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The Broker’s Business Planning and Financial Management Licensing Course is administered on behalf of the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) and received the Education Award of Excellence from the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO®), an international organization of regulatory agencies. The course is designed to provide the licensing education requirements for those who wish to become licensed as an associate broker or managing broker, want to license a brokerage or sole proprietorship, and for those licensees looking to increase their knowledge on a variety of business planning, financial accounting and human resource management topics. Atlanta business brokers Managing a successful real estate office or business demands both a strong background as a representative and an understanding of how to operate a business, including: public protection, establishing the business, financial accounting, human resource management and leadership. This course includes in-depth, practical case scenarios which help students bridge theory to practice.

 For detailed course content information, please view the Table of Contents and Course Regulations.

This blended learning course allows you to register at any time. Canadian business brokers While the course is flexible in order to meet the needs of busy adult learners, it provides just enough structure to ensure high quality learning (for example, in order to provide for a minimum level of familiarity with the curriculum and for a reasonable expectation of success on the final examination, assignments may be submitted on a pace that is no greater than 2 assignments per week beginning on the Course Registration Date). Sunbelt business brokers lafayette la You must complete all course assignments within one year of registration in the course and also pass a final examination. The business brokers Regularly scheduled exams take place at various times throughout the year throughout the province (exams must be written in Canada) and your first registration is included with the course tuition fee. Sunbelt business brokers houston You may also choose to take your exam at the computerized exam centre (CEC) at UBC for an additional fee. Business brokers wisconsin Associate Broker and Managing Broker Licensing – Step By Step Guide

To become licensed as an associate broker or managing broker in British Columbia, individuals must complete the Broker’s Business Planning and Financial Management Licensing Course and satisfy an experience requirement. Medical business brokers The Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) provides descriptions of associate and managing broker duties and a helpful step-by-step guide and budget: Broker Licensing . National business brokers Pre-requisites & Registration Requirements

To register in the Broker’s Business Planning and Financial Management Licensing Course, course candidates must have completed not less than six months’ licensed service in British Columbia at the time of registration, or two years’ licensed experience in the past five years as a broker or associate broker outside of British Columbia. Business brokers utah (Note: licence applicants must ensure they satisfy section 2-10 of the Council Rules, the two-year experience requirement.)

As well, in order to be eligible for real estate licensing in the province of British Columbia, section 10(b)(i) of the Real Estate Services Act requires that an applicant for licensing is at least 19 years of age.

Individuals may be licensed at the broker level for a single service licence category or a combination of service categories (e.g., trading and/or rental and/or strata management services). Business brokers orlando florida When upgrading to the broker level, an individual will continue to be licensed in the same categories that they were licensed for as a representative. Arizona business brokers Should an individual wish to add service categories to their licence, the appropriate Supplemental Course(s) must be completed.

Students are strongly advised to contact the Real Estate Council of British Columbia at (604) 683-9664 or toll-free at 1-877-683-9664 prior to registration to confirm their licensing status.

You are encouraged to take advantage of the Tutorial Assistance provided with your course rather than spending additional money on external services. Enlign business brokers The Real Estate Division works with all students to provide every opportunity for success. Houston business brokers It is important to note that the Real Estate Division has no ties with tutorial classes provided by other members or organizations of the real estate industry and does not monitor or check the services they provide. Hawaii business brokers Accommodation for Students with Disabilities

The Real Estate Division’s goal is to ensure fair and consistent treatment of all students, including students with a disability, in accordance with their distinct needs and in a manner consistent with academic principles. Business brokers georgia Candidates who have physical, sensory or specific learning disabilities are encouraged to contact UBC Access and Diversity to make appropriate arrangements. City business brokers FAQs General Issues How do I contact the Real Estate Division?

To determine which licensing course you should take, read the brief course descriptions on the Licensing Programs webpage. Sunbelt business brokers chicago Follow the links for each individual course to find out more. Brevard business brokers Course Assignment Issues Do I need

Limiting the frequency of assignments to two assignments per week is a Real Estate Division Licensing Course regulation which is in place for the best interests of both students and the public. Pro business brokers This regulation was arrived at after a great deal of consideration and after consultation with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia. Business brokers ny A number of factors were taken into account, including the increased volume and complexity of information contained in the licensing courses and also our observations of student completion and success rates. Business brokers alabama This regulation is intended to provide not only for a minimum level of familiarity with the course materials, but also for a reasonable expectation of success on the course examination. Business brokers jacksonville florida Please see Course Regulation 2.02 (4) and (5) for more information. Cre business brokers If I don’t submit an assignment for a few weeks, what happens?

