Daily binary options analysis for december 27, 2016 – binary uno

The EUR/USD binary option price is still located in the range we have been discussing in the yesterday’s trading session. Bitcoin home The price action has recently broken its bullish trend line, which is marked with yellow on the chart below. The price of bitcoin Since then, the price action has been demonstrating a sideways movement.

This is the H1 chart of the EUR/USD binary option. Bitcoin sign Yesterday we were talking that the price has been decreasing toward the lower level of the range. Bitcoin value real time Today we see the black arrows on the chart, where the last two show that the price has already interacted with this level. One bitcoin value We saw couple increase after the price interacted with the lower level of the range. Bitcoin price euro This is how the orange bearish line was formed on the chart.

The price action is now interacting with the orange bearish line again. Bitcoin value chart If we see a bearish bounce from this line, we are likely to witness a bigger bearish pressure on the lower level of the range. Cryptocurrency bitcoin On the other hand, if the orange bearish line breaks upward, then the price will be likely to reach the upper level of the range.

Yesterday we discussed the triangle, which was formed after the Gold binary option reached the lower level of the green bearish channel. Bitcoin rate usd The price reached the upper level of the green channel and even expanded above it. Bitcoin value history However, a resistance pressure appeared on the chart and the price action got squeezed downwards.

The black arrow on the H4 chart of the Gold shows the price interaction with the upper level of the channel. Bitcoin stock price chart If we see a breakout through this level, we might want to start approaching bullish opportunities on the chart. Definition of bitcoin On the other hand, if a new bearish bounce from the upper level of the channel occurs, then we will have a strong reason to seek a new interaction with the lower level of the channel. A bitcoin This will lead to a new low on the chart.

The Bitcoin consolidation continues during the today’s trading session. Bitcoin chart 5 years However, this time we have a better picture about the scope of the consolidation and the reason for this is the triangular chart pattern you see marked with the green lines on the chart below.

This is the H1 graph of the Bitcoin binary option. Bitcoin official currency See that the cryptocurrency crawls in the area of the $880.00 resistance. Bitcoin historical exchange rate However, a certain breakout through this level is still not available on the chart.

The thing is that the triangle is currently near its end. Exchange usd to bitcoin As you see, the price action is located in the rightmost corner of the pattern. Is bitcoin money This means that we will see a breakout today.

If the breakout is bullish, then the Bitcoin is likely to resume the bullish run, reaching a new 3-year high. Bitcoin exchange reddit But if the breakout goes through the lower level of the pattern, then the price will probably decrease at least to the pink 100-period SMA, where we can even see a bearish breakout.

Nvidia Corporation had one of the most active securities during the last trading session at Dec 23, 2016. Bitcoin price history csv The NVDA binary option was a gainer, which increased in price with $4.89 per share. Bitcoin stock chart This increase boosted the value of the stock by 2.35%.

The H4 chart of the Nvidia binary option shows us a green arrow on the top. Bitcoin price 2014 This arrow points out to the recent high of the security, which is actually an all-time high. 1 bitcoin price This happens at the psychological $110.00 resistance.

See that most of the important levels on the way up are located at prices, which end up with 005.00 ($65.00, $75.00, $85.00, $95.00, and $105.00). What is bitcoin difficulty In this relation, we assume that the price increase is likely to continue to the next 005.00 level at $115.00 per share).