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Housing is the providing of houses and a house is a building for human habitation (Collins, 2004) [1]. How much housing benefit According to Encyclopaedia Britannica (2005) [2], the development of council houses or what is sometimes referred to as public housing estates, slowly proliferated during the mid 20 th century. Gov uk housing benefit The encyclopaedia further states that when public housing peaked in 1970, local governments owned 30% of all housing in the country. Housing benefit form birmingham Further facts provided by Britannica (2005) indicate that the Homeless Persons Act (1977) ensures that local governments must find housing for homeless families in certain circumstances. Child housing benefit This is why local governments keep an ample stock of ‘housing for rent, to maintain waiting lists, and allocate housing according to need.’ After the introduction of the “right to buy” legislation of 1980, there were many tenants who became owner-occupiers; which explains why present day statistics reflect the progress made with local governments now owning approximately 50 percent fewer homes than its 1970 peak figure. Housing benefit for students Recently the ECHG (English Churches Housing Group) which is a RSL (Registered Social Landlord) was nominated for an award for excellence in tackling homelessness – therefore this report will focus mainly on how housing policy is decided upon and implemented in the organisation. How long does it take to get housing benefit Therefore the aims of this assignment are to:

• Identify other organisations and agencies with which the ECHG works with in providing homes and; (b) The advantages and difficulties of such interagency and partnership work

• Identify and discuss two current policy issues facing tenants and the organisation; (b) Identify the key organisations involved in shaping the policies you have chosen; (c) Describe some of the ways in which these policies have been implemented in your organization.

The ECHG was founded in 1924 when its founder accessed a loan of £500 to build homes in north London “for families unable to afford to pay market rents” [3]. Where to send housing benefit form This small act of kindness led to many more and the ECHG organisation was formed and has continued to grow. Housing benefit calculator 2016 Today it is one of the largest housing associations in Britain, and it provides affordable homes for over 18,000 people through a range of schemes such as its; general needs, older persons and supported housing services.

The primary aim of this organisation is to provide affordable accommodation. Housing benefit online account Currently the ECHG manages over 11,000 homes and operates in 168 local authorities; with over 2000 staff employees. Are we entitled to housing benefit The organisation also has high regards for its services which as the organisation puts it, “are delivered within a rigorous performance culture” as it embraces the Best value and Supporting People regimes. Housing benefit calculator birmingham The organisation provides a myriad of services from ‘registered care homes to dispersed or floating support’, and has schemes ranging from large direct access projects to smaller dispersed housing units providing foyer accommodation, support and training for youths. Contact housing benefit [4]

Currently the organisation works closely the local authorities and the Selcare Trust (it merged with the latter in 1998); therefore its range of services has increased. Housing benefit overpayment Schemes now, cater for a range of specialist needs such as; young people, women, asylum seekers, ex-offenders, those with mental health, drug and alcohol dependency issues and prison visitors. Housing benefit calculator manchester ECHG’s commitment to the Government’s target for reducing rough sleeping means that the organisation must provide a continuum of services to support people moving off the streets and into more permanent accommodation with a mix of outreach, floating support and resettlement teams. Housing benefit number wirral [5]

The advantages and difficulties of such interagency and partnership work can in part be explained by Conway (1999, p. Housing benefit home visit 117). Track housing benefit claim [6] A major benefit highlighted with in Conway’s text was the benefit to the local authorities or councils of a smaller burden since previously these organisations were largely responsible for assessing local housing needs, responding to homelessness and providing housing advice services. How do you apply for housing benefit Another advantage is the provision and speed at which affordable and quality homes are provided and a third advantage is increased employment. Housing benefit jobs Unsurprisingly, there would be difficulties for instance with regards the new role which the local authorities such as the NHF (National Housing Federation) are assuming as enablers and regulators more than the financiers which they should be and thereby local authority – RSL partnerships face inevitable conflicts. Apply for housing benefit online [7] For example Harrison and Davis (2001, p.101) [8] mention the issue of funding housing for the disabled; in the opinion of local authorities, this is no longer one of its responsibilities but generally RSLs tend to differ in opinion due to the enormous expenses involved in the construction of housing for the disabled. Housing benefit check A point which can be explained further by Wikipedia [9] which puts it plainly that: pressure on housing associations to perform commercially has meant that many are moving away from their original purpose of providing social housing to becoming fully fledged commercial developers in their own right with the advantage that they enjoy special privileges arising from their status as “social landlords”; and as such Wikipedia explains that this combined with the lack of any effective accountability has given rise to conflicts over the ways that RSLs have managed their portfolios of public assets with evidence that there has been an overemphasis towards profitable redevelopment rather than to the detriment of social housing provision.

