Central rand gold (crnd. l) on investor soiree

I had hoped we’d finished dealing with Bergen by now, but no, more shares for the death spiral provider (see Savannah Resources 2014 LINK ). Stop trailing order If they are true to form they will get shares at 80% of the average of five daily volume-weighted average prices of the shares and dump them at the market price, which may drag our share price lower, unless there is a flow of good positive operational news to prop up the share price. Trailing stop limit order I expect it’s Bergen’s selling that has contributed mostly to the last decline in the share price.

Thanks KJK7.

What is a trailing stop Good point. Trailing stop loss afl A average gold grade of 0.7g/t is good, but an indication that the grades can be upgraded to 2.5 to 5 g/t would be great, if achieved.

Hopefully the metallurgical test work on the concentrate material achieving an encouraging recovery outcome from 88-97% will be realized at full scale, given the outcome was achieved under small scale test conditions.

Thanks KK17. Trailing stop pips You raise a good and fair point. Trailing stop mql4 Yes I agree despite water levels rising significantly, due to the heavy rain fall, from 160,67m in Nov 2016 to 134,34m on 1 Jan 2017 (which was higher than 21 Feb 2106 145,28m), the rate water levels went down last week was faster than the rate of the winter rise. Trailing stop loss example I assume this shows that the pumps are effective and hopefully the rate is sustainable :o)

The point I was trying make that since January the water levels have dropped by five meters in a week which is a big drop I also except that December was a big disappointment with the levels in which the share price fell to 0.96 and some long term holders through in the towel.

Sorry I will not use thread “water levels have risen”as I think it would have been appropriate in December BUT not now as it send the wrong message.

On mine waste dumps I think they will get a lot more out of them than 0.7g/t as in 1890 /1900 Not very efficient at recovering all the gold also its crushed material so I do not think it will need to through a mill.

I have provided some of the figures below. Trailing stop loss vs trailing stop limit fidelity My understanding is the further the water level below the surface the better. Trailing stop loss fidelity Therefore in accordance with the RNS the water levels started at 145,28m below surface in Feb 16 and went down during the year 160,67m by Nov, but then rose again (closer to the surface) due to the heavy rain in the last two months 22-23 Dec 143,20M

The water levels for Jan 2017 have risen higher than December to 134,34M below surface. Trailing stop loss percentage They are starting to go down again, but at 139,34m for 8 Jan that level is still higher (closer to surface) than the end of December. Mql4 trailing stop Do you agree?

In any case we aren’t mining much underground, because the gold price isn’t high enough yet compared to the cost of mining it (all-in cash operating costs per ounce US$1,643 Jun 2016), so toll treatment is keeping the company going. Trailing stop loss order example One of our peers Goldplat have been doing this profitably.

0.7g/t from the Mine Waste Dumps appears to be good. Sell trailing stop Compare this to wannabe miner Greg Kuenzel and Noricum Gold where they claimed “additional significant near-surface gold sulphide mineralization” with a gold grades of between 0.18-0.23g/t in Georgia.

Today’s RNS covered water levels up to December 31 in which water levels had risen, BUT in the last week water levels have fallen by 5 meters in a week, I do not believe gone down by that amount in a week before. Difference between trailing stop loss and trailing stop limit This is a link form the company website .

No, water levels have risen according to today’s Operational update, which states “During the past two months, Johannesburg has experienced higher than normal rainfall, causing the water levels to rise to 143.2 vertical meters below surface, being the same level as at the beginning of 2016.”