez told reporters that he surreptitiously recorded remarks by Peruvian congressman Joaquín Ramírez Gamarra in 2013, as part of an undercover operation in Miami.

“Suddenly we are talking and [Ramírez] says: ‘You know that Chinese woman [Fujimori] gave me $15 million in the last campaign to launder, for the 2011 election campaign, and I laundered it through a chain of … What is money laundering uk gas stations?'” Vásquez recalled.

Ramírez is currently the Secretary General of Popular Force, the movement led by Fujimori and is being investigated by Peruvian authorities for money laundering.

Tax evasion money laundering The laundering investigation against Ramírez in Peru includes several gas stations listed in his name.

El periodista Gerardo Reyes conversa con Adolphus Wright, jefe de la DEA en Miami, y Anne Judith Lambert, portavoz de la agencia. Define laundering money Univision Investiga

Standing next to her was the head of the DEA’s Miami Field Division, Adolphus Wright, who unexpectedly showed up outside the agency’s offices in Weston, Florida, when a team from Univision and Amercia TV Peru was filming Vásquez as he tried to deliver a letter in which he requested information about the results of the investigation.

The DEA later issued a statement clarifying that “Keiko Fujimori is not currently, nor has been previously, under investigation by DEA.” The agency did not deny that the tape of Ramírez was being investigated.

In the letter Vásquez detailed cited the alleged $15 million laundering operation, saying “I need your support to dismantle this gang that is about to take over my country, already the number one producer of coca in the world.”

Vásquez alerted the DEA that Ramírez was planning a Miami trip and agreed to record all their conversations using a mini-recorder in his pocket.

At the end of each day a DEA agent would download the content of the recorder onto a laptop. Fighting money laundering Their conversations lasted two weeks. Money laundering vancouver Vasquez also suspects that agents installed a microphone in his car.

On one occasion the pilot said Ramírez invited him to a luxurious apartment in the central tower of the hotel and residential complex St. Types of money laundering Regis Bal Harbour Resort, just north of Miami Beach, where the congressman was staying.

Miami Dade County Property records show that Ramírez is a director in a company, Harbour Holdings SR 702 C, that owns an apartment in the building.

While the mini-recorder was working, Ramírez made purchases of $10,000 in Louis Vuitton stores and Porsche Design at the Aventura Mall in north Miami, and visited the hangars of an aeronautical company in Pompano Beach where she posed or photos with Vásquez and he took a picture of himself in the cockpit of an executive jet.