A few crucial areas of policy making for the ECHG include: rent, arrears, complaints, culture & diversity, health & safety and nuisance. Housing benefit payment dates Deciding upon and implementation of policies are heavily guided by government policy and regulation. Housing benefit number For instance, the ECHG now calculate rent based on the property valuation, average earnings in the area and a weighting based on the number bedrooms; the result is called the target rent. How to work out housing benefit entitlement [10] This change in policy came about in 2002 [11] as a result of the Government’s commitment to affordable housing and gives the ECHG until 2012 for its actual rent charge to be within + or – 5% of the calculated ‘target rent’.

At the ECHG policies regards new rent increases can only be implemented after 365 days (52 weeks). Housing benefit payment dates over christmas The organization follows a protocol that a letter must be written to tenants to give them at least one month’s notice of any increase. Apply for housing benefit glasgow Annual rent increases occur in August each year and; tenants with secure tenancies are charged Fair Rents which are reviewed every two years and must be approved by an independent Rent Officer. Check housing benefit online [12]

Two current policy issues facing tenants and the organisation are: affordable housing & arrears, and health & safety. What housing benefit can i get Key organisations involved in shaping these policies are the legal and regulatory bodies which pass critical legislation concerning these issues. How do i claim housing benefit and council tax Policies concerning these issues have been implemented in the organization via its own arrears procedure – court proceedings and eviction are used in extreme cases; and policies concerning health and safety have been implemented by the organisation’s own Health, safety & environment group (HS&EG) which implements the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Housing Act 2004. Housing benefit payments over christmas Effective inter-agency working can be achieved by clear communications and more precise stipulations. Benefit calculator housing There are no mandatory set of guidelines for principles of effective inter-agency working, however the following principles for effective team work by LSA Global [13] can be applied:

Whilst there are minor difficulties involved in interagency and partnership working, policy implementation is still better than it was 5 decades ago. Housing benefit calculator ni A relative comparison indicates diminished house stocks of local authorities but economic market research forecasts a new housing boom over the next 20 years. Change address housing benefit According to Riley G., (2005, p. Apply online housing benefit 79), an estimated four million homes will be needed over the next 20 years. How to apply housing benefit uk Therefore the extent to which interagency working can be effective in implementing policies particularly the policy to create affordable housing depends on how closely they can continue to work together.

Two current housing issues are senior citizens on a local level and homelessness on a national level. Threshold for housing benefit The issue of issue of senior citizens is currently being addressed by the ECHG and it currently houses 2300 satisfied senior citizens. Housing benefit calculator newham On the other hand there is the issue of homelessness.

The prevention of subsidies to councils from local housing taxes combined with cost-cutting initiatives of the Thatcher regime led to many councils transferring their housing stock to housing associations; and it is these organisations that are often referred to as Large Scale Voluntary Transfer (LSVT) organisations or Local Housing Companies. How to cancel housing benefit online [14]

The Homelessness Act (2002) compelled local authorities to undertake reviews of homelessness and produce homelessness strategies for the first time. Housing and council tax benefit calculator According to Sutton (2006) [15] “The role of LSVT Homelessness Service Providers (LSVT HSPs) within this climate has attracted little regard from the ODPM. Housing benefit number glasgow Indeed, historically, there appears to be little co-ordination among this group itself in terms of communicating best practice or ‘sharing experience’. How much is housing benefit for a single person Recent efforts on the part of the Yorkshire Housing Group and others have brought about the beginnings of direct communication among LSVT HSPs, through the formation of the National Transfer Homelessness Group (NTHG) in November 2004. Housing benefit calculator london NTHG members provide services to over 20,000 homeless households in England. Council housing benefit calculator [16] The absence of an exclusive body via which LSVTs are able to communicate and share practice, including contract negotiation, may go some way towards explaining the ebb and flow of homelessness services”; making this an issue of national urgency.

“The demand for sheltered accommodation and care services has never been greater. Housing benefit and council tax Our sheltered schemes provide homes to over 2,100 older tenants and we are increasingly developing Extra Care services for those who wish to stay in their own homes, tailoring services to meet their individual needs.” [17]

ECHG meets the demands for customer care by providing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year customer service with a centre that uses the latest call centre techniques and technologies to handle over 170,000 calls a year from tenants. Housing benefit christmas payments Established four years ago it now provides services to a growing number of external housing associations, and has attracted awards and government praise for its innovative use of technology in providing accessible, customer-focused services.

This report has been a brief but critical investigation of current operations and housing policies both internal and external to the ECHG and the affects which they both generate. What do i need to claim housing benefit Issues of interagency collaborations, funding and policies have been identified and explained; and recommendations for improved implementation and cohesion were suggested such as clarity of roles and working norms. Housing benefit number doncaster The fact that many RSLs are becoming commercialised was also highlighted. Northern ireland housing benefit However the fact that housing is of critical importance was established. How much savings can i have to claim housing benefit Therefore policies for now and in the future must continue to reflect the social needs of society.

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