After 11 inaugurations, the guy who makes it happen has it well mapped out – the washington post

The big military van pulled over at L’Enfant Promenade, and Army Staff Sgt. Regional rural bank exam 2016 Christopher Delzell gestured toward the green fire hydrant across the street.

Delzell is Wagner’s permits guy, the person in charge of securing permission from various agencies to put things like tents and trailers in place for the inauguration.

If local water is going to be used for the horses, “that’s going to be a different permit,” he said. Regional rural banks list “We need to determine where the source of the water is. Regional rural bank result 2015 . . . Bank rural Are we going to be tapping into the water hydrants?”

The van moved on, making stops around the Mall and the parade route, as Wagner was briefed on what was being placed where — from generators to bleachers to a scissors lift.

One of the last stops was at the Bank of America office at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, a block from the White House on the parade route.

He spoke with bank official John Collingwood and inaugural consultant Frederick L. Philippine rural bank Ahearn on the sidewalk. Regional rural bank notification “We wanted [to extend] the courtesy of making sure we talked to you,” Wagner said.

At the Capitol, President Nixon was being inaugurated for his second term in office. Regional rural bank recruitment 2014 At the Washington Monument, tens of thousands of protesters gathered to denounce him and the ongoing war in Vietnam.

And in a rear rank of a huge Fairfax County marching band, teenage tuba player Michael D. Nwabiagya rural bank Wagner strode down Pennsylvania Avenue in the green and gold uniform of Fort Hunt High School.

He was away at Michigan State, majoring in music, when President Jimmy Carter was inaugurated in 1977 but was involved in every one after that, he said.

An accomplished musician, Wagner landed a job with the elite U.S. Regional rural bank recruitment 2016 Army Band, “Pershing’s Own.” He took part in Ronald Reagan’s first inauguration in 1981.

Reagan walked among the band members, shaking hands, including Wagner’s. Imus rural bank “I was a brand-new guy in the band,” he said. Manipur rural bank “I had been in the band eight months. Rural bank branches . . . Amenfiman rural bank It was one of those, ‘Hey, this is real.’ ”

In 1985, he prepared with the band for Reagan’s second inauguration, but the parade was canceled because of frigid weather. Rural bank online He marched in the parades of 1989 and 1993.

In 2001, then-retired from the Army, he helped organize the opening inaugural ceremony for George W. Regional rural bank merger latest news Bush at the Lincoln Memorial. Elders rural bank In 2005 and 2009, he helped with inaugural security. Rural bank limited In 2013, he got his current job.

The biggest change in those four decades came with the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Ahantaman rural bank Since then, “the emphasis on security . . . Regional rural bank officer scale 1 salary has profoundly changed the way we do events like an inauguration,” he said.

“What in 1973, or 1985, or ’97 would have been an inconceivable level of security precaution is now something that as a society we take for granted,” he said.

On Friday, Wagner will spend much of his time in a conference room at the Capitol, not far from the swearing-in ceremony overlooking the Mall. Kumawuman rural bank “I’ll have a radio and an earpiece in each ear,” he said. Mizoram rural bank “And occasionally pick up the cellphone.”

“Things rarely go seriously wrong,” he said. Arunachal pradesh rural bank “They’re well-rehearsed. Ga rural bank They’re well-planned. Regional rural bank recruitment 2015 notification Most of what I’m doing is listening, making sure that things are happening on the timeline.”