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It has become clear from the article below, that the FBI isn’t satisfied with just getting Hillary, they want to put Bill behind bars as well.

A former U.S. Report money laundering attorney said the FBI’s reported investigation of “public corruption” at the Clinton Foundation has actually been going on for months, although it made headlines for the first time Monday.

Joseph DiGenova, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, said the FBI’s foundation probe “has reached such a proportion of inquiry that it’s starting to sneak out,” but that it was sparked months ago by information pulled from Hillary Clinton’s private server and from the tax filings of corporations that have donated to the charity.

“There are now, I am told, 150 agents working on this case,” DiGenova told the Washington Examiner Monday, noting that was “a very unusually high number” of investigators to be working on one case.

Talk of Clinton’s legal woes returned in full force Monday with reports that the FBI has expanded its investigation to include the alleged exchange of favors between Clinton Foundation insiders and State Department leadership under Clinton.

The reports came just days after the State Department released a controversial email that suggested Clinton had asked an aide to remove the classification markings from a document and “send it nonsecure.”

But DiGenova said the FBI “is making very substantial progress” in its investigation of the “public corruption” allegations against the Clinton Foundation. Examples of money laundering activities He said the bureau is presently preparing subpoenas for the foundation’s financial records, among other pieces of evidence.

“This was inevitable given the discussions that have appeared over the past few months concerning contributions which were done in tandem with requests for officials acts,” DiGenova said.

“This makes the Bob McDonnell case look like a nothing burger,” he added. Stages in money laundering DiGenova was referring to former Republican Gov. Anti money laundering training material Robert McDonnell of Virginia, who was sentenced in Jan. Money laundering fees 2015 to two years in prison for public corruption.

Andrew Herman, a government ethics attorney at Miller & Chevalier, also likened the public corruption allegations against Clinton and her family’s foundation to the McDonnell case.

“This is like many previous cases if there’s something there,” he said. Money laundering companies “If there was use of the position for private gain for the foundation, then you’re looking at a Menendez-type case, or [a case like that of] Bob McDonnell.”

Herman was referring to the April 2015 indictment of Sen. Money laundering reporting Robert Menendez, D-N.J., on corruption charges stemming from allegations that he helped a friend in exchange for kickbacks.

He said agents would need to uncover evidence that Clinton herself helped donors to the charity in order for the Justice Department to bring public corruption charges against her.

“They’d have to demonstrate that there was a direct tie between some kind of official act that Secretary Clinton engaged in and contributions to the foundation, or some other way that she gained,” Herman said.

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Hillary Clinton has received more money from arms and military service companies than any other candidate during the 2016 presidential campaign, data from Open Secrets shows.

All but one of the world’s 10 biggest arms producers have contributed to Clinton’s previous campaigns, giving her — along with the top Republican receiver Ted Cruz — a significant margin over the other candidates.

The numbers, collected by the Federal Election Commission and compiled by Open Secrets, also reveal that Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders make the list of top 20 senators and top six presidential candidates to receive money from arms and defense companies.

Most of the funding is channeled through Political Action Committees, which have no limits to how much they donate. Examples of money laundering About 18 percent comes from individual contributions, totaling almost US$10 million between all of the companies.

The biggest donors — Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Boeing — devote about a third of their funds to Democrat candidates. Money laundering hsbc In the last presidential elections, Barack Obama won more funding than his contender John McCain, though McCain is the top-earning senator this year.

A report released Sunday by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute showed that while U.S. Money laundering fatf arms sales have slowed, U.S.-based Lockheed Martin’s profits soared in 2014. About money laundering Overall sales rose steadily until the financial crisis of 2008, when they mostly stabilized.

Sunday’s report also indicates that the U.S. Money laundering investigation accounts for a staggering 54 percent market share of the global arms market. Risk of money laundering The United Kingdom has the second largest market share, with 10.4 percent. Anti money laundering india Russia has a market share of 10.2 percent, while France has a market share of 5.6 percent.

The world’s top 10 arms companies are based in the U.S. Money laundering effects and Western Europe, according to the report. What does laundering money mean Among these are Lockheed Martin, Boeing and BAE Systems, who make up the top three companies in terms of global market share.

Everything from Eric Holder’s Operation “Fast and Furious,” to failing to carefully the fraud known as Clinton Foundation and their bogus money laundering scheme.

The death threats just keep on coming. Purpose of money laundering And this vicious and brutal ideology is sanctioned by the Obama administration, academia, media and cultural elites.

The website Public Intelligence reported that “an intelligence bulletin issued by the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division in late May warns that so-called ‘militia extremists’ are likely to begin targeting Muslim institutions, including mosques and other religious facilities.”

A Pennsylvania state senator wants Lincoln University to discipline a tenured English professor who defended killing those who blaspheme the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

The professor, Kaukab Siddique, also made numerous statements in an online newsletter and on Facebook rationalizing the actions of the Islamic State, Hamas and al-Qaida.

Sen. Is money laundering illegal Anthony Williams wrote a letter Aug. Money laundering in the uk 17 to Lincoln University’s president after seeing comments by Siddique in the Aug. Miami money laundering 10 Philadelphia Inquirer and in other national publications.

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