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2016: A rough plan. Regional rural bank meaning What cartoonist David Pope said: “It’s always good to start the new year with a plan. Regional rural bank definition You can then go back to it at the end of the year and see how you fared.

Regional rural bank official website I can’t help feeling we probably ended up shoving more back under there than we managed to rake out.”

Pope: “Politicians spend a lot of time managing their image to appear in control of things, so I draw a lot of things that portray the contingency and chaos of politics. Rural bank foreclosed properties ‘Methodical plans’ announced to dress up policies and compromises cooked up on the fly.”

Pope: “Cartoons about the abuse of power always run the risk of inadvertently reinforcing the powerlessness of victims and the power of the abuser. Rural bank internet So it was good to draw these irrepressible survivors of institutional sexual abuse, as they picked each other up on the road from Ballarat to Rome, to bear witness to testimony from Australian cardinal George Pell, and to seek justice.”

Pope: “The Prime Minister’s relationship with the conservative right wing of his party is complicated. Rural bank australia Pressure from peers can mean burying your true feelings and hiding who you really are. Sugbuanon rural bank So it’s good to provide a safe space in a cartoon where a Prime Minister can talk honestly about how bullying works.”

The long march. Sekyere rural bank Pope: “Another in the series of Tony Abbott as the permanent opposition leader, issuing perspectives on the regime from his guerilla base somewhere in the hills around Canberra. Rural bank interest rates He’ll still be holding out in those hills, years after the war is over.”

“Accepting what the science is consistently telling us about our planet’s climate and humanity’s impact is very difficult. Regional rural bank headquarters There will be a lot of crying and tantrums on the way to taking prudent action to mitigate that impact, as visiting professor of physics Brian Cox discovered when he met One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts.”

Pope: “This song was my favourite [by David Bowie]. Akuapem rural bank Played now at the end of the year, perhaps the melancholy which accompanied it at the start of they year will give way to more of its tragic defiant optimism.”

Malcolm Turnbull’s unconvincing 2016 election win provided plenty of opportunities for satire. Adansi rural bank And who’s that rushing towards the flaming wreckage with some fuel? Could that be Senator Cory Bernardi?

In March 2016, with a defiant Cardinal George Pell in the news and Pope Francis taking aim at so-called Christians seeking to build walls instead of bridges, this cartoon brought together two “Men of destiny”.

This cartoon published on the front page of Turkey’s oldest daily paper comments on the Turkish regime’s efforts to censor critical media coverage.

David Pope and the cartoons that defined 2016 From the death of David Bowie to the rise of Donald Trump to whatever you call what Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull spent the year doing, here’s how Fairfax Media cartoonist David Pope captured some of the key events and issues of 2016.

In 2016 he depicted Donald Trump as a raging dumpster fire and a Molotov cocktail hurled at the White House, Pauline Hanson as a flaming Redhead match and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as a sensitive schoolboy bullied by the conservatives in his own party.

So, cartoonist David Pope appreciates more than most Australians just how precious are the democratic freedoms that allow cartoonists and independent media outlets to question, criticise and satirise those in positions of power.

Pope’s cartoon was published on the front page of Turkey’s oldest daily newspaper, in the spot where its resident cartoonist Musa Kart’s work usually appears.

This cartoon by David Pope published on the front page of the Turkish national daily paper Cumhuriyet comments on the Turkish regime’s efforts to censor and punish media coverage critical of the government.

Arrested on November 5 and jailed pending trial for “committing crimes on behalf of the Fethullahist Terror Organisation and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party”, Musa is reportedly still behind bars in Istanbul’s Silivri prison.

“On what basis can the drawing of satirical cartoons be considered a crime, much less an act of terrorism?,” the executive director of Cartoonists Rights Network International, Dr Robert Russell, said.

“On this occasion a punitive fine or jail sentence is not the worst possible outcome, as objectionable as it would be. Rural bank internet banking If granted his stated ambition Erdoğan will reintroduce the death penalty specifically for those said to be involved in organising the coup. Rural bank functions Clearly there is a real threat to Musa’s life should his trial proceed and he is found guilty of the charges given.”

The aftermath of the failed coup in Turkey was just one of the international events and issues the Canberra-based Pope explored in his daily editorial cartoons in 2016.