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Oklahoma ag announces new division in partnership with hsi to combat money laundering in the state _ ice

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt on Thursday announced the creation of an Anti-Money Laundering Division at the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office.

Criminal justice news_ money laundering

Nancy Hernandez-Chavez, Her Daughter, Noemi Perez-Hernandez, and Four Others Indicted for Conspiracy, Bank Fraud, Mail Fraud, and Money Laundering March 15, 2010 - SAN JUAN, PR—On March 12, 2010, a federal grand jury in the District of Puerto Rico returned

Money laundering reporting office switzerland—all-time high in number of reports on suspicious financial transactions

Bern, 08.04.2010 - Increasing by 5.3 percent over the previous year, the number of reports made in 2009 for suspicion of money laundering hit an all-time high since reporting suspicious financial transactions was made mandatory.

Black money_ latest news, photos, videos on black money – ndtv. com

The Enforcement Directorate today said it has arrested the son of city-based financer Kishore Bhajiawala on money laundering charges and for allegedly using 1,000 fake IDs to illegally convert Rs 1 crore in old notes into new post demonetisation.

Civil forfeiture isn’t actually over_ how you can still protect yourself _ gobankingrates

In the legal world, it’s generally accepted that the police and the Internal Revenue Service will confiscate property used in the commission of a major crime, but only after the person has been convicted.

2 brothers guilty of federal money laundering charges in texas

white collar crime of money laundering in October 2012.The Yassine family is well known for its downtown Austin, Texas, network of nightclubs that included bars Pure, Fuel, Malaia, Treasure Island Bar, Kiss & Fly, Roial, Hyde and Spill, owned and

Keith bristow qpm to head up new industry anti-money laundering group – gamlg

Keith Bristow QPM, who recently retired as Director-General of the UK National Crime Agency, has been appointed as the first chairman of the Gambling Anti-Money Laundering Group (GAMLG). GAMLG was established in January 2016.

What is meant by money laundering_ – quora

Money Laundering is an act of act of disguising the source or true nature of money obtained through illegal means.

Szkolenia compliance – szkolenia otwarte – international advanced certificate in anti money laundering

Money laundering continues to hold a high profile with regulators and firms alike.

Asseco see teknoloji – anti-money laundering

Compliance departments often struggle with two challenges: They face enormous pressure to reduce costs while simultaneously facing the need to fully comply with the regulatory requirements to combat money laundering.

Court of final appeal makes sense of money-laundering law _ south china morning post

Thank God for the Court of Final Appeal. Money laundering in india examples When lower courts consider it their duty to turn themselves into conviction machines, it is the CFA that time and again sets the proper limits to what

Hsbc in money laundering scandal – yahoo finance canada

The top executives including the CEO of HSBC Holdings plc ( HBC) are set to face a tough inquiry by the congressional committee for their alleged involvement in money laundering during the period 2004-2010.

Mint worker who smuggled gold nuggets in rectum found guilty of theft, money laundering

A Royal Canadian Mint worker was convicted of theft and money laundering Wednesday after a judge ruled he smuggled out $162,000 in gold nuggets, likely in his rectum, an inside job that sparked tittering around the world.

Money laundering through poker machines is big business in hotels

This burgeoning market is assisted by the large well-lit car parks next to many of the state's top-grossing poker machine hotels, and attentive security guards.

Money laundering regulations_ risk assessments – gov. uk

Businesses regulated by the Money Laundering Regulations must assess the risk that they could be used for money laundering, including terrorist financing.

Money laundering with digital currencies_ working group established _ europol

Today, Europol, INTERPOL, and the Basel Institute on Governance have formalised the establishment of a tripartite partnership for a working group on money laundering with digital currencies.