Best natural gas mutual funds, best natural gas etfs, and best natural gas stocks

Read this article to learn how you can maximize return from the best natural gas mutual funds, best natural gas ETFs, and best natural gas stocks.

Planned cuts in natural gas production at the beginning of this year crimped supply. Msci world total return Rising industrial demand, a colder-than-normal winter, and an extremely hot July have since then contributed to an increase in demand. Msci abbreviation The shrinking gap between

natural gas demand and supply has helped to work off excess inventories.

Msci emerging markets index bloomberg Natural gas inventory levels have declined over 4% from the year-ago level; they are now 2% below their 5-year average.

Inventories are likely to tighten further if power producers continue shifting from coal and fuel oil to cleaner burning natural gas. Msci index review Natural gas prices can increase as inventories tighten.

Natural gas futures traders support this bullishness. Msci etf NYMEX natural gas futures rise from $3.93 per MMBTU for October 2011 delivery to $4.25 for December 2011 delivery. Msci country codes The price for December 2012 delivery rises 26% to $4.95. Full form of msci The price curve rises through 2014 in a virtual straight-line tagging another 12%. Msci emerging markets countries The contract for December 2014 delivery changes hands at $5.56.

Growth as well as income investors can profit from an expected increase in natural gas prices by investing in the best natural gas mutual funds, best natural gas ETFs, and best natural gas stocks.

Rising natural gas demand and prices translates into opportunity for companies in different segments of the gas value chain. Msci u s index They include natural gas producers, service firms and natural gas distributors. Msci index wiki This in turn opens up investment opportunities for mutual fund, ETF, and stock investors looking for growth as well as income.

Fidelity offers a wide range of actively managed sector mutual funds under the Fidelity Select funds family. Msci stands for Fidelity Select Natural Gas (FSNGX) is a pure-play no-load natural gas mutual fund. Msci index full form See: How to choose the best Fidelity Select fund Best Natural Gas Mutual Funds for Income

FBR Gas Utility Index (GASFX) appeals to investors seeking income from investments in natural gas transportation and distribution companies. Msci world wiki This natural gas mutual fund invests in utilities, master limited partnerships, and other companies included in the American Gas Association Stock Index.

First Trust ISE-Revere Natural Gas Index ETF (FCG) is a pure-play natural gas ETF investing in natural gas exploration, production, and service companies. Msci barra performance See: Invest in the Best Sector ETFs Consistently Best Natural Gas ETFs for Income

JP Morgan Alerian MLP Index ETN (AMJ) and Alerian MLP ETF (AMLP) invest in U. Msci contact S. Msci share price energy infrastructure master limited partnerships. Msci performance While the ETN tends to be more volatile and can offer higher return potential in bull markets, investors seeking tax-deferred distributions usually prefer the ETF structure.

Devon Energy (DVN) has successfully transformed itself as a high-growth onshore company and emerged as the largest natural gas producer in the Barnett shale. Msci world constituents Devon’s dominant position in the Barnett shale is complemented with liquids rich-assets in the Permian Basin. Msci world quality index Devon has a well-defined program for increasing production and strong cash flow from current operations should help fund growth prospects. Msci emerging markets europe index Devon Energy’s EPS is likely to increase 21% in 2012 and another 20% in 2013.

National Fuel Gas (NFG) is poised to benefit from growth in production and transportation volumes of natural gas. Msci world ticker NFG is one of the biggest leaseholders in the Marcellus shale formation with 745,000 acres. Msci world index yahoo finance Marcellus shale is likely to help NFG increase its total production by over 30% next year. Msci full form The diversified gas company should also see higher profits from its expanding gas pipeline network. Msci world index koers NFG’s EPS is likely to increase 13% in 2012 and another 19% in 2013.

Targa Resouces (NGLS) is a limited partnership engaged in the business of gathering and selling natural gas and natural gas liquids. Msci world nr eur This partnership’s competitive position is strong by virtue of its access to Henry Hub, the largest U. Msci equity index S. Msci us natural gas hub, along with a formidable NGL distribution system in Louisiana and the southeast. Msci world pr usd Targa’s NGL business benefits from the wide price differential between crude oil and natural gas. Msci acwi etf Targa has increased its dividend distribution by over 10% since 2009 and its stock currently yields nearly 7%.

Williams Partners (WPZ) provides natural gas to utilities and natural gas liquids to petrochemical companies. Ishares msci emerging markets index The limited partnership’s investments in the Marcellus Shale, Piceance Basin, and Gulf of Mexico are paying off. Msci world ex us etf Williams is expanding pipeline capacity as utilities increasingly switch to natural gas-fired power plants and demand for NGLs from petrochemical companies stays strong. Msci careers Williams’ dividend payout is very well covered by distributable cash flow even though the partnership has raised dividends for six straight quarters. Msci world weights The limited partnership’s shares yield nearly 5.4% and the distributions are likely to increase between 6% and 10% in 2012.

While growing demand for natural gas can make natural gas investments suitable for long-term investing, you can use such investments as part of a broader sector investing strategy to earn bigger rewards.

Like most sector investments, natural gas investments periodically come in and go out of favor based on investor’s view of near-term prospects for natural gas companies.

When the timing is just not right for natural gas mutual funds or natural gas ETFs, you will stay away from them and invest only in the best sector mutual funds and best sector ETFs in the top ranked sectors.

A dollar invested in the Aggressive Growth (Focus) and Capital Appreciation (Core) model portfolios is worth $54.10 and $28.09, respectively. Msci nyc This implies annualized returns of 18.9% and 15.6%, respectively.

Comparable investments in the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 and S&P 500 benchmarks are worth $7.59 and $7.53, respectively implying annualized returns of 9.2% and 9.2%, respectively.

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