Keep in mind that if you do not submit an assignment(s) in a particular week, those assignments can be submitted in the following week(s), e.g., if no assignments are submitted in the first three weeks, a maximum of 6 assignments can be submitted in week three. Business brokers massachusetts Can I get an exemption from the 2 assignment per week regulation based on my experience, education and commitment to full time studies?

There is no exemption from Course Regulation 2.02 (4). International business brokers This regulation is intended to provide not only for a minimum level of familiarity with the course materials, but also for a reasonable expectation of success on the course examination. Sunbelt business brokers As educators our hope is, of course, that given the importance of a good educational basis for a career in real estate services, most students will wish to engage with the materials to a much greater extent than merely the minimum. Business brokers california Examination Issues What is the format of the final examination?

The Broker’s Business Planning and Financial Management Licensing Examination will be three hours in length and contain both multiple choice and written questions that are generally short-answer or “essay-style”. Business brokers orlando Note that an “essay-style” question does not require you to write an essay! In general, a short paragraph will suffice. First business brokers In most questions, point form answers are perfectly acceptable.

Seventy (70) percent is a passing grade. Transworld business brokers complaints A passing grade sets the minimum level of performance needed to practice in a profession, as determined by the regulatory body. Business brokers arizona The passing grade needed must be high enough to protect the public but not so high as to unreasonably limit the number of those who wish to practice. Business brokers raleigh nc I read that only about 26% of candidates who write the exam will pass it and the exam is used to limit the number of licensees/registrants in the business? Is this true?

No, this is not true, although extremely low passing grades are sometimes made up and reported by tutorial outfits who are looking for your business. Business brokers pennsylvania The pass rate for each sitting of the exam varies, however, the majority of students who write the exam will pass. Vested business brokers login The UBC Real Estate Division, the Real Estate Council of British Columbia and the Financial Institutions Commission of British Columbia do not try to limit the number of students who pass the exam – they are only concerned with the fact that those who do pass the exam have the prerequisite knowledge to be likely to not harm the public.

In certain cases, course exemptions are available based on previous related experience or education. International business brokers association If you are currently licensed and wish to add a service to your licence, you are required to complete the Supplemental Course and Examination. Global business brokers Details about course exemptions are set out in the Educational & Licensing Guidelines provided by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia. Florida business brokers Challenge Package

The Challenge Package assists students who have received permission to challenge the examination. Denver business brokers The Challenge Package includes the course materials (such as the course manual, student handbook, course workbook and answer guides), access to the Course Resources webpage and the central tutor support service.

Please note that as an alternative to purchasing the Challenge Package, you can purchase some course materials individually from the Bookstore; however, the course workbook, answer guides, student handbook and access to the Course Resources webpage are only available with the Challenge Package.

If the Real Estate Council of British Columbia has provided you with permission to challenge the course by writing the examination only and you wish to register for the next regularly scheduled examination or a CEC examination without purchasing a Challenge Package, you should:

Inter-provincial candidates (those wishing to transfer their licence from another province/territory to British Columbia) should visit the Real Estate Council of BC’s Jurisdiction webpage for information.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Your tuition fee includes all of the appropriate course materials (e.g., manual, workbook, and handbook – usually dispatched via courier within three to five business days of registration), access to tutorial services, and your first examination registration provided it is on a regularly scheduled examination date. Sunbelt business brokers complaints Calculators are sold separately.

Please note that tuition fees are subject to change and a minimum withdrawal reduction of $200 will apply once your registration has been processed. Business brokers michigan No refund of course fees will be available unless a withdrawal request is received by our office within one month of your registration date. Vested business brokers Calculator and Computer

In addition to the materials and resources provided with your course tuition, you’ll need a calculator, a computer, internet access and an email address. Professional business brokers You may use any calculator for the course and exam, providing it is silent, cordless, handheld and not alphanumeric and programmable. Business brokers ohio If you prefer, you can purchase the HP10BII+ calculator online at the Real Estate Division Bookstore or have one included in your course package when you register online.