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Hello Muffintop Welcome to this forum although I’m sure we’ve talked before? You’re in a tricky place at the moment, trying to work as long as you can but claim benefits and as you’ve found out our benefit system doesn’t cater for this. Housing benefit calculator 2015 16 I wonder if the fact that you’re still employed full time had an impact on the level of DLA (disability living allowance) you’re entitled to? I know ill health retirement is something you want to avoid but it may be worth your while just to check it out. Change of address housing benefit I say this because your employer presumably has some sort of fit for work policy that kicks in after a certain amount of sick absence and that being the case a decision might have to be made for you in the future. Claim housing benefit Do you have a welfare officer or HR (human resources) and if so get them working for you now whether it’s to find out how much pension you would get or to help keep you in work as long as possible. Apply for housing benefit I have diffuse systemic sclerosis and my employer’s independent medical body found I would likely be covered by the *DDA (disability discrimination act) which meant my employer had to make any reasonable adjustment to enable me to continue working.

How much housing benefit for a couple In my case there was nothing they could do. Housing benefit number nottingham Regarding benefits if your employer said you were no longer fit for work at all, your G.P., consultant and your employer’s independent medical body would also have to be saying the same thing. Housing benefit maximum That being the case you would have more clout to apply for a higher rate DLA and **IB (incapacity benefit). Income for housing benefit I know you’re having to choose from choices you don’t want so having more information can only be a benefit in the long run. Housing benefit allowance calculator Either way the worst thing is to just drift, find out what you can now and remember Jefa’s suggestions the CAB (citizens advice bureau) and the direct.gov site. Housing benefit number leeds For a government site it’s amazingly user friendly! Please do keep in touch with us so we can support you albeit virtually, take care. Housing benefit form northern ireland *An employment tribunal or higher has to officially determine your DDA status but if your employer’s independent medical body suggests it there’s no reason for them not to agree. Check housing benefit claim online **Although IB is not means tested the rate of it is effected by the receipt of any pension income. Housing benefit online claim (information from www.direct.gov.uk)

Loving the name! They’re so many good ones on this site, mine now being my real name is rather boring, it used to be ohboyoklahoma! Anyway, welcome to the forum!

It’s great you’re still working, as you say making a contribution is very important. Apply for housing benefit and council tax I no longer work so feel that I have to try to do things at home.i.e. How often does housing benefit get paid some housework but the reality is that I can’t do most of it. Claiming housing benefit on low income I was doing some for awhile and told the DWP (Department of Works & Pensions) but for about 8 weeks now, dear ole Ma has been doing it for me. Housing benefit advice It finally dawned on me this is because I am not on any immunosuppressant (I hope) having stopped Cellcept and not yet started the methotrexate. What does housing benefit cover I hope to get back to being able to do more because you just feel useless otherwise.

I do the cooking, again sometimes and have told the DWP, because I just feel I should do something for my husband when he comes in from work. Housing benefit single person He doesn’t mind either way and is happy to cook when I don’t feel up to it but again you end up feeling rather pointless. My housing benefit Mind you I shouldn’t really as people have value because of who they are not what they do.

Hello Jensue Let me encourage to apply for DLA (disability living allowance), you’ve worked, you’ve contributed, through no fault of your own you can no longer work, you are now entitled to all the help you can get. Savings threshold for housing benefit Don’t let the pittance IB (incapacity benefit) you get deter you because DLA is not *means tested. Housing benefit and council tax benefit claim form online The rate you are paid at depends on how disabled you are and you can claim the carer’s allowance part of DLA if someone helps you cope. Changes to housing benefit I get DLA including the carer’s component because either my husband or Ma help me cope. Rent with housing benefit A word of warning however, the 50 page form may make you loose the will to apply , the questions can be personal and exacting but it can be worth it. Housing benefit claim contact number It’s reviewed every 3 years I think so you won’t have to do the form again for some time. Documents for housing benefit If your circumstances change you have to keep the DWP (department of work & pensions who administer DLA) updated. How to cancel housing benefit claim The CAB (citizen’s advice bureau) have people that can help with completion of the form according to a programme I saw recently about benefit fraud. Housing benefit cap Have a look at DLA for more information and you can apply on line. Housing benefit number southampton If you do remember to describe your worst day. Working and claiming housing benefit Take care *Information obtained from the DWP