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Blockchain eases cross-border payment pains _ pymnts. com

Over the years, the size of import and export trade between the U.S. Cost of bitcoin today and China has ballooned to over half a trillion dollars.

Markets live_ surprise trade surplus _ info-europa

The surplus is here! In the trade balance, that is. Cost of bitcoin today Australia’s trade balance swung to a surplus of $1.2 billion in November, thanks to strong rises in commodity exports.

Markets update_ the new year’s cryptocurrency rollercoaster – nigeria today

Bitcoin exchanges worldwide during the first week of 2017 have seen significant volumes.

Tuesday ticker_ sherwin-williams is ‘an unsung growth hero,’ bitcoin comes of age and the price of oil may be heading up

Toronto, Ontario -- December 27, 2016 -- The holiday season usually sees the flow of market-related news slowed to a trickle.

Qué tiene que ver venezuela con el éxito de la moneda virtual bitcoin

El aumento de la demanda en China y la depreciación del yuan es el principal motivo de que la moneda virtual haya superado los US$1.000 por primera vez en tres años.

Forex volatility graph – (2016)

There are two factors influencing volatility and liquidity in the market on a regular basis, one is the news flow, and the other is money flow.

Portfolio diversification with bitcoin

Portfolio managers seeking alternative asset may consider the digital currency as a way to diversify their investments, to boost their performance and to improve their sharpe ratio.

The case against fed reform – proshares inflation expectations etf (nysearca_rinf) _ seeking alpha

This week the 115 th Congress was sworn in, and there are some indications that Fed reform may be on the agenda.

‘railroad tigers’ leads slow weekend of specialty b. o. newcomers _ deadline

Railroad Tigers is the first of Well Go USA’s two titles on this side of the Pacific from Jackie Chan’s production company, Sparkle Roll Media Corp.

Why bitcoin will make gold and silver go up _ gold and precious metals

WRITER’S NOTE: Neither Miles Franklin nor its principals specifically advocate the purchase of Bitcoin, given its highly speculative nature and numerous political and financial risks.

‘the bitcoin oracle’ maintains a $3,000+ price prediction for bitcoin in 2017 _ the daily sheeple

One of the things I try to do here at Liberty Blitzkrieg is identify and comment upon major macro trends before they become apparent to the public at large.

Top countries with greatest bitcoin adoption potential

Argentina had made it on the top of the list of the countries with greatest bitcoin adoption potential.

Armory bitcoin wallet review_ download install and how to use – darknetmarkets

Armory – the bitcoin wallet that we are going to review today, claims to be the most secure and trusted full featured wallet that is available to the users of Bitcoin wallet.

Price reports and tales from china-dizzy bitcoiners – bitcoin news

Once again the bitcoin community has been dizzy due to the significant price increase, the following correction, and rumors of China.

Blockchain promises accountants, auditors and their clients better data sooner and cheaper – nasdaq. com

This accounting-blockchain convergence shows great promise for boosting fiscal accuracy, reducing fraud and improving data transparency, among other benefits.