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How bitcoin technology could change marketing _ smartbrief

You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin, and maybe you’ve heard about blockchain, the underlying technology that makes Bitcoin possible without any centralized authority.

Bitcoin tops $1,000 amid growing acceptance of cyber currency – cbs news

More hackers are using ransomware to hold computer files hostage for money.

Bitcoin approaches new record high – theo trade

I said Bitcoin could get over $1,000 in January because of the intense momentum it has.

Remove evil ransomware

Evil ransomware has a rather intimidating name. Bitcoin price surge This is probably a scare tactic.

10 best bitcoin alternatives – profitable cryptocurrencies mining with home computers

Dash (DASH) is an open sourced, privacy-centric digital currency with instant transactions.

Brexit referendum result took the world by surprise in 2016, created uncertainty for 2017 – malaysia sun

LONDON, U.K. Bitcoin value in usd - 2016 was an unprecedented year for the United Kingdom and the whole world watched in anticipation as Britain voted to leave or remain in the European Union.

Using bitcoins in real estate _ link data services

The property sector is about the leading edge of many issues. Bitcoin chart 2016 Bitcoins included.

What the irs summons will mean for coinbase users – bitcoin news

US-based Daniel Winters, M.S. Bitcoin creation Taxation, is the owner of Global Tax Accountants and a specialist in bitcoin and cryptocurrency taxation.

Which way for blockchain standards in 2017_ – coindesk

Professor Michael Mainelli is executive chairman of Z/Yen Group and principal advisor to Long Finance.

When a patent-happy industry meets open-source technology _ american banker

When the financial services industry started paying attention to blockchain technology, many companies, seemingly as a reflex, sought patent protection for their ideas.

The bitcoin price bubble is far from over

The media is abuzz about Bitcoin (BTC) and the Bitcoin price, and with good reason. Bitcoin exchange rate history This cryptocurrency is revisiting a major milestone in the price, which was set in November 2013, and the developments—or lack thereof—with

China declines to devalue yuan and tied it to bitcoin_ – abc. az

Baku, Fineko/ Bitcoin bidding The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), it seems, refused to devalue the Chinese Yuan and pegged the national currency to Bitcoin.

Regulation of blockchain uses besides bitcoin to have greater disruptive impact on financial services_ bbva – econotimes

Leading multinational Spanish banking group BBVA has published a new research note that addresses the crucial question currently looming in the financial world ‘ Can blockchain be regulated?’ Prepared by BBVA Research Department, the note has been penned by BBVA

Us government subcontractor leaks confidential military personnel data _ zdnet

A Pentagon subcontractor has exposed reams of highly sensitive details belonging to active military healthcare professionals online, some of which hold top-secret security clearances.