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Cybersecurity investing facts _ investing news network

Learn about breakthrough technology in 2016 and beyond. Bitcoin price live chart We cover the entire industry in our FREE investor’s report.

How to protect the company from ransomware and to restore data following a breach_ _ itproportal

The datacentre is the castle. Bitcoin share price You can pull up the drawbridge, fill up the moat, or pull down the portcullis.

300 btc coding contest_ distributed exchange (mastercoin developer thread)

If you've been living under a rock, you may not know that we recently raised nearly 5000 BTC to build a new protocol layer on top of bitcoin.

The google-backed gaza sky geeks is helping palestinians bypass a decade-old blockade with digital start-ups and telecommuting — quartz

Arabic is one of the fastest growing languages on the internet, and it’s generating skyrocketing demand for Arabic content and applications.

Bitcoin mining just stopped_

What would happen if all these large mining farms just up and quit business? They have allow of money in bitcoin and all, but what if one of them decided to try to pump the price and then just stopped

My bitcoin speculation thread. please critique my analysis. ;)

Hey guys, I will be starting my own BTC speculation thread which I will be updating regularly as the movement of BTC's price permits.

Monero testing $10 releases official wallet _ btcmanager

The official GUI wallet release for Monero (XMR) announced December 22, provides an impetus for bullish momentum with XMR-USD breaking the psychological $10.00 handle.

Emergent coding – the bitcoin-fueled world compiler

December 20, 2016, Northern Australia – Emergent Coding is an entirely new system for software development that is powered by a network of cooperating software agents that offer compilation as a service.

Hacker wiping unprotected mongodb installs and holding data for ransom _ network world

How many years have we been hearing about the dangers of leaving MongoDB instances unprotected? In December 2015, Shodan creator John Matherly warned that there were 684.8 TB of data exposed due to publicly accessible MongoDB instances.

Daily binary options analysis for december 27, 2016 – binary uno

The EUR/USD binary option price is still located in the range we have been discussing in the yesterday’s trading session.

Analyst compares current bitcoin rally to 2013, buyers should hold – altcoin today

In November of 2013, the price trend of Bitcoin was nearly identical with the rally of Bitcoin in the final months of last year.

Prevalence of crytpocurrency at canada casinos online

If you’ve ever used real money to play Canada casinos online, you should know there’s often a wide range of payment methods that can used to make deposits and withdrawals.

Us government escalates push for post-quantum cryptography – nigeria today

Moreover, in the near future, it might possible for anyone to manipulate the awesome power of quantum computing.

Bitcoin investors_ diversifying bitcoin wealth into real estate

Full Disclosure: I am currently a customer of HomeUnion and they have agreed to waive 3 months of management fee for this article.

What makes 1xbit a solid bitcoin gambling site_ – newsbtc

1xBit offers a solid online gambling platform designed for Bitcoin players. Bitcoin rate chart It features the complete package: a wide array of online casino games, a bevy of sports events, and a range of options for live betting.

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