7.5. income test – legal aid nsw

An applicant receiving a Centrelink income support payment at the maximum rate satisfies the income test. Housing benefit calculator london See 7.5.7 below for more details. Council housing benefit calculator 7.5.2 All other applicants

NOTE 1: Successful applicants must pay an income contribution in all matters except those listed in 7.8.6. Housing benefit and council tax See 7.8.3 on how initial contributions are determined.

NOTE 2: All applicants must also satisfy the assets test (see 7.6) and the ability to pay legal costs test (see 7.7). Housing benefit christmas payments 7.5.3 How to calculate net assessable income

NOTE: Income is calculated net of business overheads/expenses reasonably incurred in or for the purposes of gaining or producing that income. What do i need to claim housing benefit Such overheads/expenses will not be considered reasonably incurred merely because they have been, or are likely to be allowed or allowable deductions by the Commissioner of Taxation for the purposes of the IncomeTax Assessment Act 1997.

Except for financially associated person allowance and dependant allowance, applicants may only deduct the amount they actually pay for each allowable deduction, up to the maximum set out above.

An applicant is a Sydney resident for the purposes of the Means Test if he or she lives in the area bounded by Cowan in the north, Richmond in the north-west, Emu Plains in the west, Menangle Park in the south-west and Waterfall in the south. Housing benefit number doncaster This area is covered by the following postcodes:

Housing costs include amounts paid for any style of housing as a place of residence on a regular basis and include rent, half board, mortgage instalments and municipal and water rates.

A financially associated person allowance is to be deducted for each financially associated person whose income is included in assessable income.

A dependant allowance is to be deducted for all genuine dependants whether or not they reside with the applicant (except dependent children who do not reside with the applicant).

A deduction may be made for child support or child maintenance payments made for children who do not reside with the applicant. Northern ireland housing benefit 7.5.7 The income test for Centrelink recipients

Applicants who are granted legal aid under this policy are required to pay an income contribution of $75.00 unless the matter is exempt from initial contributions (see 7.8.6).

NOTE: A current Centrelink Statement of Benefit which states that the applicant or financially associated person is currently entitled to a Centrelink benefit or pension payable at the maximum rate is evidence of that fact.

receive a partial Centrelink income support payment, the applicant must satisfy the standard income test (see 7.5.2 – 7.5.6), the assets test (see 7.6) and the ability to pay legal costs test (see 7.7).